Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly ~Introduction~


「 …was that all a lie too? 」

Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly (黒蝶のサイケデリカ Kokuchou no Psychedelica) is an upcoming otome game for the PS Vita by Otomate, and will be released on January 15, 2015!! The game is directed by Terajima Momoko while the art is by Yuiga Satoru. The opening theme, ‘Bloody Rain’ is by SCREEN mode.


While falling, deeper and deeper, the sound of pouring rain can be heard.
Then, the sound of something crying.

The next time she opens her eyes, the young girl finds that she is in a mansion.
Confused, she is attacked by a grotesque monster whose appearance cannot be described with words.
As she escapes from it, she thinks to herself:

Where is this place?
Who even am I?

The girl, having lost all her memories of her own past,
meets four men who are in the same situation.

They are all armed with mysterious guns.

Starting now, a ‘black butterfly hunt‘ of life or death will take place.
The five are tasked with gathering ‘kaleidoscope shards‘, which are in the hands of the monsters.

Trapped in this mansion, filled with despair and betrayal, does the future bear any hope…?



Beniyuri (紅百合 lit. ‘red lily’)
cv. Nakahara Mai

The girl who holds the key.
“I…want to return without having to involve anyone.”

Unable to ignore anyone in need, she has the tendency to try to help them.
Hard-working and good-natured, she is usually polite around people, but may sometimes willingly choose to draw the line at developing relationships with other people.


Hikage (緋影 lit. ‘scarlet shadow’)
cv. Ishikawa Kaito

The man who searches the secrets.
“It’s okay. We’ll definitely leave this mansion.”

Has an ill-natured personality; he does not notice if he hurts others.
Though he is straightforward, he is not a bad person at heart.
Often takes it upon himself to analyse the situation and sort things out.


Yamato (山都 lit. ‘mountain city’)
cv. Hosoya Yoshimasa

The man who’s sinned.
“People like you, they irritate me.”

Sharp-tongued and quick to get into fights.
To those around him, he always seems to be in a bad mood.


Karasuba (鴉翅 lit. ‘a crow’s wing’)
cv. Kakihara Tetsuya

The man who’s concealing something.
“Your feelings really are written all over your face. Teasing you seems fun!”

Has an easy-going personality which is hard to grasp.
Lightly tells jokes which he knows could cause conflicts to arise.
Usually hides what he really feels when conversing with other people.


Kagiha (鉤翅 lit. ‘a hook, a wing’)
cv. Toriumi Kousuke

The man who cooperates.
“Though it’s difficult in a situation like this, all of us have to work together. Okay?”

Gentle and kind.
Though he is physically tall and strong, he does not like violence.
Takes on the role of coordinating everyone, and often worries about others.


Monshiro (紋白 lit. ‘crest of white’)
cv. Matsuoka Yoshitsugu

The man who changes.

A mysterious figure who wears a fox mask.
Though he helps out when monsters attack, it is unclear whether he is friend or foe.


Usagi (ウサギ lit. ‘rabbit’)
cv. Naganawa Maria

The one who shows others around the mansion. (?)
“I-I’m sorry. Anymore, and my master will be angry with me.”

A young girl who serves the owner of the mansion.
A mysterious figure who suddenly comes and goes.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what this is like!! The art is so pretty and I’m really happy to see Nakahara Mai voice the heroine since she voiced Ayano in MCA (///ω///) I think I’m actually the most interested in Monshiro at the moment, I really love his character design ww

Ah I tried including a literal translation for all the names because a lot of them seemed interesting and some were just pretty (except for Yamato lolol I’m so sorry about that I didn’t know how else to translate it……)

Anyway thank you very much for reading my very first post!! I’ll try to update this blog with more stuff soon(*´艸`*)

「 ーー I’m unsightly. I’m weak, and a coward, and selfish.
But even though I realised it, I still pretended that I didn’t know.
I’m sorry……」

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