Nameless: Yeonho

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Yeonho (cv. Do-hyeong Nam) is a second-hand doll Eri bought off the net, and is the one who everyone spoils and can’t hurt.(*´艸`*) He has a habit of affectionately calling the heroine ‘Master’, though she has to remind him to change that once they start school. I spent like 70% of the common route fawning over this tiny child so I was really excited for his route ww. (sorry it’s been a while aaaaaaa I actually have exams rn so I really shouldn’t be playing otoge ah a…)  

A few parts were added to the common route again; apparently Yujin-sensei made you his assistant because he can tell you treat the dolls and mannequins with a special care (oh no does this guy have tragic backstory too), and it seems that Lance might remember something from the past route???? because there’s one part didn’t come up in my older play throughs — when they’re alone together on the first day of school he says to her, ‘I have no idea why we’ve become human. Further more, to you, I still haven’t…’ and just stops talking there???? Also, the same day in class, Yeonho asks if he can sit next to Eri, but there’s someone already there usually. However, that person moves when he’s defeated by Yeonho’s puppy dog eyes LOL.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 2.08.38 amAfter her first trip to Banjul, Eri buys carrot cake for Yeonho, and he’s so happy he cries lol. ;v;;; At night, after she writes her diary, Nameless says, ‘Wow, you’ve written some interesting things. So you don’t want to part with them yet? Hmm, I see. It’s still alright, I won’t destroy your important memories. For now.’ (cREEP ALERT……) One day, Yeonho runs out in the middle of class, and Eri gets everyone to search for him after school. She gets really worried that he’s turned back into a doll or has gotten into some accident somewhere; she remembers that in the morning, he talked about hearing a cat or something, and when Eri sees a black cat wandering around, she follows it and finds him in an alleyway. (apparently he can talk to animals and see ghosts?? idk lmao) He apologises for disappearing and hugs Eri — she thinks about how she doesn’t want to ever go back to a house with no one in it, and only silence.;;; Turns out the cat’s owner died recently, and that night, she and Yeonho wish on the stars for the cat to be happy. Yeonho mentions that there’s really no point in wishing on stars, but it’s something people believe in, which Eri finds to be something out of character for him to say. In the end, the owner of Banjul takes John in ^^

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look at how cute these eggs are aaaaaaaaa(///v///)

The next day, during lunch break, Eri sees Yeonho, but doesn’t approach him because of the swarm of fangirls around him. After she leaves, Yeonho sadly notes that the crowd put Eri off from talking to him. (lmao there’s one part in class where Lance starts laughs on the side when Soi says something dumb really loudly wwww) Soi helps both Eri and Yeonho install Twitter on their new smartphones from Yuri, and they follow each other; Eri comments on Yeonho is really excited about being friends with them on Twitter as if he’s a grade school kid ww. After school, he tweets ‘After eating ice cream, I’ll be going home.’, and Eri laughs because it basically sounds like he’s just reporting to her. At night, Yeonho comes into her room and sighs when he notices that she’s sleeping at the table without a blanket again. He then tells her he loves her, and asks for Eri to say by his side and understand these feelings of his (I cAN FEEL THE YANDERE) We flashback to Yeonho’s past owner, who apparently left marks on him when he ‘did something bad’. In the morning, Eri wakes up to her phone ringing; turns out Yeonho sent her like 7 messages in a row saying he made her eggs in the shape of a bunny.(* ≧ v ≦)Yeonho says he couldn’t post it on Twitter because it’s their secret, but Eri’s like ??? what secret it’s just breakfast. Red and Lance are arguing early in the morning again, and Yuri threatens to drive only Eri to school if they take too long to get ready. Tei tells them that probably wasn’t a joke and Eri immediately tells everyone to leave ASAP haha. When Red says he wants to sit next to Eri (mainly because Lance holds back on throwing things at him when she’s near wwww) Yeonho gets mad and tells him he’s going to sit

