Nameless: Lance

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Lance (cv. Jung Jaeheon) is the cool, quiet member of the group, known by the school as the Ice Prince. He very rarely talks to others, and is extremely smart. Lance is the first Crobidoll Eri bought, and this was back when her grandfather was still alive too. His model is one of the most popular, widespread models, and is known for being the first Crobidoll model to exist. He doesn’t like noisy places, and usually stays away from energetic, loud people, which is partly why he always ends up arguing with Red.

This time, after your trip to Banjul with fiends, you bring a cup of candied lemon tea, which is what you had at the cafe, home. When you give it to Lance to drink, he tells you he has no preference for food or drink — more accurately, he doesn’t actually know what he likes or dislikes. Eri’s a little sad that maybe Lance didn’t like it, but before she leaves his room, he quietly asks for the name of the drink.(*´艸`*) One night, Eri tells Lance about how she’s afraid they might turn back to dolls one day, and she’ll Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 2.21.14 pmlose (for a second time) people she can bring good food back home to, because that’s what she did for her grandfather too. Turns out Yuri buys his stupid limo in every single route, but thankfully no scandals or anything happen this time lol. Lance, who’s recently joined the student council (thanks to eri’s encouragement too~ ^^), goes to school earlier than the rest of them for work. She texts him saying that he seems to be doing well in the council, but gets no reply back; but then again, that’s to be expected from him. (also for some reason shinbi’s name kept switching between シンビ and 神秘????) In class, everyone fawns over Yeonho’s who’s crying because he couldn’t understand what the Maths teacher was saying wwww though Eri reassures him by telling him that even Lance probably had trouble with it, because what they’re learning is genuinely quite difficult. Unfortunately, just as she says this, someone asks Lance if he knew what was going on in class, and he says ‘Maths is simple, you just have to know the equations. If you can’t even solve a problem like this, you’re probably not very smart’, to poor Yeonho’s dismay. It turns out Shinbi and Yeonho actually get along really well wwww and she gives him some words of wisdom, something along the lines of ‘happiness isn’t based on your grades.’ (I wish that was the case for my family haaaaa) But yeah, everyone like ‘IT’S OKAY ONII-CHAN/ONEE-CHAN WILL TEACH YOU’ so all’s well in the end ww.

