Nameless: Yuri

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 1.55.21 pm
Yuri (cv. Lee Donghoon)
is the ‘adult’ of the group, and comes home late all the time, but will never explain why. On the official website, it’s said that his concept was of a ‘sexy drummer’, and well, that’s pretty much his character. Like any other typical otoge character of his type (you know what type I’m talking about……), he often flirts with Eri and for literally about 90% of the game he calls her ‘my honey’, ‘lady’ or ‘darling’, though Eri doesn’t really take him seriously since he always seems to be hitting on some girl, even at school. (probably a wise decision for people like this tbh) He’s also really obsessed with himself and complains about the bed being bad for his skin??? and randomly walks out wearing a face masks in the morning wwww.

Eri actually buys tea leaves which she was recommended, called ’Secret Garden’ from Cafe Banjul, (possible reference to the tv show?? w) and at some point, she actually ends up making it for him as thanks for buying everyone a smartphone — Yuri ends up drinking it quite a lot throughout this route^o^ Even before Yuri’s route begins, he offers every morning for Eri to take the taxi to school with him (he refuses to take the bus bc it’s not classy enough for him lol) Though Eri doesn’t really want to take the bus to school because it’s always packed full, she doesn’t want to take a taxi with just Yuri either because that’s not fair on the others, and ends up suggesting that ‘he buy a limo for them all or something’ and the next morning Red runs into Eri’s room in a panic and when she goes outside tHERE’S AN ACTUAL LIMO WAITING FOR THEM. And so it becomes a thing for Yuri to drive them (????where did they even park this thing last time I checked normal korean households or schools don’t have a parking space for your own personal limo lmao) And this actually just makes going to school even more of a hassle than before because these rabid HOT5 fangirls are waiting for them every morning thanks to the limo being the most subtle modest means of transport to school ever — they literally have to pick a sacrifice each morning to run into the crowd first lol. Eri always secretly leaves last, so that no strange rumours arise. Except one day, Yuri suddenly decides to personally escort her out of the car and all these girls start having jealous fits so Tei gracefully comes in and goes ‘CALM DOWN SHE’S OUR MAID’ and that the parents of HOT5 requested that Eri help them with chores and stuff sometimes. He explains to everyone that in the morning, she had come to make breakfast, and so she came to school with them. Unfortunately this causes her to become known literally as ‘Maid’ around the school, though Tei does apologise for this. Thanks to Yujin-sensei being a creep as usual and making Eri carry boxes of beauty and health care products his skeleton bae during recess, she doesn’t get to buy lunch and all the food’s sold out by the time she’s done. She gives up and goes back to her classroom, but passes by the staffroom, and catches a Korean Language teacher flirting with Yuri; she even gives him a bag of homemade muffins. When he sees her outside, he offers it to her instead. At first, she refuses because it is rude to give away someone else’s gift to you (also bc she’s slightly jealous ww) but she’s so hungry she gives in. During class, it turns out Yuri left some papers in the staffroom, and the class force her, the so-called maid, to get yuri01these papers, though the Lance and Tei end up helping her on the way. Back at home, everyone’s (except Yuri who’s just not there) concerned about all the name calling, but Eri reassures them that it’s ok. orz At school, skeleton creeper-sensei calls for Eri again and hands her a hairpin; turns out he did this on behalf of Yuri, who too busy that day and asked Yujin to give it to her instead. That night, Yuri also gifts her a pair of expensive heels, and explains that both the hairpin and heels were bought with the salary he just received, since he noticed she won’t be happy unless it’s money he’s earned himself;w;;;;; He asks her on a date, and she agrees to go~ (lmao no one believes him when he says he has a date with Eri the next day) On their date, Yuri makes Eri try on a lot of expensive pretty clothing and when she’s not looking, he buys it all for her ww they also end up going to Banjul together, where he explains that he’s nice to all girls because that’s part of the ‘kakkoii’ character he was made with as a doll, but says quietly that she’s the only one who’s different. On a stormy day, Eri sends a group text to check on everyone, but only Yuri doesn’t give a reply, and so she ends up going to school with an umbrella to find. When she sees him, he’s playing the piano in the music room, and she gets the dokis watching his serious piano playing ww. There, Yuri gives her tickets to see a band where he’s actually the drummer — then, Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 4.06.57 amshe starts to wonder if he comes home late at night not because he’s flirting with women, but because of rehearsals. At the concert, she dresses really nicely with the makeup, clothes, heels and hairpin all from Yuri, and watches him perform. She’s amazed by his talent, and afterwards she gets hit on by this random guy because of how pretty she is that day, but thankfully Yuri comes to the rescue lol. A bunch of girls try to get Yuri to drink with them and hurt by this, Eri leaves first, but Yuri catches up to her, and says there’s no point in going if she’s not. ♥ He’s happy she’s jealous over him, and kisses her forehead while complimenting on her looks~ That night, she realises the she’s in love with Yuri. Somewhere else, a band member says it’s clear Yuri’s in love with Eri, but then Yuri goes all ‘I do?? Do I??????’ bro you’ve been hitting on her since day 1 what are you talking about(  ´_ゝ`)

