The Scales of Nil Admirari ~Introduction~

nil admirari

「 This is the story of a girl who lived within love. 」

The Scales of Nil Admirari ~The Mysterious Story of Teito~ (ニル・アドミラリの天秤 帝都幻惑綺譚 Nil Admirari no Tenbin Teito Genwaku Kitan) is a PS Vita game by Otomate, and is slated for a 2016 release!! The art is by Satoi (Diabolik Lovers, OZMAFIA!!) while the scenario writer is Katagiri Yuuma. (Princess Arthur, Senjou no Waltz)

nil admirari (latin): to be surprised by nothing

It seems that the story is set in a ‘different’ version of the Taishou era that lasts for 25 years?? There also seems to be a recurring theme of birds in this lol literally every single character has a bird somewhere in their name ww


A girl, the daughter of a noble family who was raised with care.

The heroine, living with her beloved family. However, due to a major catastrophe that occurs in the imperial capital, they are forced to live under extremely tough conditions. To protect her family, she decides to marry into the family of a man she has never met. However, unable to agree to this arrangement, her younger brother Hitaki requests for her to rethink this decision.

The chain of misfortune that this girl faces.

After an argument with Hitaki over her arranged marriage, he commits suicide in a fire before the heroine — in his hands is an old wa-toji* book that he had found within the house. The heroine being the one to suffer the most damage from her brother’s death, she believes herself to be the reason behind his suicide. Then, a group of people who call themselves the ‘Fukurou’ (owl) appear before the heroine. They claim the reason behind Hitaki’s suicide as the work of the ‘Maremono.’

(*old Japanese method of binding books)

The girl steps foot into the darkness of the imperial capital.

Triggered by Hitaki’s death, the heroine gains the ability to see the ‘Aura’ that dwells within the Maremono Having found out the existence of the Maremono, she decides to make use of her power and atone for causing her brother’s death by working for the Fukurou. However, the world beyond her house — a birdcage she’s lived in all her life — is a dark world of betrayal and ulterior motives ———


Teikoku Office for the Management of Information and Assets, aka ‘Fukurou’

Split into the ’search team’ and ‘research team’, the Fukurou are in charge of the collection and conversation of the Maremono. As their symbol depicts an owl, they became known as the Fukurou. 

Main jobs:

  • Finding shops that keep wa-toji books, searching for Maremono and collecting them
    (do they just raid random book stores?????? eh)
  • Research and conservation of the collected Maremono
  • Investigating the cases and incidents related to the Maremono

Search team: 

In charge of collection. They go through the shops within Tokyo that keep books and check to see if there are any Maremono.

Research team:

In charge of inspection. They look into the Maremono and depending on its contents, may make transcripts for further research purposes.

Maremono: ‘Books in which emotions and memories dwell’

The Maremono which greatly influence those who have read them. This strange phenomena only occurs in handwritten scrips that were written with a special thought behind it.

Since a long time ago, it has been said that ‘words possess spiritual powers, and characters possess a soul.’ It seems that Maremono has something to do with the strength of people’s thoughts.

Aura: the Maremono’s mysterious light

Maremono give off a light called an ‘Aura’, and it differs based on the strength of the emotion that dwells within the book. Though most humans cannot see Aura, some who have experienced a strong mental shock can gain the ability to see it.

Other Organisations

The Karasu (crow):

Those who have been auctioning Maremono off on the black market. It seems that the Maremono they are in possession of are able to provide a feeling of euphoria. (they can get high off books what a time to be alive) It also appears that there have been a number of deaths caused by these Maremono.
The Fukurou must gather evidence in order to prove the Karasu guilty. However, the Karasu are very manipulative, and leave no trace of their crimes behind.

The Kagutsuchi (Japanese god of fire):

Those who have been burning all the wa-toji books they find. Witnesses claim that the members are young students, but no one has been able to prove this.



— Fukurou: Search Team —

1The one who changes
Kuze Tsugumi (久世 ツグミ)

‘If I leave the house and work……
in the very least, I’ll be able to earn enough money to live on my own, I think.’

