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「 If I don’t save him,
I’ll die. 」

POSSESSION MAGENTA is a new otome game for the PS Vita by HuneX and Comfort, which will be released on May 28~ The art is by Sarachi Yomi, who also did the art for Arcana Famiglia!! Other than the official website, theres’s also a lot of useful information here.


One day, like any other day, the heroine, Mihara Suzu, was on her way to school — Akatsuki Rinkai Private High School, also known as ‘Akarin’ — with her childhood friends, Otonari Kanade and Shizuma Souta and her best friend, Matsuri Ayame. At the school gates, they heard from the Akarin Student Council president, Aoba Taiga, about a certain event.

“The truth is, a student has gone missing.”

They heard from Taiga that the night before, an Akarin student who had been hanging out with his friends suddenly began to act violently and ran wild, almost as if he was a different person — and then, he just vanished. 

As worried as they all were, their conversation abruptly came to an end when the bell signifying the start of class began to ring.

The following day, in the school courtyard which was even busier than it usually was, what the heroine and her friends faced was the unexpected crucifixion of the same student who had been missing.

The strange incident which destroyed what had once been a peaceful school environment.

From there, a mystery of love and madness begins — and its conclusion is…?

(there are two themes listed for each character, written in a ‘theme 1 x theme 2’ format~)


Beautiful & Intelligent x Heroine:
Mihara Suzu (美原 鈴)

‘Geez! Stop coming into my room and stop treating me like a child!’

height: 162cm
age: 17
blood type: A

The heroine of our story.
A calm and observant student.
Her excellent grades have helped her gain a deep trust from the teachers.

Though, from afar, she tends to give others the impression that she is like an elegant flower and mature, she acts more like her age when she is around close friends.


Wild Prince x Adopted Childhood Friend:
Otonari Kanade (音成 奏)
cv. Maeno Tomoaki

‘There’s nothing wrong. I want to protect you. To the point where I want to just keep you here in my arms forever~’

height: 179cm
age: 17
blood type: O

The heroine’s childhood friend. When they were young, a certain incident led to him being adopted by the heroine’s parents; from then on, they have been living together like family. Though he treats the heroine like his little sister, the heroine does not like it.

Excellent at sports, always achieving good grades, and good-natured, he is popular among girls. Always listening to music with his headphones.


Gamer x Tsundere:
Shizuma Souta (静間 草太)
cv. Saitou Souma

‘Haa? Are you stupid? Who said I was jealous.’

height: 175cm
age: 17
blood type: A

The heroine’s childhood friend. The type to step back from things and just watch from afar.
An extreme gamer, he often pulls all-nighters gaming and cannot wake up in the morning.

Due to his perverse personality, he is unable to be honest with others. Doesn’t get along with Ayame.


English Gentleman x Ero Megane*:
Touyama Kousuke (橙山 光介)
cv. Masuda Toshiki

‘The mystery you should be trying to solve should be “my feelings for you”.’

height: 178cm
age: 17
blood type: O

A second-year. Having returned from England, he has had lots of experience with girls, he’s the type of person who can’t keep his mouth shut when he sees women. Greets others with kisses.
When excited, he often yells out ‘Excellent!!’ in English.

Invited by Taiga to join the Student Council, he has the role of the secretary.

*perverted glasses guy ww


President x Military Maniac:
Aoba Taiga (青葉 大河)
cv. Ishikawa Kaito

“If anything happens, come straight to me, okay?”

height: 169cm
age: 18
blood type: AB

Akarin’s Student Council President. A third-year.
As he is quite a military maniac, he leads the Student Council as if they are his own army. However, he is loved by other students for his bright personality and his strong will to help everyone in need.

Born talented at sports and good at arguing, but he is often bothered by how short he is, and hates being teased for it.


Chinese x Rich Ore-sama:
So Minjye (蘇 明杰)
cv. Ono Yuuki

“I’ve taken a liking to you. Become my woman.”

height: 186cm
age: 18
blood type: B

A Chinese student who transferred to Akarin as a third-year.
The heir to a famous business in China, he believes money can buy everything and anything in the world.

A typical, conceited person, and an ore-sama.
Usually has servants following him around.


Poor x Air-headed:
Momoi Yuuichirou (桃井 優一郎)
cv. Okamoto Nobuhiko

“I don’t really understand, but I’m glad I was able to be of help.”

height: 177cm
age: 16
blood type: A

A first-year.
To help his only parent, his mother, he entered Akarin on a scholarship, and is constantly switching between his many part-time jobs.

Tends to makes strange comments or acts weirdly and is always going at his own pace.
Devoted to his money-saving lifestyle, his stomach is empty more often than not.


Sporty x Loves Heroine:
Matsuri Ayame (祭 綾女)
cv. Suzaki Aya

height: 166cm
age: 17
blood type: B

The heroine’s best friend who is always there to support her.
Loves the heroine very much, and so will not go easy on any man who tries to get close to her.

Though her grades aren’t good, she excels at sports, and her light-hearted personality makes her popular with girls.
Her word choice may be rough, but she is, at heart, kind.



The story is set in Minato, Tokyo, and includes both real and fictional places from the modern Rinkai area.


Akatsuki Rinkai Private High School:

A prestigious high school which the heroine and her friends attend. Also known as ‘Akarin’, its students are satisfied with the modern design the school has.



An artificial island in Tokyo. There are many spots worth seeing, like the Rainbow Bridge, the Odaiba Beachfront Park, and many others.



Mytter (マイッター):

An SNS app growing popular among students. The posts of many users can be viewed in real-time, and the number of young people joining the community continues to grow. To the heroine and the students of Akarin, Mytter has become a form of communication used daily, and rumours are often spread through it. While new, useful information can be gathered through the app, there are many cases where false information is also spread around.

rainRAIN (レイン):

A messaging app which has recently become popular among the young. Mainly used to contact close family and friends. The heroine and her friends use this app to communicate with each other. While each of the characters do have 1 on 1 conversations with each other, the group chat option is also used when more than one person needs to be contacted.

usanekoUsaneko (うえねこ lit. rabbitcat):

A character created in Odaiba which is well-known both among the old and young. It’s cute combination of both features of a ‘rabbit’ and a ‘cat’ makes it extremely popular. There are many different variations of it.

aaaa sorry for making so many posts in a day//// I really like how it’s pretty much a murder mystery (unless the murder isn’t really that relevant in the actual game if that becomes the case or if it’s just something super unrealistic I’ll be pretty disappointed I think orz) also why are there so many random gaikokujin in this game???? there’s a perverted english guy and a chinese ore-sama asshole wwww what is even going on ww(also is ‘military maniac’ just an excuse to put the characters in military uniforms or…….?) anyway I hope we get some CGs and scenarios in the gallery soon!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

EDIT (22/06/15)
from all the reviews I’ve read (in both japanese and english lol) this game was a great big disappointment (something about repetitive chapters and ayame ruining everything???) so I’ll probably never be playing this lmao despite the art being beautiful;v;;;; (sasuga sarachi yomi)
I was really looking forward to this too because it seemed to have so much potential but I guess put more effort into writing all those Q&A answers for each character on the website and not the actual game…………?? orz

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