🌸 Otomate Party 2015 Announcements 🌸

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Hello!!!! Sorry I was dead for so long I spent my entire summer doing nothing but eating wwww I’m back now though!!

This year’s Otomate Party has come and gone again (cries there was a clock zero segment aaaaAAA) and a whole lot of new games have been announced!!!! I’ve actually seen quite a few posts about these games already but none that were too detailed, especially since the PVs came out//// These are more like announcement videos than PVs though so all the games just have bits and pieces of information floating about I’ll try to update this post as more stuff is released ><"

I've written out a translation for basically everything useful the videos give us (yes even the dramatic line the main guy says at the end of each one ww) hopefully it's helpful~ (^-^*)

There are two pages for new releases and one page for other stuff!! (FDs, ports, etc.) There's also a little section at the bottom of each page where I just ramble\o/


Art: Hanamura Mai (AMNESIA)
Producer: Shima Reiko (Clock Zero)
Director: Motegi Aya (Binary Star)

“The X-day cases are terrible, aren’t they?”
“They’re super scary! Since they’ve only been happening in Shinjuku, apparently it’s going to be listed as a danger zone!”
“Well, they have been occurring once every month. I wonder if a warning of murder will be released again.”
“Ah, you mean that thing?”

「 I will now announce the X-day. 」

Due to the newest X-day warning, the heroine who works as a police officer meets a number of men who are investigating the X-day incidents——

“Who put this collar on me?”


Vivid ideals. A shapeless justice. All is connected to regeneration.



Yanagi Aiji — cv. Morita Masakazu
Okazaki Kei – cv. Kaji Yuuki
Enomoto Mineo – cv. Saitou Souma
Sasazuka Takeru — cv. Namikawa Daisuke
Shiraishi Kageyuki — cv. Kimura Ryouhei

THE SCALES OF NIL ADMIRARI ~The Mysterious Story of Teito~
(ニル・アドミラリの天秤 帝都幻惑綺譚)
Art: Satoi (Diabolik Lovers, OZMAFIA!!)
Scenario writer: Katagiri Yuuma (Princess Arthur, Senjou no Waltz)

The Taishou era which lasted 25 years.
A world where words possess spiritual powers, and characters possess a soul.
The “Book of Pathos”, said to affect all those who read it. Do you believe in it?
Falling in love and coming to understand love.

This is the story of a young girl who lived within love.



Ozaki Hayato — cv. Kaji Yuuji
Kougami Akira — cv. Okamoto Nobuhiko
Hoshikawa Hisui — cv. Ousaka Ryouta
Ukai Shougo — cv. Kimura Ryouhei
Migiwa Shizuru — cv. Suzumura Kenichi
Sagisawa Rui — cv. Sakurai Takahiro


“Why did you keep quiet about it? You were hiding it from me, weren’t you.”


“0 — the number which tells of the beginning and the end.”

A modern wafuu fantasy.
When the time comes for the ten digits to gather, the seal will lead them towards their site of battle ——
The personifications of numbers between 1 – 10. The story surrounding the two main heroes. (#1 and #2)



#0 Reizaki Hiroka (heroine) — the number who should not exist

#1 Ichizono Ousuke — the prideful, boastful number
cv. Yusa Kouji

#2 Nitou Mitsu — the number who yearns for victory
cv. Nishiyama Koutarou


“If you’ll protect everyone else, then I’ll be the one to protect you…!!”


i’M SO EXCITED FOR COLLAR X MALICE I COULD CRY hanamura mai’s art + the director of clock zero that’s like my 理想コンビ I’M SO IN now we just need namidai voicing one of the guys wwwww. in other news I’m really glad otomate’s planned a lot more mystery-themed/darker storylines this year because that’s definitely my thing!!! (maybe it’s because psychedelica did pretty well~)

personally, if I had to choose between suuran digit and the nil admirari game I’d say I’m more interested in suuran at the moment……??? I’m not sure how it works really but the whole number gijinka thing sounds like a pretty cool idea and modern wafuu is always fun~ ^-^ though of course the heroine just has to be the ‘SPECIAL NUMBER ZERO THAT SHOULDN’T EXIST :oooooo’ lol. I’m interested in seeing what the other numbers will be like though!!!! as well as who their seiyuu are bc that’s always important wwww

nil admirari (that’s what I’m gonna call it from now on lolol) has an interesting concept but I’m just not as excited for things set in the past I guess >< also bc my knowledge on japanese history is extremely limited lmao as usual satoi's art is absolutely beautiful though;v;;;;; (also yasss kimuryou)

2 thoughts on “🌸 Otomate Party 2015 Announcements 🌸

  1. HYPERVENTILATES I’M SO EXCITED FOR SOME OF THESE OMIGOSH. MY BODY IS READY. Thanks for making such a great and detailed post about the upcoming games! I’m always so out of the loop since I fade in and out of the scene and blogging so often due to real life that it’s always nice to see these posts to help me through everything @o@ even after all these years I still suck at muddling my way through all the releases and upcoming titles!


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