18 years old.
The daughter of the noble Kuze family that has begun to fall. Cheerful and intelligent, she has a very warm personality. However, she blames herself for the suicide of her younger brother, which Tsugumi’s arranged marriage seemed to have been the reason behind.
Because she was like a mother to her younger brother, sometimes, she just can’t leave people alone, and will try to help them.

tsugumi (鶫) = dusky thrush

2The one who enforces justice
Ozaki Hayato (尾崎 人)

‘They say I’m rude, but
it’s better to be blunt than a liar, right?’

cv. Kaji Yuuki

23 years old.
A leader-like existence within the Search Team, he possesses a strong sense of justice. However, because he always speaks his mind, he easily ends up gives others the impression that he is a violent or rude person.

(is it just me or do all the main guys drawn by satoi give off the same vibe wwww)

haya (隼) = peregrine falcon

3The one who’s trapped
Kougami Akira (上 滉)
cv. Okamoto Nobuhiko

‘I understand the situation.
However, there’s no need for us to take responsibility for that much, is there.’

20 years old.
Though he takes his job very seriously, he always draws the line at developing relationships with other people, and does not involve himself with anyone outside of work.

kou (鴻) = oriental stork


4The one who yearns for love
Hoshikawa Hisui (星川 翡翠)
cv. Oosaka Ryouta

‘There’s no need to worry.
I’ll stay by your side until you’re used to this.’

16 years old.
Well-mannered and polite, he takes on the role of scolding the blunt Hayato.
However, he also seems to dislike women. Because a special power awakened within him, he joined the Fukurou.

hisui (翡翠) = kingfisher


— ‘Outsiders’ — 

5The one who’s wounded
Ukai Shougo
(飼 昌吾)
cv. Kimura Ryouhei

‘I’m a busy person, I don’t have
the time to deal with your nonsense.’

18 years old. Law student at the imperial university.
Proud son of Japan’s prime minister. Due to a certain incident, he is staying at the Fukurou’s living quarters. However, unused to this new lifestyle, he is always in a bad mood. 


u (鵜) = cormorant 

6The one who’s lost his way
Migiwa Shizuru (汀 紫)
cv. Suzumura Kenichi

‘Wait! Don’t be like that.~
The sun’s begun to set, so why don’t you join me for a cup of tea in a cafe?’

24 years old. Author.
While he is a player, he is quite well-known as an author, especially for the tragedies he has written.
Due to a certain reason, he had to rely on connections and received permission to stay in the Fukurou’s living quarters.

tsurumaru (鶴) = crane

7The one who seeks the truth
Sagisawa Rui (澤 累)

cv. Sakurai Takahiro

‘You’re easy to talk to,
it doesn’t feel as if we’ve only just met.’

20 years old. Med student at the imperial university.
Working at a part-time job in between his studies, he is a calm med student. (what med student has time for baito wwww) He is often reading in cafes or the library, and meets the heroine by coincidence. 

sagi (鷺) = heron

— Others — 

8Kuze Hitaki (久世 ヒタキ)
cv. Murase Ayumu

‘I’ll make you pancakes everyday!’
(OH NOOOO HE’S SO CUTE( ♡ ´д`)モエェ)

The heroine’s brother who committed a mysterious suicide. The contents of the old book he was holding as he died is unknown.
He loved books, and was a big fan of Migiwa Shizuru. As his parents were often away from home, his older sister was like a mother to him, and was the one who loved him the most.

hitaki (鶲) = flycatcher


lol I know I said I wasn’t really interested in this game but I saw the scans and the plot actually seems pretty cool so here I am~☆ as expected, satoi’s art is beautifu!l!!! the story only explains the events prior to the actual story……so I don’t really know how to feel about it ^^” it does seem promising though!! all the characters are vERY GOOD LOOKING GDI SATOI DONT DO THIS TO ME I HAVE NO MONEY(((((((*ノノ)イヤン at the same time the descriptions make the characters sound like a gathering of the standard otome tropes I guess but in the end it all depends on how well they write them\o/ dibs on the one voiced by Sakurai\(▽ \*))

I’m guessing the routes will be split largely into two because of how they seem really big on placing the characters in either the fukurou side or the outsiders side ww hopefully the official site will open soon!!! I’ll update this post then~(*・∀・)/

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