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 2.09.01 amnext to Eri today, tomorrow, and every day from now on. Eri notes that he’s almost like a child who refuses to let go of his toy, and even Tei is looking worriedly at him. (which is really saying something since he’s supposed to be the main yandere in this game lmao) Some Yeonho fangirl buys him a picture book and gives it to him that day at school, and Eri thinks that no matter how childish he looks, that’s a bit much. Eri decides to stop going to the cafeteria since there are so many people (thanks to HOT5), so she starts buying lunch and eating it in the empty classroom instead. This only causes Yeonho to stick with her in the classroom. He declines her offer to share her lunch because he says he’s not hungry, but Eri says she’ll be worried if he gets sick from not eating, and forces him to take the chopsticks in his hand. He echoes her words “If I get sick…Master will be worried?” (…yeonho………) He then shows Eri a page from the book he got, and when she sees the merry go round in the book, Eri remembers when she went to the amusement park with her grandfather as a child. She talks about how she never really got to go as as a child, because her parents weren’t here and her grandfather was a bookworm, but there was one time he actually brought her and she’s never forgotten it since. Yeonho and Eri decide to go together and ride the merry go round. (he gets super duper excited waaaa what a cute) Before break time even ends, Yeonho gets dragged away by jealous fangirls again sigh — Soi gives her a word of advice and tells her to be careful because the jealousy of a woman is to be feared ww. That night, Tei and Yeonho come home together as they were both at Banjul. Apparently Yeonho’s brought her the same carrot cake she gave him in the past, and Eri gets really embarrassed when he tries to feed it to her ww. Out of the blue, Yeonho asks Eri ‘if he’s a good kid’. She tells him everyone loves Yeonho, including her, and that she’s really happy and surprised that he bought her cake. Yeonho gets so touched he starts to cry www while crying he tells her he’ll work hard to be good — then he says in a small voice, ‘If it’ll make Master smile, it’s okay even if I’m broken or burned.’

At the beginning of the next chapter, we flashback again to Yeonho’s previous owner, who I’ve decided is literally the creepiest little girl ever. When Yeonho doesn’t ‘return her gaze’, she tells him he’s a bad boy, and that he’s betrayed her. (what??????) Back in the present, Yeonho’s been buying her cake from Banjul every single day……….he’s also been sending her texts of what he’s doing (no matter what it is). He always comes home late at night nowadays. On a Saturday morning, Yeonho tells Eri there’s a place he wants to bring her, and she follows him. Turns out he found the amusement park she used to go to, and brought her there; he already has tickets, it seems. They go on the merry-go-round, and Yeonho whispers to himself that Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 2.09.03 ambecause it’s a place of Eri’s memories, he likes it too. When they go to buy food, he refuses to take Eri’s money, and Eri wonders where his money even came from. As he goes off to buy stuff, she hears a couple bantering over which ride they should go on, because they want to ride different things, and Eri thinks herself that that’s the norm, while Yeonho just agrees to anything she wants to do. She comments that Yeonho should be a little bit more selfish, and it’s as if there’s an invisible wall around him. When asked if he’s having fun at home and at school, he says of course he is, because he’s with his master; Eri knows his smile isn’t a lie, but something still feels wrong. She then asks if he wants to go on a roller coaster, and he goes with her, but afterwards his whole face is pale and it turns out he was really scared of it lol. Eri gets mad when Yeonho desperately apologises for getting in the way of doing what Eri wants him to do, and they go home instead. She doesn’t want Yeonho to have to sleep on the sofa even when he feels sick and so brings him to her room — he keeps apologising for not being good enough, and Eri tells him he hasn’t been resting enough, since he comes home late but wakes up early to make her breakfast etc. etc. After he falls asleep, Eri goes to write her diary and just falls asleep with her head on the table. At night, Yeonho talks to her while Eri’s asleep, saying he’ll be good for her. (…….ok)

