Nameless: Common Route


Nameless is an otome game by Korean company Cheritz, and was released back in late 2013 for the PC!! (it’s fully voiced and the art is actually so beautiful I want to cry) This is my first time playing a Korean game — though the game itself comes in Japanese and English too — so I’m really excited to see what it’s like~

In the very beginning, you can choose either Lance/Yuri/Yeonho. Then, you can play Tei — after that, Red’s route will be unlocked, and finally after all 5, you can play a mysterious ??? route.

Our heroine, Eri, finds herself in a place that’s just pure white, but notes that it somehow feels beautiful yet sad at the same time. There, she vaguely sees two figures talking in the distance, but she doesn’t really understand what they’re saying. ‘JustScreen Shot 2015-04-05 at 3.06.30 am don’t forget, everything that happens is based on your decision.’ One of them then turns and says something to her, but she doesn’t hear it, and instead she feels a falling sensation, and feathers around her. The next thing she hears is her alarm clock — turns out it was all a dream~ Eri lives alone in a house too big for her, because her grandfather, whom she loved dearly, passed away the year before. Eri’s parents, who live abroad, invited her to live with them, but she refused, saying that she liked this house, and wanted to graduate high school with her friends in Korea. Eri’s had an interest in dolls from a famous brand, Crobidoll, even back when her grandfather was alive, but she became an avid collector of them after his death — she has a lot of rare, limited dolls, and often talks to them to cope with her loneliness. (she even takes photos and blogs about them lol)

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 3.54.15 pm


At school, we meet Soi and Shinbi, Eri’s best friends. Soi is honest, and really loves hot guys ww. Shinbi is calm and cool, and is actually currently a popular fashion model. Shinbi and Soi and childhood best friends, and both are very supportive of Eri. (shinbi also really loves strawberry milk??? w) We also meet Yujin who’s the creepy school nurse who has a skeleton as a girlfriend, and Eri even comments that ‘he’s a waste of ikemen’. Unfortunately for her, Eri is actually his assistant and she’s always made to carry random things around for him lol.

After school, while cleaning the house, she ends up falling asleep, and wakes up to loud noises outside in the middle of the night. To her surprise, when she goes out to the living room, all her dolls are alive in human form, and are eating in her kitchen ww and it takes her a while to realise this isn’t a dream. When asked, even they have no idea how it happened; the actual dolls are still in her room so it was as if their souls took on a human form. She then realises she’s not even wearing a bra or proper clothes and goes back into her room screaming to change before coming back out to eat with her new ‘family’~ Eri finds it a fresh feeling to have so many people crowded around the dinner table for once. ;v;; They have all their memories from when they were dolls, including when she changed in her room and whatnot which makes her freak out haha. Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 2.24.31 amWe find out that Red and Lance really don’t get along at all — Eri notes that Lance is also much cooler and stricter than she imagined. (also yeonho is actually an angel I swear ww) The next morning, before she goes to school, Eri makes them promise to be quiet and not go outside, and they all agree, because if her parents found out, she’d be doomed. But the moment she opens the door, she gets caught by the principal who lives nearby, and was also her late grandfather’s friend. In a panic, Eri is all ‘UHHH THEY’RE ALL RELATIVES STUDYING ABROAD FROM THE NORTH POLE’, and everyone somewhat plays along. The whole act is ruined when Yuuri appears from his shower asking about shampoo in only a towel and Eri has to quickly shut the door and pretend no one saw anything lmaooo. For some reason, the principal actually believes this story, and gladly brings them all to school to do the paperwork for them all, but then they realise they have no legal guardian so have to go home for the day. It turns out they all have like normal abilities, like reading and writing. They all also have the traits they were designed to have — for instance, Yuri was created with a ‘cool drummer’ concept, and so is really good at music. They decide on where to sleep by drawing lots because Red and Lance won’t stop arguing but end up in the same room to their dismay ww. Red and Lance have to share the bed in Eri’s late grandfather’s room, while Tae and Yuri are in the study room. Yeonho volunteers to sleep on the couch since he’s the smallest♥ ♥ ♥

