BELIEVER! ~Introduction~


「 I’ll protect you. For that purpose, I must become stronger. 」

BELIEVER! is one of the D3P’s newly announced otome games for the PS Vita which will be released on December 17! It’s described as an ‘battle fantasy,’ and the art is by Kotori Kiichi. The information in this post is a combination of stuff from both the official site and Dengeki Girl’s Style. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ



「 Once in a thousand years, the door to a parallel world opens,
bringing strange beings into our world.

However, when this time comes and the world falls into chaos,
the legendary miko* and her guardians will be our saviours ーー 」

Following the prophecy that has been passed down for several thousand years in history, the door to a parallel world suddenly opens, and strange beings appear before a group of high-school students who had been living peaceful lives.

These students accept their fate — to become the miko and her guardians — and decide to fight in order to save their world.

*miko can mean a number of things, like a shrine maiden or a virgin but at this point I’m not sure what exactly it means so just assume it’s some sort of spiritual woman ww


(Girl’s Style)

The world is eroding away at the hands of strange beings. 

In the city of Salisbury, (which has somehow become some japanese city named 百日紅, ‘sarusuberi’ lol) the heroine Sonozaki Mia lives a peaceful, normal life. However, this normalcy is suddenly taken away when the door between the real world and a parallel world opens. From the opposite side of the door, beings which are clearly not human appear, and begin to target the heroine, a normal high-school student for a certain purpose.

When she finds herself in on the verge of death, she is saved by 5 students from the same school, each wielding their own weapon. And so, the heroine learns that it is their duty to protect her……


‘The door which opens once in a thousand years’

In the city of Salisbury, legend goes that a door to a parallel world will open once in a thousand years. Just according to the legend, the door opens — but will it really bring forth disaster?

The miko and her guardians

The miko and her guardians that the legend speaks of. The heroine leads a normal life, not knowing she is the legendary miko. On the other hand, the guardians known their whole lives that they are the miko’s guardians. While they all attend the same school in Salisbury and are acquainted with each other, they do not know of each other’s identities, until the day the door opens ——.

Beings from the parallel world

There are three levels in the hierarchy of the parallel world.

King — The king, Effenato, controls everything. He is attempting to take the heroine’s life, who was born as the miko.

The Four Heavenly Kings — Far stronger than the ordinary soldiers. Following orders from the King, they target the heroine.

Soldiers — Wear bug-like armour. Though they are not as strong as the Four Heavenly Kings, they possess much more strength than an average human.



Sonozaki Mia (園崎 みあ) — the legendary miko

‘I’m the miko……?
There’s no way that could be true!’


age: 17
year: high school 2nd year
weapon: none

A normal high school student. She has never thought of herself as the miko. Having lost her parents when she was a child, she is now living with Maikawa Omi, her childhood friend, and his family. (なんてベタな話だww) She wears the pendant that has been passed down within her family for generations. Mia’s mother passed away soon after giving her a certain letter — as a result, she doesn’t know what the letter is for and why it was given to her. 

She is a very honest, straight-forward person, and is known to be understanding and kind.


Kamishiro Kai (神代 海) — the ‘hot-blooded knight’ who lives for his duty
cv. Saitou Souma

‘I’m telling you, it’ll be okay!
I’ll protect you.’

age: 17
year: high school 2nd year
birthday: april 16
blood type: A
height: 174cm
weapon: bastard sword

Playful and passionate, he is what one would describe as ’someone who possesses a youthful heart’, and is a hero-like existence. He would never betray those he cares for. He acts as soon as he thinks of something, and never plans ahead. Though he is honest, he has a very naïve way of thinking.

He was raised his whole life knowing that it was his duty become the miko’s guardian one day. As a result, he is more determined than anyone else to protect the miko.

Whenever he throws himself into battle to protect the heroine, the presence of the ‘other him’ can be felt. This existence has a very different personality, and only appears when he is fighting……

is it just me or does he looks much younger in his sprite compared to all the other promotional art???(^∇^;) also I bet his other side is going to be something like ‘oh im a reincarnation of *insert legendary knight dude* now my passion to protect u has been explained’ lolol


Teshigawara Ren (勅使河原 錬) —the ‘kaiser’ who resists against fate
cv. Ishikawa Kaito

‘This is why I hate stupid people.’

age: 17
year: high school 3rd year
birthday: december 12
blood type: O
height: 184cm
weapon: pistols (dual wield)

Though he is intelligent, he is not always serious, and has an erotic side. He is always at the top of the school year. He acts based on theory and logic, and it’s hard to tell what he’s thinking. He is usually cool, and will look down on you. However, he will show his gentle smile to those he has let his guard down to. (if u try hard enough u will literally be able to sense me rolling my eyes)

Though he has been tasked with the duty of protecting the miko, due to the certain negativity he feels during battle, he is unable the pull the trigger on his pistols. It seems that this has something to do something that happened in the past……

god i hate characters who look down on everyone else aaAAAAAAA maybe his moe ‘gentle smile’ can change what i think lolol


Maikawa Omi (舞川 臣) — ‘the strongest man’ (furigana above spells ‘berserk’)
cv. Aoi Shouta