At lunch, when Eri goes to look for Lance, someone bumps into her. She trips, and he immediately comes and helps her, while sighing. When Eri goes to get food, an upper-year plops down in the seat next to Lance, and tries to flirt with him in a really annoying, condescending way lol. Lance gets mad when she goes ‘Oh, that wasn’t your girlfriend just now, was it? I know you have higher standards that that.’ So Lance straight up tells her she’s annoying and a bother, and leaves. Eri follows after him onto the rooftop, and tells him it’s not good to shut everyone off, because he’ll become like her back when her grandfather died. He replies with ‘I think I’m fine as I am, but if you want me too, I’ll think about it’ and he tells her it’s okay for her to sit next to him at lunch, ‘i-if she wants to…’ (ww what a tsun) Afterwards, he actually replies to the text she sent in the morning. Eri’s not sure if it’s because of what she said to him, but they start to text each other a lot more often. On a Sunday morning, she suddenly gets a text about putting her underwear in the wash lmao. Turns out they’re doing some huge cleaning thing; both Red and Yeonho have really little casual clothing, so they’ve been forced to wear their uniform while their clothes are being washed lol. Yuri comes out in a mask and no shirt yelling that all his clothes are all gone and he swears that the culprit is Tei. (ahaha eri’s all ‘is this a detective show or something…’ in the background) Tei tells Yuri to stop watching magical girl anime late at night he replies with ‘don’t insult my girls who fight to protect love and peace!!’ wwwww. The whole thing is just them insulting each other I was pretty much crying  — at some point, Tei throws a slipper at Yuri’s head when Yuri insults him LOL and Eri mentions that the ‘flying slipper’ technique is usually actually Lance’s thing. Everyone also keeps calling Yuri a ghost because of his face mask wwww.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 6.03.48 pmBut anyway, he ends up asking Eri to go to the department store with him to buy new clothes for all of them with his ‘magical black card that has no limits’ lol. When Yeonho hears this he’s amazed and literally thinks Yuri’s a magician wwww. All of them end up going together, and Yuri is all IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE JUST ME AND MY DARLING WHY THIS while everyone excited uses all of ‘his’ money lololol. Lance being well, Lance, doesn’t have any interest in buying clothes, and wants to head straight for the lounge/resting floor, so Eri follows. Before that though, Tei goes to look at books, and when asked if he’s going to buy anything he says he’ll buy at least three sets of clothing since Yuri offered. At this, Yuri complains to Eri and he’s all ‘my honey, you get mad at me for spending money but not him??? Do you like him?? Don’t trust two faced men like him!! Do you know how dirty he really is?!?!’ wwww. Lance and Eri end up sitting on a bench together, and buys her ice cream when she mentions the strawberry chocolate flavour is good, while she complains that she wanted to pick out clothes for him. She offers to give him a bite, but he refuses and says he doesn’t like sweet things, and also gets really embarrassed and keeps saying “IF WE USE THE SAME SPOON that’s an indirect…..indirect………KISS…” but Eri shoves it into his mouth anyway and he Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 6.10.40 pmstarts blushing really hard ahaha(*/∇\*)キャーーー Eri tells Lance that when she’s with him, she thinks of her grandfather since he’s the only doll that she bought when he was still alive. Lance asks for Eri to tell him more about her grandfather, and she tells him about her habit of always holding onto his hand when they’re in crowded places, because of one time when she got lost as a kid. Suddenly, Lance stands up, takes her hand, and says he feels like shopping, so she should pick new clothes for him. He tells her he doesn’t mind any style, as long as she likes it (//w//) and even says to himself ‘it was the same with the lemon tea too…’ Eri goes on a roll, both the attendant and Eri are just throwing him clothes to try on aha and she even says ‘my inner doll otaku is arising’ wwww. When Lance goes to change, her heart is beating really fast while Eri waits for him, but she doesn’t understand why. When they get back home, it turns out Tei spent a ton of money on his ‘three sets of clothes’ and Yuri is super mad, especially when Tei says ‘Yeah, three sets for both top and bottom. The branded corner was surprisingly empty so I went there!!!!’ (stop tei omg) The others also ended up buying a lot of random things, and Eri is happy Yeonho was able to find lots of things to buy and pats his head. (he really is the most spoilt one out of the group wwww)

