CLOCK ZERO ExTime ~Introduction~


「 I don’t need a world without you in it. 」

CLOCK ZERO ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ ExTime is the PS Vita port of the original CLOCK ZERO game which was released by Otomate for the PS2 back in 2010 — the port itself will be released on April 23rd. The art is by Nagaoka (KamiKimi, SYK) and the director is Shima Reiko. Anyone who sticks around me for long enough knows that CZ is pretty much my favourite otome game and I can never stop talking about it ww this post is pretty much just me trying to publicise and promote it!! Please do read this and hopefully you’ll consider buying it~ There’s a mini-review (of the PSP version, which is the one I played) at the end in case anyone’s interested in seeing what I have to say(〃w〃)

rain’s engrish is my fav part of this game lmao

Added Features – starting with what’s new as that’s what really makes this port worth buying ^o^
Edit (2/18) – more features + information on the mini-game system have been added to the site~

After story:
The bonus tracks will include both the after stories in the ‘Present World’ as well as a new set of after stories based on the theme of ‘marriage.’ New CGs have also been added to the after stories set in the ‘Broken World.’

New venue available during the Heroine’s dreams:
Every night, the Heroine sees the ‘Broken World’ in her dreams. In this part of the game, a venue exclusive to this game, the ‘Southern District’, has been added.
There, she meets a young man, who appears to be different from the rest of the civilians with lifeless eyes –however…

Scene skip:
This game comes with a ‘scene skip’ system. This feature allows players to immediately skip through scenes which have already been read.

New scenarios:
The popular sub-character ‘Nakaba’ is now playable.
As part of the new route, there are added CGs and scenarios; his route now has as many CGs/scenarios as rest of the routes.
There are also special additions to the other characters’ individual routes, as well as new episodes for the sub-characters.


Default name will be said:
This is a new feature which was not included in the PS2 or PSP version.
If the default name, ‘Nadeshiko’, is not changed, the characters will now say it during gameplay.

System improvement:
Rather than inputting an answer during an assignment, there is now a mini-game instead.

This makes gameplay easier, and more interesting during replays.
There are a number of other system updates included.

(it seems that now you just have to rearrange the characters provided for the answer)



Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 1.09.47 amSpring, 2010.

The heroine Kurou Nadeshiko, in her 6th grade of elementary school at Shuurin Gakuen.
She, who had been living a peaceful school life with her childhood friend, Riichirou, began to see strange dreams at night.
―It was a dark and dismal place in her dreams, where a grey sky, coloured with shades of red and blue, hung over a broken world.

On a certain day, Nadeshiko and Riichirou were called out by a new teacher, Kaga Akira.
Brought to the same classroom were problem children from other classes and years; altogether, there were 6 of them.
There, the teacher said to them,

‘As problem children, you will all be given assignments.’ 

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 1.10.03 amMembers of this group who were suddenly made to complete the ‘assignments’ set by their teacher and unexpectedly grew to become friends.
Unseen to them, as they struggled with their new school lives, ‘reality’ was slowly falling apart.

Then, before Nadeshiko, appeared someone whom she was supposed to have only met in the ‘world’ of her dreams.

 Having met ‘him’, a somewhat familiar face, the gears of fate begin to turn――



Kurou Nadeshiko (九楼 撫子)
cv. n/a

“I want to become an adult soon.”

The heroine. In 6th grade. Daughter of the Kurou Group.
Though her words and actions may make her seem older than she is, she is actually just quite stubborn.
She doesn’t like to be treated like a child, and is trying her best to become an adult as soon as she can.


Kaidou Takato (海棠 鷹斗)
cv. Namikawa Daisuke

“I want you to stay the way you are now.
That’s all.”

A student who transfers into Nadeshiko’s class. In 6th grade.
Only son of the world famous pharmaceutical company, Kaidou Group.
Cheerful and always smiling, he is always brimming with curiosity.
Has an interest in research and is extremely intelligent.
Even when he’s worried about something, he’ll just smile and brush it off.


Kanou Riichirou (加納 理一郎)
cv. Maeno Tomoaki

“Unlike you,
I won’t forget a promise once I’ve made it.”

Nadeshiko’s childhood friend. In 6th grade. Son of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Cool and doesn’t like to involve himself with others; he rarely talks to people, with his childhood friend, Nadeshiko, being the only exception.
Due to the blunt way he speaks and his lack of enthusiasm, he has arguments with Nadeshiko on a daily basis.
Famous in the world of tea ceremony.