‘Saying something like that — hey, do you know who I am?’

age: 17
year: high school 2rd year
birthday: june 24
blood type: O
height: 167cm
weapon: halberd

The heroine’s childhood friend. Ever since the heroine lost her parents, the two of them have been living under the same roof. He places the heroine as first priority, even before himself, and will not hesitate to go against anyone who tries to hurt her. Though his face is cute, he’s scarily strong. In contrast to his appearance, he has a very manly personality, and his resolve is never shaken. He can be very thorough and caring. His love for pancakes and macarons is unrivalled. (i can relate to this on a spiritual level wwww)

On the same day the door to the parallel world opened, his parents disappeared. When he learns that it is the beings from the other world that took them away, he chooses to go and face them……


Takanashi Kyou (高梨 響) — the ’determined archer’ (furigana spells ‘sniper’) who hears a figureless voice
cv. Suzuki Yuuto

‘I’ve already decided that I’ll protect you.’

age: 16
year: high school 1st year
birthday: may 10
blood type: B
height: 185cm
weapon: bow and arrow

Though he looks tame, on the inside, he’s a ‘carnivore’…however, he’s not used to being around girls, and is extremely shy. While he’s younger than all the other guardians, he’s very serious and always well-prepared. Though he’s passionate in his heart, he never shows it. His cool side makes him seem quite mature at times. Though he wants the heroine to see him as a man, he’s never sure what to do, and is troubled by this.(he looks like ichigo hitofuri i can’t unsee this help)

For several months, he’s heard a mysterious voice that no one else seems to notice. This voice speaks out to him. He had no idea where this voice was coming from. However, the day the door opens, he discovers the source of this voice…… 


Inami You (伊波 遊) — the ‘punisher of love’ who performs his sorrowful duty
cv. Umehara Yuuichirou

‘It’s fine, right? Just spend the night with me.’

age: 18
year: high school 3rd year
birthday: april 3
blood type: AB
height: 178cm
weapon: whip (…………………)

His main interest is hitting on girls. As he is kind to girls, he is popular among girls within the school. Though he’s usually flirty, once he’s serious about a girl, he’ll only look at her. As he is serious when the situation calls for it, his friends deeply trust him. While he is always confident, his complicated past has caused him to strive to prove his own worth to himself — as a result, his mental balance can be unstable at times.

He believes that his past is something no one should ever know about, and has an inferiority complex. It seems that his birth has something to do with the parallel world…….


honestly I’m not really sure what to think about the game right now orz the art is really pretty and there’s a bunch of good seiyuu (umehara!!!!!) but I’ve never played anything by d3p so I’m not sure if they can be trusted lolol (I keep forgetting I actually own a vita now so I can actually play these games and therefore have to think about things like this ww) the plot sounds quite exciting actually haha usually otome games don’t focus on saving the entire world so I’m really interested in how the ‘battle fantasy’ aspect will play out wwww

I’m not sure why they need to introduce every single guy’s ‘problem’ though, because isn’t finding that out the whole point of playing the game?? especially since a few of them already sound quite predictable and dumb (or maybe I’m just being too skeptical????? ahaha) I guess the source of my worries comes from the fact that the characters seem to have quite cliche personalities…….I’m especially worried the heroine will be a dead log and whiny and have to be protected 24/7 because the phrase they saw best fit as her introductory quote is ‘HOW COULD I POSSIBLY BE THE MIKO NO WAY’ …………(ノ_ _)ノ if I had to pick though I’d say that I’m most interested in omi and kyou right now!!^-^ pretty boys♡キュン

I remember being warned on twitter that d3p’s game systems can be hell, but hopefully BELIEVER! won’t be like that( ´ ▽ ` ;) this is one of their many new releases under the official otome label of d3p and their most recent release, vamwolf cross, has pretty terrible ratings on amazon right now (ALSO THERE’S AN ACTUAL PART OF THE SYSTEM CALLED ‘SADISTIC TIME’ LOL apparently they included some weird 3d thing into the game that everyone hated ah a) so I’ll probably wait until reviews on this game come out, or at least until there’s a pv explaining the system and whatnot before deciding if I should play this or not ^^” no matter how much I complain though, I was actually excited enough about this to write an entire post on it so it really depends on how well they execute the game because I’m actually perfectly fine with the world and characters so far ww 

also kyou’s shoes are just…..

everyone else has normal shoes gdi kyou get your shit together wwwwww

「 There’s no need to worry. Protecting you is our duty. 」 

5 thoughts on “BELIEVER! ~Introduction~

  1. Hmmmm a lot of ppl are pretty excited for this but now that I see more about what this is, I’m conflicted. I really want a fantasy, action adventure otome like this but so far that cast sounds like heaps of ANGST. I mean, Omi sounds like he actually has reason to have this, but the others? Nope!


      • ahaha I’ve still got a couple years of hs left but I think I’ve done a good job keeping away from drama so far\o/ (平和な高校生活を送りたいだけよ……;v;;;)

        oh I’ve heard of sweet fuse but I’ve never played(^-^;) sounds like my type of game from your description tho!!! ww

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