Back in her room, as she’s writing her diary, she thinks about the dokidoki feeling she got with Lance and tries to figure out why she had it at all. Eri then gets a text from Lance thanking her for picking out the new clothes, and thinking that he did it to cheer her up when she was feeling sad about her grandfather, she invites him to drink lemon tea at Banjul with her and he agrees immediately, which makes Eri really happy~ We then flashback to Eri talking to Lance (back when he was still a doll) after her grandfather dies, and telling herself that at least he won’t die on her.;;;;;; Lance has a dream about when the manager is talking about all their design concepts, and how Lance doesn’t have one, and his personality is meant to be for owner’s interpretation. Lance and Eri have gotten into a habit of texting each other quite a lot (it’s really cute aaaaa there’s one part where he actually buys her bread for lunch because he knows it’ll be sold out when she goes and asks her to come to the rooftop to get it////) Soi and Shinbi notice in class when a girl asks Lance to help her in Maths and he actually talks to her, that he’s changed — they say that spring may be coming’ because that’s when the ice melts ww. Eri is then called to the nurse’s office; Yujin’s been forced to marry or something cause it turns out that Beatrice (his skeleton) actually belongs to the school and they want to give it away to the neighbouring school and somehow that relates lol. So he asks Eri to look through the pictures of women and pick a random one out to marry while he apologises to his skeloton bae — Eri decides to find one who looks the most mentally accepting and strong lmao. After school, Soi, Shinbi, and Eri are about to go to Banjul when they spot Lance at the front gates, seemingly waiting for someone. Eri wonders if he’s waiting because they promised to go to the cafe in the past, and asks him if he wants to go, but he has a meeting with the council, so she goes without him. At the cafe, Eri realises her phone isn’t with her, and goes back to school (which apparently isn’t far) to check her classroom — worried, Soi and Shinbi agree to go and get her if Eri takes too long to come back because they’re the best. ♥ ♥ ♥ Tei is working his shift now, and greets them (soi keeps calling him prince sunshine by accident wwww) Suddenly, Lance also comes in (by this point soi is like IM IN IKEMEN HEAVEN GOD BLESS) and both of them freak when they find out Eri’s gone to get her phone and argue about who’s going to go and find her, while Shinbi tells them they’re overreacting, since it’s not even that late yet. Because Tei has his job, he ends up letting Lance go. We suddenly flashback to Eri reassuring herself that she’s not alone as she talks to her dolls;;; Lance finds her at school and Eri notices he looks super hot in the light of sunset haha. Lance doesn’t understand why she’s so upset over her missing phone, Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 7.05.50 pmand says she can just get Yuri to buy her a new one, but she tells him that a lot of important memories that she treasures are in her phone, including memories with Lance. Out of nowhere, Lance asks her, ‘I want to know the weight of your memories in a thing like me.’ Eri’s surprised he thinks of himself as a thing, because she doesn’t think that way at all, and she tells him she doesn’t even want to imagine losing him, and that losing her cellphone wouldn’t even compare to how she’d feel if she lost him. When she starts crying, Lance hugs her to his chest. He says he doesn’t understand her, but won’t say any more on the matter because he doesn’t want to make her sad or worry and so they just stay like that aaaaaa////// Turns out he actually bought her a cup of the candied lemon tea from Banjul, and tells her that ‘You are my one and only owner who created both my memories and my personality.’ He then promises to find her cellphone, as it’s something his owner values. The next morning at school, Lance shows up with her phone; she left it in the health office the day before, and Yujin-sensei actually threw it into the bin LOL. He tells her she’s dense, but she doesn’t understand why; however, Eri notices that he’s smiling more than usual, and she sends him a text saying thank you~  Then we hear Nameless say, ‘If only my voice could reach you. A thing that holds memories, huh.’ (?????)

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 7.48.43 pm

「フライング • スリッパー」 ww

The beginning of the next chapter begins with a flashback of a store manager telling Eri that Lance is a good first choice for a doll because he wasn’t made with a set personality so you can do whatever you want, and she buys him. At the cafeteria, Soi makes Eri ask the HOT5 what they plan on doing at the upcoming school cultural festival. At home, Yeonho tells Eri he’s part of the spiritual mystery club (?? idk) and is doing fortune telling at a booth ww. Tei’s working at a cafe with his class, and Red’s part of the drama club since they’re doing some show where a hero saves the world (which is exactly Red’s design concept lol). Red asks Eri to be the heroine of his play since he usually calls her that anyway, but Lance objects and says Eri can’t be his heroine and she later wonders why he said that. Yuri then comes out of the toilet and Lance asks him why he spent an hour in there LOL — Yuri will be doing his band performance as a drummer, and he tells Eri that he’ll be ‘capturing all the girls’ hearts…including yours, baby. We get to see Lance’s trademark ‘flying slipper’ again, and he nonchalantly apologises with ‘Ah sorry my slipper just happened to hit your head.’ wwww Yuri and Lance start arguing and Yeonho’s like ‘Oh no where do I sleep *sobs*’ so Eri saves the poor baby and says he can sleep with her instead!!~ Lance suddenly cuts Yuri off in their argument and starts ranting to Eri about how despite their looks they’re all adults and men too so it would be improper for Yeonho to sleep with her ww. The next day at school, Soi talks about how she’s going to apply to be Red’s heroine in the play. Just at this moment, Red and his club leader barge in, shove Soi to the side (rip soi), and asks Eri to become the heroine. (on the side, shinbi randomly says ‘…I want strawberry milk’ ahaha what a cute w) Eri sends Lance a text asking what she should do, but he purposely ignores it.;; When she gets home, it starts raining really hard, so she sends Lance a text asking ‘Do you have an umbrella?. He replies with ‘I’m on my way’, and confused, she texts ‘Wait for me!’ and goes to school with an umbrella for him, but no one’s there. She calls him, but there’s no reply. Eri goes to the bus stop and finds him in the rain, looking at a doll in the dump. He asks her ‘What do you think the owner felt when they threw this away?’ Lance talks about how it’s unfair because dolls can’t choose their owners, and says ‘Dolls are things made to be thrown away. I knew that from the very beginning.’ He talks about how this doll doesn’t have a soul, but Crobidolls are different, because the creator breathes life into them. (are they subtly promoting the brand??? lol) At this, Eri recalls how she felt that Crobidolls were realer than others (SUBTLE PROMOTING??) Lance says he wishes that wasn’t the case, that they didn’t have to feel anything; Crobidolls are special because they’re made with individual concepts, and their creators are like god to them; but they didn’t do that for him. His creator said that his uniqueness lies in him changing for different owners, but Lance laments that if the creator wasn’t going to give him a character, then they shouldn’t have given him a soul. He compares himself to Red — Red is a rare prototype and so he’s able to bring out his character and stands out, but Lance types can just be thrown away and replaced, because they’re mass produced. The last thing he says is ‘That’s why, you, in front of me; the world you show me is my everything. so if you throw me away…my world will end then’ before he collapses with a high fever.