We flashback to when Eri first got Yeonho, second-hand from an auction, and he’s covered in dust, and she wonders how badly his old owner must’ve treated him. Eri wakes up on the next morning to Yeonho’s face really close to her’s and he says he wanted to switch up the way he woke her up or something lmao. She checks her phone and the last text he sent her was from an hour ago, on how he was going to come and wake her up if she didn’t reply within the next 3 min or something, and Eri wonders if he’s been here for an hour already, but quickly abandons that thought lol. Yeonho says he likes watching her sleeping face and Eri blushes when she thinks about how she probably slept with a really ugly expression LOL. Red suddenly comes in and asks why Yeonho went in to wake her up, and never came back out, and he’s all ‘Oh you’re awake? I almost thought you kicked Yeonho in your sleep or something’ which causes him to receive a pillow from Eri in the face wwww. Though she overslept, the food is still warm; apparently Yeonho heat it up for her again, and even offers to make it again if she doesn’t like it. He sticks really close to her, and tells her she’s cute even when she’s eating — everyone complains and tells Yeonho that if he sticks this close to her, he’s making her life harder instead. Yeonho apologises to Eri but tells the others they’re just jealous Eri likes him the most. Suddenly, Tei sighs, and the atmosphere gets really weird, so Red changes up the topic by announcing that he’s going to be part of the school show, as the main character. Lance decides he has to leave now, so Yuri tells everyone to hurry up and get ready so they can go. There’s only one umbrella left to be used between Yeonho and Eri, which Yeonho’s fine with, but Tei offers his umbrella, and says he doesn’t need it; Yeonho slaps it away, and says he wants to use the same umbrella as Eri (there’s literally no light in his eyes in the sprite here SOS)

They walk towards the bus stop together under the same umbrella, and Yeonho says he’ll protect Eri from every thing that tries to hurt her — ‘Master, there’s nothing to worry about. You just have to look at me.’ Eri notes that even the others have begun notice that Yeonho’s become strange. As the bus comes, so Eri runs ahead to catch it, and Yeonho says to himself behind her, ‘it’s fun to be with everyone else too, but I want Master to only look at me.’ At school, Yeonho completely ignores all his fangirls, and just fawns over Eri, doing things like pulling out her chair, and asking what she’s having for lunch; even the teacher gets mad at him because he won’t pay attention in class, and just looks at Eri. After class, Yeonho goes off somewhere, Soi and Shinbi talk to Eri about how he’s just talking a lot to her, and that he’s forgotten even basic manners lol. When Eri asks what she can do about it, Soi says she should put some distance between them, and asks her to study with them at Banjul after school, since Yeonho is on cleaning duty; her spoiling him will only make things worse. They ask Lance to come along, but he quickly rejects aha — when Yeonho finds out he can’t go because of cleaning duty, he stops talking at all, and at the cafe, Yeonho just texts her nonstop and she learns from the manager that Yeonho worked there for a while in the past to buy some sort of tickets; Tei apologises for not telling her and says it was because Yeonho begged him not to. It starts raining again Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 2.09.04 amoutside, and worried, Eri goes to find Yeonho. She finds him standing outside the school, drenched in rain, and has a fever, so Eri hurriedly brings him home on a taxi. (????wtf was he doing lol) At home, Eri puts Yeonho in her bed; when he tells her it’s cold, she asks if she should get a thicker blanket for him, but he asks her to stay and hugs her when she does. Eri notices he has scars all over his arms and that they look as if someone did them on purpose as a sign, while he promises to do whatever Eri tells him to. She apologises for leaving him alone that day, and he tells her that he never wants to be thrown away again; after he falls asleep, she tells him that she won’t go anywhere, and so she wants him to live more for himself, and not her.

