7’scarlet ~Introduction~



「 The moon sheds light on the truth of this town. 」

7’scarlet is another game by Otomate to be released on July 21st!! The original story is by TOYBOX, while the art is by Kurahana Chinatsu (Utapri).


A disappearance that occurred in an isolated town.
A terrifying myth becomes a murder case, filling the entire town with confusion.
Who can be trusted? Who is the murderer——?

In the end, that flower they discover……what colour is it?


Summer break———
A town enclosed by nature: Okune-zato.
A year ago, in this town, her older brother suddenly vanished.

This town, its shape resembling that of a crescent moon, and is known for being the source of all sorts of strange myths and legends.
Due to a decrease in its population, the town began to build more modern facilities on its main streets, and has been rumoured among young people to be a ‘mystery spot’.

On a certain day before summer break began, university student Hanamaki Ichiko, is invited by her childhood friend and classmate, Kagutsuchi Hino, to Okune-zato, the town her brother vanished from.
Having discovered an online forum, ‘The Okune-zato Mystery Club’*, that discusses the mysteries and folklore of Okune-zato, Hino suggests they should attend this site’s offline meeting that will be held over summer break in order to investigate into her brother’s case.
With help from Hino, Ichiko makes the decision to go to Okune-zato. 

*禁忌倶楽部 literally means ‘taboo club’ but that just sounds extremely wrong so I’ve taken the liberty of changing the name to ‘mystery club’ wwww

The youths of the ‘Mystery Club’ who gather in Hotel Fuurinkan.
The live-in chef, Amari Isora. The cat-loving otaku, Kushinada Toa. The med school student, Tatehira Sousuke. The owner of Fuurinkan, Murakumo Yuzuki.
Further more, the prodigal middle school student who manages a hotel, Tsukiyomi Kagura,
the unsociable novelist, Ugan Chikage,
the employed female gamer, Matsusano Yua.*
Together, they investigate a strange case.

*none of the side characters (or the hotel name) have official pronunciations on the site so I literally guessed all of them pls forgive me if they’re wrong!!!! orz

The town’s ‘other side’, that begins reveals itself,
and the ‘Legend of the Corpse’ that many consider to be true.
As she digs deeper into the disappearance of her brother,
she encounters strange murder cases, tabooed places,
and the rumoured flower that only seems to grow in this town……
The case comes to a shocking conclusion that no one could’ve ever imagined——


Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 6.09.53 pmHanamaki Ichiko (花蒔 イチコ)

An average university student attending school in Tokyo.
Searching for her brother who went missing a year ago.
Invited by her childhood friend, Hino, she travels to Okune-zato, where her brother was seen last.

there’s basically no description she’s just ‘average’ lol I’m worried our heroine’s going to be a dead log now (rip)
her clothes are v cute though ww

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 6.10.01 pm

The childhood friend who harbours feelings of love
Kagutsuchi Hino
(迦具土 ヒノ)
cv. Shimazaki Nobunaga

‘Just let me know if something happens.
There’s no need to be so considerate in front of me.’

The heroine’s childhood friend and her classmate.
Optimistic and hates losing. Talented at sports, he’s a member of his university’s futsal club.
Though he tries to hide it from others, he actually likes cute things, and collects character merchandise.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 6.10.10 pmThe friendly ‘mood-maker’
Amari Isora
 (甘梨 イソラ)
cv. Kakihara Tetsuya

‘It’s fine, it’s fine; in fact, I’m happy about it.
Especially since it’s for a cute girl!’

A young man who loves cooking and is aiming to become a pastry chef.
Cheerful and friendly, he often spoils others.
Though he is still in training, he’s good at making all types of food.
He is working as a part-time chef in Hotel Fuurinkan’s cafe.

( ノ ω ` * )ノヘヘヘ

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 6.10.15 pmThe timid otaku
Kushinada Toa
(櫛奈雫 トア)
cv. Morikubo Shoutarou

‘Only cats are willing to
come near me, after all.’

A cat-loving otaku.
He finds it difficult to interact with others, and usually speaks in keigo with downcast eyes.
Unable to do any sports, he often trips, even on flat ground.
Due to being extremely near-sighted, he wears glasses with very thick lenses, and wear his favourite kimono even in the summer.

is this guy me i’m literally 70% this guy wwwww (also wtf is his last name lol the first time I tried to read it w/o the romaji I cried)

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 6.10.19 pmThe cool and logical med student
Tatehira Sousuke
(建比良 ソウスケ)
cv. Sawashiro Chiharu

‘I guess that was a bit too complex for you.
Just forget about what I said.’

A tall man the heroine meets in Okune-zato.
A man of few words, he is more reliant on logic compared to most people.
Surprisingly, his interests include exploring the outdoors.
While he is very good at rational thinking, he has a terrible sense of humour— no one can tell that he’s made a joke at all, unless he actually mentions that he’s joking.

I usually don’t like the megane guy that much but he sounds like such a dork oh n o

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 6.10.24 pmThe stern hotel owner
Murakumo Yuzuki (叢雲 ユヅキ)
cv. Miki Shinichirou

‘Here, my words are absolute.
If you don’t like that, then get out of here.’

Owner of Hotel Fuurinkan.
The only son of the Murakumo, the most influential family in Okune-zato.
Because he is high-handed and never smiles, most find him hard to approach. He treats the heroine, who begins working part-time at Fuurinkan, very coldly.

ok this one just sounds like an ass
lol he probably has a sob story to make up for it too ヤレヤレ┐(´ー`)┌


according to otomate TOYBOX has only ever produced mystery games and so this is ACTUALLY a crime-solving game I hOPE THEY MEAN IT……,, it might be too much to ask (bc otomate always manages to solve everything with ✨MAGIC✨ lmao) but I’m praying the mystery is realistic and actually makes sense( ´д`)ハァ- which is also why this legendary flower kinda worries me wwww

the premise seems pretty cool though!! I’m interested in seeing the interactions between all these mystery geeks ahaha and I trust kurahana-sensei will be able to make everything really pretty~ so as long as they haven’t lied and the story is actually good I’m probably going to get this!!ヽ(*´v`*)ノ I’m still surprised the guy I’m most interested in is actually sousuke lol he sounds like he’ll be funny wwww (still worried about the heroine though WHY IS THERE NO PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION AT ALL at least add a quote on her page lol……)

ALSO IM NOT ACTUALLY SURE IF IT’S OKUNE-ZATO OR OKUNE-SATO hino says it in the first pv but I still can’t really tell which one it is ahaha hopefully I’m right̄\_(ツ)_/ ̄

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