 Yuri and Red rush back from school, worried. Eri regrets not knowing how uncertain he felt and falls asleep holding his hand. Tei goes into the room, sees them together, and says to himself that Lance should take better care of Eri since he made her worry so much — ‘I only let you keep her because I thought you could make her happy’ (yandere vibes again lol oh no) In her dreams, Eri remembers telling her mother that she’s not really alone at home, and tells herself she has Lance to protect her. When she wakes up Lance is patting her head and tells her not to get up, and she notes that he’s unusually kind. When Lance asks her if she’s going to leave him and cause him to become alone, she just tells him he’s stupid ww. Lance admits that Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 8.22.45 pmseeing the doll abandoned on the street, he got scared that he would become like that too, because he’s always watched her surrounded by the other four, on the sidelines. Eri hugs him and tells him she won’t leave him. She falls asleep again and when she wakes up, she’s still in her grandfather’s room. Lance comes in and apologises for the inconvenience he caused, and says that he’s fine now. Suddenly, he grabs her face and comes really close and Eri thinks something is going to happen, but he just tells her she drooled in her sleep as a joke wwww he also adds that he thinks acting with Red will be a good experience…and because he wants to see her in a dress. Back at school, Red barges in her classroom after class and tells Eri they have an emergency rehearsal because the writers are changing the script and want to add in a kiss scene — at this, Lance drops his sharpener in shock LOL. Though Soi had originally invited all of the HOT5 students plus Eri and Shinbi to a group study event at Banjul, Lance who had initially agreed to go, cancelled because Eri had her rehearsal, and waited for her until they were finished. It turns out Lance wrote Maths notes specially for Eri and even simplified them so that she could understand them because she’s been busy with acting;w;;;; He tells her to revise, and she says that now that she has these, she’ll revise really hard, for Lance’s sake too, and he gets really embarrassed ww. All of a sudden, he tells her it’d be best if she quit the acting now, since it has no merits to her even though he was the one who suggested she do it in the first place and mentions that he’s against the kiss scene idea; however, she says they probably don’t have to do that scene during rehearsals, and Lance just gets really aggravated about the whole thing ahaha. At the cafe, Soi, Shinbi, Tei, and Yeonho talk about how Lance and Eri are now really close, and Soi says that she’ll support Eri no matter what while Yeonho’s just like ‘Master and who????? what ehh??????????’ That night, her mother calls and says they’ll be stopping by Korea for a while, and that they’ll contact her later on. Actually motivated to study, Eri flips through Lance’s notebook and realises it’s all colour coded~ (where can I get these notes help me too lol)