In the morning, he tells her he’s completely fine now, and that he heard what she told him last night — he says he’s going to work hard to become a man suitable for her, tells her they’re going to school together, and goes to make breakfast. Eri feels that he’s gotten more mature all of a sudden; we flashback to Eri refusing to let her mum throw away an old toy, and says that a new one would be different, to which her mum just can’t understand. The younger Eri thinks to herself, ‘I made a promise. That’s why, I’ll never throw it away.’ Back in the present, Eri thinks about how though Yeonho doesn’t ignore fangirls anymore, he always rejects their offers, as if he’s trying to be kind only to Eri. Soi comments that he’s now mini Ice Prince ww — for some reason, Yeonho is really kind to Eri’s friends too. Shinbi looks over at all the food the fangirls offered him, and the only thing contribution she makes to this conversation is that she wants the food (god I love this girl so much) Somehow, thanks to Yeonho helping the leader of the Supernatural Research Club get rid of an ‘old man’, he’s now being asked to perform tarot card readings at the school festival and to join the Supernatural Research Club. Eri’s a bit surprised that she knew nothing about this until now, as Yeonho used to report everything to her. Though Yeonho had originally planned to reject the offer because he wanted to be with Eri during the festival, Eri and her friends say that it’d probably fit him, and for Eri, he decides to do it. That night, at home, her mother calls and says they can’t come to see her any time soon, and she thinks about how this always happens with her parents. Yeonho then comes in asking for help as he’s revising, and so they revise together — the next day, it’s test day!!!! (i really….don’t want to see those words right now lol) Soi’s so traumatised by the test she starts talking like a machine omg ww. After school, the five guys meet Eri at the gates by chance, and Red forgets they’re not meant to be living together, and is all LET’S GO HOME!!! and Lance throws a book at his head LMAO. Red doesn’t get what’s going on until the very end, and Eri and Yeonho decide to leave first aha. To celebrate the end of exams, they have a huge chicken party together~ Her mum calls all of a sudden, and tells her they’re in Korea because there’s a seminar nearby, and invites her to dinner right that moment lol. Yeonho tells her he’ll worry if she comes home too late, and she promises to buy him ice cream when she gets back. At the dinner, her parents tell her of a time when her grandfather bought her a doll, and even when it got really old, she refused to throw it away; for some reason, Eri has no memory of this. She ends up having a really good time with her parents, and by the time she gets home, it’s nearly midnight.Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 2.09.06 am

When she gets out of the taxi, Yeonho’s there, and keeps mumbling the word ‘Master’ over and over again, he tells her he was afraid she’d never come back again. (god why must you do this to my precious child) He asks her what he should do, because Eri has lots of things important to her, but to him, the only important thing is her, his master. ‘I tried. I tried my best to be an existence you wouldn’t throw away. But I’m not enough, am I? Because when Master’s called by her family, she’ll go. I can’t even be better than a relative who’s already passed away!’ He says a lot about how he wants to be like family to her, to be important, to engrave himself in her heart, so that she’ll love him even when she dies. Yeonho grabs Eri’s arms and places her hand on his heart, and says that he’s even willing to offer his heart if she wants, and asks what he can do to be a part of her family. Eri has a super long monologue where she thinks about what she can do to make him feel at ease, and in the end she tells him she doesn’t want anything from him. When Yeonho starts crying because he thinks this means that she’s planning on throwing him away, she hugs him and says he’s given her enough already. Eri tells him about the doll that she forgot about, even though her parents told her she loved it as a kid, and says that she’s different now, and Yeonho Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 2.09.07 amwas the one who helped her realise that. Seeing Yeonho ask her not to throw him away and not to leave him, she realised that she wants to protect him; Yeonho bursts into tears, and she stays like this with him until he stops crying. ♥ ♥ She thinks to herself that they’re going to be together forever from now on, and Nameless suddenly cuts her off and says, ‘You think you’ll be together forever? That’s just a pretence. I’m not an idiot who’ll believe promises that are said. If there’s something you want, you have to take it by force. That’s what you taught me.’ (bro you’re ruining every single cute moment lmao get out)