The next morning, they still haven’t come up with a solution for the whole guardian problem, and Eri goes to school by herself. There, Soi talks about how there’s a new music teacher who’s new, young, and happens to be named Yuri, and Eri is all ?????Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 5.42.01 pmwhen suddenly, a taxi arrives at school and magically everyone’s there, dressed in uniform. Apparently, Yuri somehow convinced the school into letting him become a teacher (?!?!?) and even made up a story that made him their guardian, so now everyone’s properly enrolled in school. Yuri also magically has a lot of money and we never know why lol. Red and Tei are in the same class the year above, while Lance and Yeonho are both first years and in the same class as Eri, mainly because it’s too hard to pass all 4 of them off as the same year. (eri constantly forgets to call red and tei ‘-sunbae’ ww) At some point, Red comes into her room to wake her up in the morning and she gets mad at him for barging in, but when Yeonho does the same, she gives the tiny child a hug instead ww. The new transfer students quickly become famous, and are collectively known as the HOT5. Yeonho’s the ‘baby chick’ thanks to his moe-ness, Lance becomes known as the Ice Prince, Red is known for his chuunibyou-style energetic personality, while Tei is the gentle yasashii senpai type and is known as the Sunshine Prince ww. Yuri is so popular he even has his own fanclub??? but is probably also known among the guys for none of his lessons making sense. Out of nowhere, Yuri gives Eri a brand new smartphone because she’s always been using an old phone; she only agrees to accept it if Yuri buys one for everyone else too (seriously where does he get his money???)

It turns out Tei’s actually gotten a part-time job, being the only smart reliable one in the group, at a cafe called Banjul. When Eri and her friends visit one day after school, they find out that it’s a really nice cafe, and all the workers there are super good-looking, and Soi pretty much decides she wants to move in there aha. Nothing particularly worth nothing happens in the common route, it’s mainly just introducing characters and showing the relationships between them (the bantering between the 6 of them is really cute~). Somewhere along the way, Yeonho disappears after a cat and everyone panics but he comes home safe and sound in the endヾ( ̄∇ ̄=)/Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 3.04.38 am

It’s interesting because the common route actually changes the more times you play — somewhere, more information that wasn’t in the playthrough before is always given. Along the routes, we often hear two voices, (who’s names are just ‘???’, though one of them I’ve named ‘Nameless’ bc that’s how it’s written in the credits) and nothing they say ever really makes sense, though I expect it all will by the end of this game~ They also appear more and more often as you play. The goal of the game is essentially to gather all the pieces (and you’re warned by these mysterious voices that they need for these pieces to be gathered….? owo;) of this heart, and then apparently two secret routes can be unlocked.

Ah by the way, if any quotes are not the same as the they are in the English version, it’s because I’m actually playing it in Japanese — I just feel like the Japanese version looks prettier ahaha (and also it’s actually more well translated than the English version…..) Next I’ll be reviewing Yuri’s route! I had originally planned on making one post for the whole game but even Yuri’s route, which is apparently the least spoiler-y one, took up a lot of space, so I went against that in the end////

See you in my next post!!~

4 thoughts on “Nameless: Common Route

  1. Oh wow, this game really is so soft and pretty (´▽`*) I haven’t even heard of it before so thank you for the intro/common route!

    My guess is that Yuri had a manufacturing issue and was made to be an illegal forger doll, who can somehow forge government papers and currency (☉。☉)!
    Or not… but I’ll get around to reading your Yuri post soon, and look forward to reading your future posts; Yeonho seems especially cute. And small, lol.
    I also find it interesting that they call each other sunbae despite the Japanese translation, heh.

    If I can find some time (and space in my game backlog), I’ll try this sometime! Though idk about Japanese or English. Is the English translation really that bad?


    • Oh no, I should be the one thanking you for reading this mess of a review at all!! ww Yeah, I noticed it’s not very popular, probably because we’re all more familiar with Japanese otome games…? I don’t know how Yuri gets his money, but I definitely want him to teach me his ways(*゚∀゚)

      I finished Yeonho’s route yesterday, so his post should be up soon. (bless this tiny child he’s adorable) Ah, in the Japanese translation it’s actually ‘senpai’, but the voices say ‘sunbae’ so I’m kind of switching between the two aha sorry for any confusion caused//////

      I wouldn’t say the English is terrible — there are a few grammatical mistakes and typos, but you get the gist of what they’re saying lol, and I think it’s pretty impressive for them to provide more than one language at all, despite not being a very big company~ The Japanese definitely feels more accurate though. (it’s also worth mentioning that there are a few programming errors along the way too but they’re bearable I guess) Please do share your thoughts on the game if you ever play it!! ^o^


  2. I just started playing this VN yesterday! I was pretty excited they had Sinbi and Soi as well…. although every single doll featured in this VN is sadly Limited Edition (and each of them is sold out, including Yujin). It’s really refreshing and funny to play, and as a BJD owner I can relate to Eri and the excitement at buying and getting new doll stuff. I’m really enjoying my experience so far (my 70cm boy Kuro is as well, sadly he’s from Doll Leaves, not Crobidoll. :P), and I’m hoping to unlock all routes soon!


    • oh my gosh sorry this is so late but I hope you enjoyed the game!!!!!^-^
      I’m not really a doll collector or anything but this was still really fun so it must’ve been extra cool for you haha( ´ ▽ ` *)


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