The next morning, she gets a text from Lance wishing her luck for her test. ^o^ Afterwards, they go to Banjul to celebrate the end of their exams, and Eri tells lance that she trusts in him as part of the organising team to deal with all the cultural festival proceeds and that it’s a job that she believes he can do well in, because it’s him. Lance is all deredere while he thanks her and says that he’ll work hard, because he can’t not after hearing this~ She also thanks him for the notes, and for being the first one by her side. Suddenly her parents call and tell her to be at the restaurant within an hour so she has to go and meet them. Her parents comment that she’s more energetic now and not obsessed with dolls (but she can’t tell her mum that nothing’s really changed actually lol). They ask if Eri wants to change up the furniture in the house because the memories make her sad, but she refuses, saying that she loves her grandfather still, and treasures this house. When she gets home, she finds Lance waiting for her outside the house; he notices how tired she looks and asks if something happened. She asks if she can talk about it and he laughs (his laugh is really cute………..), because why else was he standing right there? ww Eri talks about how her mother Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 10.21.13 pmnever — and still doesn’t — understood what kind of an existence her grandfather was to her, and Lance tells her it’s also partly because she’s weird and doesn’t think of objects as just objects; that’s why she was so upset about it. Eri notices for the first time that Lance understands her really well — then, Lance says that that’s why he was lucky, because this weirdo was his owner, and he asks again how much in terms of memories he’s worth to her. She tells him he’s an irreplaceable doll to him — except he’s not a doll now, and even if everything changes, she wants him to be by her side. He vows to do so, and even says ‘if you remember old things when you see me, then we’ll just have to create new memories.’(〃▽〃) Afterwards, he says to himself that Eri definitely doesn’t understand how uncertain he really felt, and how scared he is of turning back into a doll suddenly, but won’t ever say this to her because he doesn’t want to make her sad.;;;; We then flashback to when Eri first got Lance and is talking to her grandfather; she says she wishes for Lance to have a kind, warm heart. The next day at school, while practicing her lines, Lance won’t stop bothering her, mainly because he doesn’t want her to be a part of it at all, now that there’s a kiss scene. Red barges into class (for like the 5th time) and says they got permission to skip class to practice the last scene because Eri kept avoiding it, and they ended up not even practicing it once. Lance uses his role as an organiser as an excuse to ‘observe their rehearsal’ ww. At home, Lance comes in muttering ‘if she’s gonna lose it tomorrow I might as well…..’ and asks her if she really doesn’t mind that — Eri doesn’t understand and it takes a lot of asking before he agitatedly yells ‘I MEAN THE KISS.’ When she tells him she’s kinda scared, Lance gets really happy lol he tells her to immediately cancel and be sick tomorrow or something. He’s all ‘when I was still a doll you’d talk to yourself all the time about how you haven’t lost your first kiss — did you think I had forgotten?’ and gets called a stalker by Eri wwww. He tells her to meet him at 10am at the rooftop tomorrow and says to himself that he won’t let her first kiss get taken that easily, even if it’s a performance. She opens her diary to find just the world ‘Lance’ seems to be fading away, but she doesn’t really think about it. (oh no :oooo) We hear Nameless again, and he talks about about how it’s nearly time, and how the pieces are falling into place. 