In another flashback, Yeonho says he really was excited to see who his owner would be when he was first introduced. But it turns out Yeonho’s owner is a girl who quickly changes her mind about who she likes to play with or something, and when her mother doesn’t let her buy a dress for her dolls, she decides to put Yeonho, who has no idea what’s going on, on auction. Back in the present, Soi’s super stressed out about cultural festival preparations, while Shinbi is just getting her fangirls to do all the work for her LOL. Yeonho’s getting taught how to do tarot card readings, and says he’s gotten pretty good at it. Eri explains that after she fixed things with Yeonho, they went back inside the house, and Tei was there — the only thing he did was pat Yeonho’s head and say, ‘good luck.’ (that’s actually really cute help) After that, Yeonho’s went back to being normal thank god. He tells her he wants to bring her to see an old man who’s been helping him — and that he lives in a telephone pole, which makes Eri suspect that this old man isn’t exactly human. As they walk, Yeonho jokes around with her, and Eri thinks to herself that this part of him has changed; he’s now a lot more honest and shows a lot of different emotions, instead of staring at her face and attending to her every need. As she’s thinking about this, she nearly trips over, but luckily Yeonho’s there to help her; for the first time, she begins to think of Yeonho as a man, and not a weak tiny child wwww. To make sure she doesn’t fall again, Yeonho makes Eri hold his hand~(*´艸`*) Turns out the man helping Yeonho with his fortune telling was a ghost lol.

On the way to the cultural festival, Eri buy a new notebook to use as her diary, because recently, all the diary entires have been kind of blurry, as if they’re being erased. She goes to Yeonho’s stall, where apparently the old man ghost from the other day is helping him. She tells him she has no interest in the romance-related fortunes, since she doesn’t have a boyfriend anyway. At this, Yeonho nervously asks if Eri doesn’t want to find a boyfriend and hides his blushing face under his hood wwwwwww Eri says no one’s really asked her, especially since her best friends are people like Soi and Shinbi (yeah tbh I want to date these two instead) Yeonho then blurts out ‘What about me? Am I not good enough?’ — he takes back his words of wanting to become family and says he wants them to be more. Suddenly, some random rude girl comes in, and tells Eri to gtfo because she’s come a long way to get her fortune told. Yeonho’s shocked when he sees this girl’s face, and runs away while Eri chases after him. She finds Yeonho on the rooftop, who won’t stop saying things like ‘Please don’t throw me away, I’ll be good, I’ll only look at master, so please, don’t throw me away…!’ (pOOR CHILD HOW BAD IS THIS TRAUMA OF HIS) Yeonho says the customer from just now looked a lot like his past owner. Though she wasn’t kind, his past owner laughed a lot, and would always promise Yeonho to never leave him, and be with him forever. He talks about how even when she began to blame him for strange things,Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 2.09.10 am like how he was looking away from her, or how she didn’t like his body, and hurt him, he put up with it all, because he wanted to be a ‘good boy’. Yeonho says he was okay with all the wounds increasing because he thought that if he kept looking at his owner, one day his owner would look back at him, and would see how good he really was; even when his place was taken by another doll, even when she threw him across the room in anger when her parents argued, he accepted it all. ;;;;;;; He kept waiting for the day his owner would realise how much he loved her, but one day, he was put in a box, and only realised when the house was far away that he had been abandoned. (this game makes me feel bad for every single toy I’ve ever owned oh my god I’m so sorry please forgive me o<—<) He thought everything was over, that the box he was in would never be opened again; and he vowed that if he was given a second chance, he would do his best not to be thrown away again.

Good end:

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 2.09.11 amYeonho tells Eri that she was his light, and he really did want to make her his, and that he was caught up in his past the whole

time. Eri hugs Yeonho, and thanks him for everything he’s done — she tells him that though it felt as if it a bit much at times, she knew he was treating her with care. She tells him she doesn’t want them to be family and though he was uncertain, she was glad that it was him by her side, and that she got to see the weaker parts to him too. ‘I want to be happy with you. And not as family.’ He tells her he understands, and that he’s been watching her this whole time, because he truly loves her. ‘I want to become important to you. I want to protect you.’ (I feel like his voice is getting deeper and deeper…? lmao) He tells Eri he doesn’t care what their relationship is — he’s happy as long as he’s with her, and that he’ll treasure her more than anyone else in the world. And they kiss on the empty rooftop~