Hanabusa Madoka (英 円)
cv. Toriumi Kousuke

“Out of all the people I’ve met,
you’re the strangest of them all.

In 5th grade.
Son of the manager of the restaurant famous for its taste, ‘H A N A B U S A.’
Though he seems like the quiet type from afar, he is actually quite sharp-tongued and harsh with his words.
Doesn’t ever question anything his older brother says, and will rush into any situation as long as it’s related to his brother. Has a strange way of thinking about things.


Saionji Toranosuke (西園寺 寅之助)
cv. Sugiyama Noriaki

“See, you can have expressions like that after all.
…you really are interesting.”

In 6th grade.
Easily gets into fights and is always quick to come and go.
A delinquent whose typical day consists of sleeping, skipping school, and relaxing.
Though it may be hard for others to believe it, he actually does have a serious side to him…


Tokita Shuuya (時田 終夜)
cv. Ishida Akira

“Tono?* …hm. Indeed, it has a nice ring to it.
Do call me that.”

In 5th grade. As long as he stays quiet, he’s extremely good-looking.
However, he speaks the way a lord in the past would’ve spoken, and makes comments which can only be described as unique. Is working as a popular child model.

*’Tono = lord


Hanabusa Nakaba (英 央)
cv. Sudou Shou

“I really wish Madoka would live more freely.”

Hanabusa Madoka’s older brother. In 6th grade.
Future successor to the world famous restaurant, ‘H A N A B U S A.’
Though he is always energetic and the mood maker among the group, he has the tendency to go on and on without actually making a point.


Kaga Akira (神賀 旭)
cv. Namikawa Daisuke

“As your teacher, I want to help all of you grow, as people.”

A teacher who recently came to teach in the heroine’s school.
As he is easy to talk to and good at his job, he is popular among the students.
The one who brought the 6 students together to complete assignments.


Wanderer (放浪者 Hourousha)
cv. Maeno Tomoaki

“I’ll definitely come and save you.
…no matter what happens, I’ll come.”

A mysterious young man from the ‘world’ of Nadeshiko’s dreams.
Expressionless and cold, he is a man of few words.
He is encountered again in the real world, and seems to know something…?


Bishop (ビショップ)
cv. Toriumi Kousuke

“Position: Bishop.
That’s my job title, you see.”

A mysterious young man from the ‘world’ of Nadeshiko’s dreams.
Though he wears eccentric clothing and gives off quite a relaxed atmosphere, occasionally, he also shows a more cold-hearted side…
He is known as ‘Bishop‘ to those working for the Government.


Traitor (反逆者 Hangyakusha)
cv. Sugiyama Noriaki

“That girl*, she’s ours.
…we can’t hand her over to them.”

A mysterious young man from the ‘world’ of Nadeshiko’s dreams.
They meet when Nadeshiko, who is wandering the dream world, is suddenly attacked by him at knifepoint .
They meet again in reality, where this time, he introduces himself as ‘Waka.’ (若) He warns Nadeshiko about a certain thing, however…

*here (and in the game) he actually calls her ojou (お嬢), which means something along the lines of ‘Milady’ ♥  


Philosopher (哲学者 Tetsugakusha)
cv. Ishida Akira

“Do you still remember?
The promise I made in that world.”

A mysterious young man from the ‘world’ of Nadeshiko’s dreams.
He is often found in the field of ruins, engrossed in a book.
His unique way of thinking make it almost impossible to have a proper conversation with him.


Journalist (情報屋 Jouhouya)
cv. Sudou Shou

“Ah, it’s a secret, okay?
I’ll only tell you, onee-chan,
since you’re cute.”

A mysterious young man who lives in the ‘world’ of Nadeshiko’s dreams.
He’s bright and frank, but somehow also gives off a feeling which is hard to grasp.
His real name unknown, he calls himself ‘Journalist.’


Rook (ルーク)
cv. Matsumoto Sachi

“I do feel bad for you.
But please give up, okay~
This is also a part of my job.”

A young man doing research in the ‘world’ of Nadeshiko’s dreams.
A self-proclaimed ‘salaryman who diligently fulfils the wishes of his leader. ‘ Has a habit of listening to people talk without really caring about that they say.
His voice and the way he speaks seems familiar, however…


Leader (長 Osa)
cv. Fujii Keisuke

“I thought you’d resist more,
but it seems that you’ve got some guts.”