Eri starts prettying herself up for school because of Yuri (red is so confused by this it’s hilarious wwww) and all of HOT5 are pretty much amazed by how cute she is (lance literally has a moment where he looks at her and can’t look away aha oh no he’s so cute) And Soi tells Eri ‘There are two things in this world I can’t forgive. One of them is ugly men, and the other is bad friends who secretly try to surpass me!’ — she then goes on to say ‘I guess you won’t be called a maid now!!’ and Eri doesn’t understand so Shinbi translates for her and tells Eri, ‘You got prettier’ (I think I’m the most in love with shinbi actually wwwww) and when Eri asks if it’s weird, Shinbi assures her that she’s cute and Eri actually thinks to herself ‘I’m starting to understand why Shinbi is so popular…’ (I think I would be a Shinbi fan if I was in their school ahaha) In the corridor, an unnamed guy who becomes known by the nickname Soi gave him, ‘Handsome’ (笑), randomly gives Eri a free drink. After school, Eri refuses plans with friends to go find Yuri to show off her new prettier self, but he’s Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 4.12.31 amreally cold towards her, and she gets mad and leaves. But that’s only because Yuri is flustered apparently lol, so he offers to drive her home. On the way, Eri’s mother calls saying that her parents will be stopping in Korea for a night next week, and to dress nicely to their dinner (bc eri usually just wears jeans to events like this lol). The next day at school, she actually gets confessed to by Handsome-chan — turns out she’s no longer known as a maid, but a ‘White Swan’ thanks to Eri suddenly graduating from her ugly duckling phase. That night, she gets a call from her parents, and they tell Eri that they’ve arrived earlier than planned, and so she goes to dinner dressed in her new Yuri-approved fashion, which everyone thinks is an amazing change. But at some point, her mum says something which causes Eri to think about how she’s dressed nicely for just Yuri, and that this isn’t really her, and she ends up being upset again. Afterwards, Yuri spots Eri sitting alone. When she tells him someone confessed to her, he acts like he doesn’t care at all, and Eri walks home alone and cries the whole night. Surprisingly, no one comments on her obviously puffy eyes at all, and we find out it’s because Tei warned them to keep quiet about it. At school, Shinbi, being the angel she is, worries about Eri and Soi and Shinbi make her go to Banjul in hopes of cheering her up. (aaaaaa they’re all so cute orz) Afterwards, Tei, who had been on his shift, asks her how she really feels about Yuri after all her crying and this tension between them, and she confesses that she does like him, and doesn’t want to give up on him. Later that day, Tei (who, at this point, I realise is the yandere in this game lol) confronts Yuri and tells him that either he stops making Eri cry, or Tei will step his game up and steal his girl lol. At the cultural festival, we find out that the Principal mainly let the HOT5 enroll because he wanted to see Eri happy and laughing again. ;w;;;; Here she also rejects Handsome’s confession, only to be confessed to straight after by Tei. At this point, Eri’s like ???what¿¿¿ and says she can’t accept his feelings and blurts out a lot of honest feelings she’s had for Yuri. Then Tei’s goes ‘I actually just said that so you can come to terms with how you feel yourself!!!!!’ (haha yeah sure tei, when she leaves you even say ‘perhaps the most foolish one here, is actually me…’ dramatically alone on the rooftop lmao) But yeah, Eri goes decides to go and ask Yuri’s feelings for herself, and goes to watch his performance at the festival. Surprisingly, he suddenly announces on stage that he’s going to stop being a teacher, because he’s found someone he loves and tells this person to ‘go to his secret garden’. ヾ(*ΦωΦ)ノ