One morning, Yeonho texts her saying that if she doesn’t wake up soon, he’ll come and attack her ww Eri talks about how though he’s showing her a reliable side, he’s still the cute loveable Yeonho. Everyone compliments Yeonho for becoming more mature and reliable, when Yuri comes out wearing his face mask and is all ‘Are you guys serious????’ — at this moment, Yeonho tells Yuri he made food that’s good for the skin and Yuri suddenly takes everything he said back and tells Yeonho that he’ll welcome this change with open arms LOL. Then they talk about how it’s test period again, and Eri says ’The world should’ve ended back when the Mayans predicted it would.’ (me too eri, me too orz) When Tei tells her that Yeonho will cry if the world ends, because he won’t be able to see the one he loves, Eri spits her drink all over Lance HAHA and he says  ‘…is Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 1.43.10 amthis some new way of picking a fight with me…?’ At school, Soi tells Eri that apparently Yeonho’s now called the ‘dragon’, rather than ‘baby chick’ w. Eri thinks about it and realises that Yeonho’s probably been disappearing more during break times because of confessions; Soi tells her he’s been rejecting everyone with the same line (that makes soi totally fall in love with him ww) ‘I’m sorry, I already have a girl I want to protect for the rest of my life.’ When Yeonho comes back and asks what they’re doing, Shinbi dramatically says, ‘Don’t worry, Dragon. We’re just helping Eri realise the truth she’s turned her eyes away from.’ They all go to Banjul after school, where Tei’s working his shift; he mentions that even customers have been talking about Yeonho recently, and that maybe he should get a signature while he can ww. Soi and Shinbi are all ‘It’s like we’re sending out our son to get married to another family…’ ‘…Soi, isn’t it usually the girl who gets sent out?’ When the topic of an amusement park crops up, Yeonho asks Eri if they should go together, and she gets embarrassed because he literally asked her out in front of her friends. Shinbi completely ignores them and asks Soi if she can eat her cake instead, while Soi glares at Eri and says there’s no way she can eat cake in an atmosphere like this. Somehow, Eri’s forced to pay for everyone as a punishment and Shinbi takes this chance to order two more cakes wwwww. That night, as Eri writes her diary, she thinks about how she’s really looking forward to their date on Christmas. Before she goes to sleep, Nameless says ‘A merry-go-round never stops. Never.’ (can this mofo just let the girl go to sleep in peace geez)

At the amusement park, Eri notes that it’s full of couples, and they go to ride the merry go round together. There, they pick the carriage, and Yeonho escorts her, while saying ‘Well then, let’s go, my princess.’ (////v////) Eri talks about how she remembers her grandfather when she sees this merry-go-round, and Yeonho says that he’d like to meet Eri’s grandfather one day, to get Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 2.09.15 amhis approval. Yeonho tells her that she’s the most important to him, and just thinking about her fills his heart with joy — ‘I don’t want to give up on my happiness anymore. I’ll take good care of you. I’ll make you happy. I’ll look only at you, Master. I want to make memories with you that are even more beautiful than the ones you have with this merry-go-round.’ He kisses her and tells her he wants to be with her, and loves her, his precious owner, the most. ;v;;;; Afterwards, Yeonho goes to buy a drink; Eri thinks to herself about how happy she is, and hopes Yeonho comes back soon because there’s something she wants to tell him. (…’s coming yOU KNOW IT’S COMING) When he comes back, however, Eri’s nowhere to be seen. (what did I say lmao) At the very end, before the screen fades to black, Nameless says, ‘That’s why I said, didn’t I? A merry-go-round never stops…welcome back — I’ve missed you.’

Bad ends:

Bad end 1: ‘Unforgiven Doll’ — After their study session at Banjul, again, Eri goes to school, finds Yeonho with a fever in the rain, and brings him home. At home, while she takes care of him, all of a sudden Eri yanderes on Yeonho instead (lmao how the tables have turned) and tells Yeonho that it’s his fault for making her feel like this. She says that he’s her possession, her doll, and pretty much acts like his old owner does — the last thing we hear is Yeonho saying he’s scared. (?????????????????なにこれ)