Good end:

At the cultural festival, Soi drags Eri into lining up for Tei’s cafe, and the line is really really long, so she texts Lance saying she probably can’t make it to their 10am meeting.The line, however, takes even longer than she thought it would, and in the middle of it, Red drags Eri off to try on her costume. After she changes, Lance shows up all of a sudden panting and asks her why she didn’t answer her phone. Before she barely even has time to react, Lance pulls her into a changing room, tells her he won’t let her give her first kiss away, and kisses her there and then.ヽ(*゜∀゜*)ノ She gets mad at him for randomly showing up and doing this out of the blue — he then tells her to remove her clothes and Eri, misunderstanding, freaks out lol. Red comes into Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 11.11.51 pmthe room looking for her, but instead of Eri, he sees our Ice Prince come out…..wearing in Eri’s dress. Thank to how persistent he is, and also because it’s nearly time for the performance to start, Lance ends up replacing Eri as the heroine, while Red screams in a broken voice that he has to ‘ki….KISS……..’ (rip red lol im sorry this isn’t your route so) Turns out the show was a great success, and afterwards, Eri and Lance talk on the rooftop; Lance tells Eri that it was embarrassing, but he didn’t mind because he did it for her~ Turns out he also left a mark on her body while they were in the changing room??!!? Lance tells her he’ll be better than Red — better than any hero of justice, because he’s her prince. Eri tells him there was no need for them to fight from the very beginning; even if Red was special and only one of him existed, Lance’s creator blessed him with a beautiful heart. Lance gets called by the council, so Eri says she’ll look around while he’s gone, and maybe see Tei, Yuri or Yeonho’s performance/stall; Lance says that if she doesn’t answer his calls again, he’ll run to her and leave another mark, to which Eri responds with ‘are you a prince or stalker??’ The next morning, Tei comments that Lance has changed ever since he’s been with Eri, and he’s glad that she’s happy.;w;;; They have tests again soon, and Eri thinks to herself that whoever planned their schedule must be do-S wwwww. (if you read their texts on the side they’re actually so cute im dead he always tells eri she’s dense) They plan another study session, and Lance agrees to come along too; Yeonho can’t come, because it turns out his tarot card readings were so accurate during the festival, he does them after school too now ww. At their study session, Soi and Shinbi talk about how Lance and Eri are completely raburabu with each other and even dramatically say ‘my friend, I wish for your happiness’ LOL.

Back at home, Eri asks Lance if he thinks her friends will hate her if she tells them about her doll collecting hobby, and he tells her that they wouldn’t do that, because he can tell they really do love her as a friend; besides, she’s got him. \ (//v//) / That night Eri has a dream anyway that she tells Soi and Shinbi about her dolls and they isolate her, saying she’s strange. The next day at school, she gets park tickets again from Shinbi, who tells her to go with Lance. (once again soi cries bc she has no one to go with ww) Eri finally makes her decision and asks her friends to go somewhere with her after school — she brings them to a Crobidoll showroom, and Shinbi apparently feels some connection to one of them ww (soi even says ‘shinbi you look like yujin-sensei right now so stop with those eyes’ aha), while Soi is really impressed by how hot all the guys are lol. Afterwards, they go to Banjul to talk, and Eri admits that she actually owns 5, and really loves them. Soi suddenly looks closely at her with suspicious eyes…and asks if she was really a rich mistress pretending to be a normal person the whole time because the dolls are super expensive wwww Soi and Shinbi tell Eri they love her for who she is, and just dismiss it afterwards and order cake to Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 12.00.46 ameat it together. (ahaha I actually cried here because of how supportive her friends are……..) There was one part I really liked where, Eri was asked how it felt to have the dolls, and she said it was like having a new member in your family, and she was drinking candied lemon tea as she said this. ;v;;; Back at home, Lance comes into her room, and scolds her for not answering his messages ww in return for going on a ‘date’ with her friends, she now has to go on a date with him, and Eri thanks him for giving her the courage to tell her friends. Lance takes this chance and confesses his love for Eri~ He suddenly turns of the lights, pushes her down on her bed, and says he wants to put a mark on her and she’s like ‘with a kiss??’ but he tells her she’ll understand soon and that it’ll be proof that she’s his. ‘You can call my name if it gets hard for you. I want you to call my name for the entire night’ (oH MY GOD THIS GUY IS WORSE THAN YURI) Everything then fades to black, and we hear another mysterious conversation, presumably between the two figures you see at the very start of the game (I think one of them isNameless??) The conversation goes like this — ‘Congratulations, you’ve collected another piece.’ ‘The name of this piece, is ‘love for yourself.’ ‘This Lance doll didn’t love himself, did he?’ ‘Seems like it. Not that I can understand that. Because I love myself, a lot.’ ‘That’s true. To the point where it’s become a bit of a problem.’ ‘Well, what about you? Don’t you eat other people’s memories?’ ‘I don’t do that anymore. since it got boring.’ ‘Well, it’s got nothing to do with me. Anyway, we’ve finally got one of the pieces. We’re done here. let’s move on.’ (?????) Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 12.16.49 am