A temporary leader of the anti-government in the dream world, the ‘Yuushinkai.‘ (有心会)
He does not approve of acting just to protect one’s own pride, and while the way he speaks always seems calm, it is hard to tell if his words contain the truth or not.
He introduces himself with the name ‘Yoshimune.’ (芳宗)


Kaede (楓)
cv. Kouchi Shinsaku

“Act more like a proper hostage and stay put in your room.”

A certain young man who is a member of the Yuushinkai.
Takes on the role of watching Nadeshiko when she is trapped in the Yuushinkai.
Despite his rough way of speaking, he deeply respects and admires the Philosopher.


Rei (零)
cv. Iida Naomi

“Just call me ‘Rei.’
‘Obaa-san’ is really a bit too much.”

A woman living in the ‘world’ of Nadeshiko’s dreams.
Unlike the rest of the general public, she is living in hiding, and is not under the Government’s watch.
A truly honest woman, and everything about her seems elegant in a way.
Nadeshiko meets a similar existence in the real world too, but the impression she makes Nadeshiko there is very different.

Review mainly just me rambling about how much I love cz I hope this actually does the game justice 

cg5It’s been a while since I played the game so I went through some of my save files and saw some of the endings and started crying all over again orz I think cz is actually known for being a nakige which isn’t really surprsing since some of the bad endings really did hurt ;v;;;; After some ends I had to lie down and rethink all my life choices lol

All the characters in this game are really interesting — no one really fits the typical otome tropes (partly because they’re all so weird you can’t put them into a category ww) but please don’t get me wrong!!! The characters are so great precisely because they’re not your average everyday otoge characters, and the interactions between all the characters and the assignments were never boring to me(*^▽^) Oh though the question/answer part was so repetitive I can actually remember all the answers by heart now……..I’m glad they changed that part of the system since I know quite a lot of cg2people were annoyed by that??ヽ(´∀`。ヽ)

Takato is definitely my favourite, he’s a very complex character and becomes really important no matter who’s route you’re in, and he was just really adorable as a kid////// Though I think I preferred the mood/atmosphere in the Yuushinkai (more like the bantering between Tora and Shuuya ww), every single character is very lovable and I feel like none of the relationships between Nadeshiko felt forced or anything like that which is good~ Ah speaking of Nadeshiko, she really is a good heroine — even when she’s confused and utterly lost, she still does her best to make sense of the situation she’s in, and she’s a very strong-willed person ^o^ Recommended play order: Riichirou > Shuuya > Tora > Madoka > Takato (idk where nakaba should go aha….)

Man I even liked the side characters in this game which is why I’m so glad Nakaba finally has a route?? Honestly from the way he was included in nearly all the promo stuff with the rest of the main charas it was hard to believe that he didn’t have a route (especially since he always says things like ‘wow Nadeshiko you really got prettier!!!’ how cg6can you not give me a route after having him say stuff like that o<–<) Even Kaede was super cute in the Yuushinkai routes as long as it wasn’t Riichirou’sヽ(´▽`;)/ I can’t say much about Rain because I don’t want to spoil anything, but I ended up liking him a lot more than I thought I would too, especially by the very end of the game, in his epilogue thing/////

The story was one of the best part of this game to me and uncovering the whole plot bit by bit through the routes was really really interesting; I was really into every single route, up until the very end in Rain’s chapter!! Although the beginning with just a lot of assignments building up to the actual ‘main’ part of the story is a bit long, the little kids were all so funny and cute I really didn’t mind at all?? They’re actually all so weird (especially Shuuya omg I don’t even know where to start with our Tono) but in a good way so nothing was ever boring ahaha rest assured there was definitely still quite a lot of romance and many cute moments~ I guess if you like otoges which are more story-based, this is a good game to choose(^∇^)

381498_611053922256031_1063860259_ntldr; I’m sorry everything I wrote above is a mess but I loved cz enough to keep thinking about weeks after I finished it, the art and the music are both beautiful, the voice acting is great (nearly all the seiyuu had to voice two ‘roles’ it must’ve been such a hassle??) and it’s got a nice balance of humour, mystery, and love and a lot of well-written scenes — all in all, it’s definitely a game worth playing!! This is my first time doing anything remotely like a review, I’ll probably edit this when I can think of something to say about this game that makes more sense ww thank you for putting up with my fangirling and nonsense(*´艸`*)

「 There’s no meaning to a world like this.
If ‘God’ was the one who tore the two of us apart
…this time it’s my turn.

ーーto tear apart this unfair world. 」

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