Good end:Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 4.23.34 am

Eri goes to find Yuri in his music room, where he confesses everything — he thanks her for dressing nicely for him, for giving him the tea leaves, and apologises for starting the whole ‘maid’ issue. He explains that he was created as a doll who could love everyone equally, so he didn’t know how he should love just one person, and he ran away from these feelings. Finally he asks her to become his~(∩∀`*)キャッ Eri asks why he’s going to stop teaching, he says it’s because there’s no way he can teach when he’s in love with a student, and also so that they can do ‘adult things’ together……..he’s about to demonstrate when Tei runs in and reminds Yuri-sensei where they are LOL. He tries to object by saying ‘but I just quit my job!!!!’ though it turns out after quitting you still have to work there for 30 days and Yuri’s shocked wwwww. A month passes and apparently Yuri’s been coming into her room at night and sleeping next to her to ‘make sure she’s not cheating on him in her dreams’ lmao. The friendship trio go to Banjul after school, and it turns out Yuri’s started working there that day and Soi’s basically crying behind Eri the entire time poor girl aha. Shinbi gives them amusement park tickets she doesn’t need and pats Soi as she sobs over the fact that she can’t use these tickets cause she has no one to go with ww. At night, Eri finds a strange stain on the last page of her diary and can’t read it, but doesn’t think too much about it. (im pretty sure this is somehow connected to the main plot aaaaaa) Yuri then comes in and pushes her down on her bed, but before everything fades to black, Nameless says ‘Did you really think Cinderella had such a happy ending?’ On Christmas day, they go to the amusement park Shinbi gave them tickets to, and it’s a park she used to go to with her grandfather. She chooses to ride the merry-go-round (at this point I’m screaming because this place was Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 4.23.42 amin the game PV as well as Eri’s dreams and is definitely important) and she hears Nameless’ voice again, but assumes it’s just her imagination. After the ride, Yuri covers her eyes, and when Eri opens them, he’s holding a ring which he bought just for her. (//v//) The route ends here HOWEVER after the ending credits, Yuri goes to get Eri a bandaid, because of how her heels have hurt her feet again; he says he can’t relax until she legally becomes his ww. But Eri suddenly disappears, and the last thing is said by Nameless: ‘Time’s up! And they lived happily ever after. With this, Cinderella’s story has come to an end. Did you enjoy it?’ (???????I’M SO CONFUSED HELP ME I’m so unsettled by this ending rip)

Bad ends: Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 11.41.57 pm

Bad end 1: ’New Career’ — Eri rejects Yuri early on in the route, and tells him to stop bothering her; the next morning he packs his stuff and leaves, saying he’s found a new career and dream. (???? ok…)

Bad end 2: ’Triangle’ — (I love this one lmao) Eri never makes a proper decision; in her dreams, she sees the merry-go-round she used to ride as a child, and a young boy with purple hair and pink eyes sitting on it. She hears a voice says ‘Hurry and get on the merry-go-round with me. Ah, I might be too late this time. Let’s ride it together next time. I’ll be waiting.’ The next time she wakes up, Eri’s pretty much Tei and Yuri’s doll, and she ends up trapped between both of them in this strange relationship lol

Bad end 3: ‘Doubt’— Tei confesses to Eri at the cultural festival, and she agrese to become his girlfriend and it just fades to black with him saying he loves her or something while creepy musical box bgm plays.

Bad end 4: ‘Second Choice’ — Eri doesn’t go to find Yuri after his concert announcement, and Tei yanderes all over her again; she hears Nameless say ‘It’s okay if you break’ and something about a merry-go-round idk everything he says is just shady and confusing orz

Final thoughts:

Mmmm I think this was ok for a first route? I’m still really confused about the ending (though in a good way) and how there’s really no closure lol but I liked Yuri a lot as a character!! It felt like it was over too fast, I think a lot of things could be fleshed out a bit more……though one part that really touched me was when he used his salary to buy Eri the gifts, that part was actually really cute;w;;;; I’m excited to keep playing and find out what’s actually going on with this shady nameless guy ww (and yeonho…wait for me…….////) Ah and Yuri reminds me a lot of Ikki from Amnesia!! Annoying shades: check. Insane fanclub that needs to calm down: check. Hair that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever: check. Then again I guess they just belong in the same character category?? w Considering the fact that I don’t usually like these womaniser/flirty types, I actually liked Yuri a lot more than I thought I would. I’m definitely looking forward to playing everyone else!!! Until next time!!(〃^∇^)I’ll probably be doing Lance’s route after this~ (edit: I just realised I made like 600 typos in this I’m so sorry orz)

3 thoughts on “Nameless: Yuri

  1. Lol, this is definitely not the recommended route to start with. The ending and dialogue in-between would be confusing to anyone who just picked up this game. To anyone seeing this article, go with Lance > Yeonho > Yuri > Tei > Seven


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