Back in the present, it’s finally winter break!! Eri’s got lots of date plans with Lance ww (and yeonho is sad because he can’t go with her ahaha) Lance keeps flirting with Eri in the middle of the house, and everyone just stares silently at them LOL. They go on their Christmas date to the amusement park, and it starts to snow, to which Eri comments is perfect for our ice prince haha. Eri talks about how it’s because she’s so happy right now, she’s scared that it’ll all disappear one day, but Lance tells her that if they do ever return to dolls one day, he wants her to find someone who loves her. Before going on the merry-go-round, he tells her to close her eyes, and he kisses her while saying, ‘I’ll always be by your side, my lady.’ キュ━(*´V`*)━ン After the ride, Lance makes fun of Eri for getting dizzy for just going on a merry-go-round, but like Yuri’s end, once again, Eri has suddenly vanished, and we hear Nameless laughing at the very end.

Bad ends:

Bad end 1: Broken Heart — After waking up from his fever, Lance tells Eri that Red is better suited for her, and says that if she’ll throw him away, he might as well have her break him now. He grabs her hand and won’t listen to anything Eri says, and so Tei comes in and separates them. The next morning, Eri finds out that Lance is now in a doll-like state, and won’t wake up. Red mentions something about a feather near him. The screen fades to black, and the writers completely break the fourth wall by having two mysterious people discuss this ending, and Nameless actually speaks to the player, saying we’re watching through Eri’s mind using a strange machine. Then both of them agree that they need for the game to continue, and that we can’t stop here. (I’m so confused but also very intrigued……)

Bad end 2: Accident — As long as you keep picking the wrong choices, Eri will end up performing in the show and has her first kiss taken by Red. That night, in her dreams, she’s back in the white place at the beginning of the game, with the two blurry figures. They talk about how there’s no point if ’she’ doesn’t come, and Nameless says he’ll give his soul, his everything to her when she does. Eri vaguely feels herself walking, and the next time she’s conscious, someone’s yelling at her to watch out, and she’s in the middle of a road in broad daylight. The last thing she hears is the sound of car tires and a voice saying ‘it’s your fault for not collecting the piece.’

Final thoughts:

I liked this route a lot!!!! I thought I’d get frustrated because it usually takes forever to ‘break’ the wall of kuudere characters ww but I unexpectedly enjoyed Lance’s route more than I thought I would. ^o^ (which is also why I ended up writing such a long review aha…///////) I think they did his character development really well, from not really knowing what he likes or dislikes because of his ‘conceptless’ design, to having his own personality (which turns out to be surprisingly bold lol) and loving the heroine in his own way — but throughout the whole thing, he’s still, you know, Lance ww. I also really could relate to the heroine because I’m very sentimental and touchy about throwing away things ahaha///// Also I think the CG artists really put effort into drawing him???? Like in Yuri’s route, some of the CGs looked a bit lazier than the others, but all the CGs in Lance’s route were all really pretty ww (the one in the classroom was so nice I actually stopped to admire it aha) The ‘Accident’ bad end was really kind of creepy, but I’m even more intrigued by these two mysterious figures now…!!

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 6.09.14 pm

look at how pretty his eyes are…(*´ー`*)

Also one thing I think is worth mentioning is Yeonho and Lance’s voice actors are really good at singing??? ww the ending song for their routes is a duet by the two of them and it’s really pretty I got kind of emotional listening to it after this route ahaha ;w;;;

Yeonho’s route is next aaaaaa yes I’ve been waiting for this (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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