Bad end 2: ‘Competitor’ — When Yeonho freaks out after dinner with her parents, she tells him she’ll be by his side forever to calm him down. She tells him that if she’s by his side forever, they’ll be just like family — at this, he whispers, ‘liar.’ Suddenly, as if he’s back to normal, Yeonho apologises, and says he was just anxious because she took a long time to get home. Eri thinks to herself if he was now okay, and if leaving it at this is okay. She goes to sleep but wakes up in the middle of the night to the feeling of someone’s hands around her neck. When she opens her eyes, Yeonho’s there, and he says he’s found the perfect way for them to be together forever. This is when she realises he’s actually about to kill her (his voice here was so scary……). Suddenly, Tei comes in saying ’So it ended up like this after all.’ and ‘You’re a failure.’ When Yeonho tells him not to get in his way, Tei tells him not to misunderstand, and that Eri’s the failure. He says he respected her as his owner, but it’s not fun if she’s going to get hurt so easily — and if she is, he’s got to be the one to do it. ‘It’s a waste if I let him have you, and you die so easily. Hurting this girl…is something only I can do.’ Eri panics, wishing this is all a dream, while Tei uses Yeonho’s original doll form to ‘put him to sleep.’ Tei says, ‘Ah, you’re good at acting aren’t you? Since you’re hiding your interest in dolls from people at school too. You’re going to pretend nothing happened tomorrow. Of course, you don’t have to pretend to like me, though. I don’t need that. As long as I can reach you, I don’t need anything.’  Eri is finally sure that this isn’t a dream when she feels Tei’s hand on her cheek. He tells her he’ll make sure she stays quiet, and the last thing Eri hears is the sound of metal rustling against something. (I WAS HONESTLY SO SCARED IN THIS ROUTE EVERYTHING WAS DARK AND BOTH OF THEIR VOICES WERE REALLY CREEPY please stop tei he’s like ruining lives in every single rout e)

Bad end 3: ‘Disappeared Yeonho’ — After Yeonho runs off at the school festival, Eri chases after him, but instead of going to the rooftop, she tries going home to see if he’s there instead. After that, she never sees him again, and Eri has no idea where he could be. (lmao ok that was so random I have no words)

Final thoughts:

Mmmmmmm I was actually a bit disappointed by this route??? I still love Yeonho a lot but idk I guess I was just expecting too much — I’m usually yandere trash and all but I didn’t really like Yeonho when he was in that MASTER I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU state aha///// Overall it was a really cute route though!!! Ah I also really liked how Eri was actually aware that Yeonho wasn’t uh ‘normal’ because usually otome game heroines have no yandere awareness lol but Eri actually knew and tried to do something about it, which I thought was really cool!!( ´ ▽ ` *) I’m not sure how he’s able to talk to animals and ghosts but then again we’re dating dolls in this game so I probably shouldn’t think too much about this lmao. The chicken party scenes with everyone just being dorks together were also super cute I really love the scenes where all of them are just bantering wwwww — oh another thing I’d like to mention is that the art style is kind of noticeably inconsistent like it’s not terrible but I feel like it’s quite obvious which CGs were drawn by the original character designer and which weren’t and it’s not drastically terrible or anything but idk it bothered me a bit I guess????? orz Anyway, I’ll be reviewing Tei’s route next so please do look forward to that~ 

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  1. Oh gosh after reading that bad ending I’m a bit scared for Tei’s route, lol I hope Eri doesn’t get too traumatized (`・/д\・) Anyways, I was wondering what your theories were so far? Especially on why she keeps disappearing and how her diary keeps getting smudged? Since it’s definitely the fault of a cheap pen like Eri originally thought hah ∗˚(* ˃̤൬˂̤ *)˚∗

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    • aaaaa I’m so sorry for the late reply!!!;v;;;;

      I actually finished the game quite a while ago (like soon after I wrote this post ^^;) but never got round to writing the posts…..and I lost the notes I wrote for red’s route/the epilogue;;;;;;; I think I’ll try to write the last 2 posts after my finals though!!! since I do still have my notes for tei’s route^-^ (which is just as terrifying as you suspect it is haha…….)


  2. Im feeling stupid. I can’t understand Yeonho’s “happy” end… Have the first doll stolen her? She is dead? Somebody help me ;-;


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