Blackish House ~Introduction~


Your story with these ‘blackish’ celebrities begins now —— 」

Blackish House is Honeybee’s second release under it’s sublabel Honeybee Black and will be for PC!!  The art is by Kazuaki. (i.e. almost every other moneybee game Starry Sky, Ayakashi Gohan)  The game is split into 2 parts (side A and side Z), with 4 routes in each. Side A will be released on May 27th, 2016!!!^-^ Side Z will be released sometime later in 2016.

Just gathered some info from different issues of Girls’ Style/B’s Log because the official site barely has anything( ´ v ` ;)



wow thanks for the useful maths lesson lmaooooo

Those with individuality, good looks which help to bring this out, as well as talent — however, despite having all these things, none of them think about the other people around them, and are all ‘blackish’ personalities.

personality — like behaviour!!!! but also a celebrity!!!!
someone pls appreciate my puns omg wwwww

The agency they work for, SeiGetsu Production, notices this; gathering all these talents, they present them with a single condition.

Which is……for all of them to live together, cooperate with one another, and successfully produce a musical performance within half a year. If they fail, the agency will end all of their contracts, and make sure they can never be a part of the showbiz again.

Where they are forced to live is a run-down mansion that hardly suits these talented stars. The amount of time given to them is half a year. Gathered are all different kinds people — a mix of actors, dancers, seiyuu, singers, models. Furthermore, all of them possess rather ‘extreme’ quirks in their personalities. 

Forced into the midst of this mess is the heroine, an actress who does not possess a ‘self.’ After half a year, what is it that the heroine and these other members, will see———?

~ FLOW ~

April: Notice from SeiGetsu Production.

May: Preparation period.

June: Communal life begins.

August: Individual route begins.

(assuming that time ‘passes’ differently in each route) 

December: Christmas performance.



Amano Hina (亜麻乃 雛) — Actress

Flaw: Does not possess a ‘self’

2nd year high-school student.An actress who simply desires to be another person. Grew up in the same orphanage and is childhood friends with Haruma and Nayuta. 

Staff comment:
I think what stands out the most about the heroine of this game is that she does not possess individuality. Nowadays, heroines filled with personality seem to be popular in otome games — we think that by presenting a heroine that ‘lacks personality’ in contrast will also allow players experience a different type of romance. The heroine’s biggest flaw is that she does not possess a ‘self’
. While not having really an identity means that she can play any role — one of her strengths as an actress — this can also cause problems occasionally. At times, it is her personality that puts her at a disadvantage. As she grew up in an orphanage, her past is unknown to everyone except Haruma and Nayuta. However, her past before these twoama joined the orphanage is shrouded in mystery. I hope that players will enjoy being in the shoes of this identity-lacking heroine as she meets and interacts with these ‘overly-individual’ personalities.

[ SIDE A ]


Egocentric, prideful ore-sama actor:

Ugajin Rei (宇賀神 澪) — Actor
cv. Ishikawa Kaito

Flaw: Arragant ore-sama personality

‘You’re standing on the same stage as me.
You do understand how great of an honour that is, right?’
(こういうキャラちょっと苦手かも( ̄- ̄;) )

3rd year high-school student. An egocentric and prideful ore-sama actor, though he is often praised for his exceptional talent in acting and good looks. A clean freak. He attends the same high-school as his childhood friends, Tougo and Noa. 

Staff comment:
Rei possesses more pride than anyone in his job as an actor, and never doubts himself. The reason why he is so particular about being an actor is deeply related to his father. Please try to help him solve the conflict within his heart with the heroine.

An elite actor who skilfully yet indifferently does his job:

Kisaki Tougo (姫崎 藤吾) — Actor
cv. Kakihara Tetsuya

Flaw: Doesn’t understand emotions
(lol what)

‘Even without a ‘heart’, I can still act.
That’s what I’ve been doing all this time, after all.’

3rd year high-school student. An famous elite actor who is always calm. However, he can also lie and say cruel things like it’s nothing, making it impossible to tell what he’s really like. While he is able to take on any role, many reviews often claim that he is lacking in emotion. He attends the same high-school as his childhood friends, Rei and Noa. 

Staff comment:
Though he is often with Rei or Noa, Tougo himself is quite an open person, and speaks to everyone in a friendly manner. However, there seems to be something quite problematic in the depths of his heart……?

2D is best! A game otaku who tries to escape reality:
Shiiba Gou (椎葉 剛) — Seiyuu
cv. Maeno Tomoaki
(‘2d is best’ wwww)

Flaw: Extreme social anxiety

‘I can game when I get home…I can game……
Alright, I’m gonna get this job done real soon!’

22 years old. Seiyuu who loves to game. He is rude and loud among his friends, but at work, he is very mature. He’s especially bad at talking to girls, and goes into a state of despair every time he fails to hold a proper conversation.

Staff comment:
Embarrassed very easily, Gou cannot speak to girls properly. The heroine becomes his first female ‘friend’ and becomes a figure who supports him throughout his route. Please help him out both in his private and public matters.

Stupid and an idiot, quick to get into fights; a scandal-making former child actor prodigy:
Kuze Madoka (久世 円) — Actor
cv. Tachibana Shinnosuke

Flaw: Scandal-maker

‘What?~ You wanna play with me?
Maybe if I get the time.’

1st year high-school student. Heir to his family and Kasumi’s elder twin brother. Formerly a famous child actor, he now does random acting jobs and goes around having fun all the time. He often appears in the commercials of companies related to or sponsored by his family business. Possibly due to the fact that he was often praised as a child, his personality has taken a turn for the worse — he is not only quick to start fights, but also a scandal-maker. However, because he’s good looking, he remains popular.

Staff comment:
Purely an idiot and is quick to get into fights. He gives off the impression that he is constantly irritated, there is really an emotion within him that he can’t erase. Please approach him and help him untangle all these problems of him.
(they’re so mean about him wwwww)

[ SIDE Z ]


A ‘multi-actor’ who’s quick to accept jobs:
Arimura Noa (有村 乃亜) — Actor
cv. Hirose Yuuya

 Flaw: No commitment to anything

‘I’ll accept all job offers made.
That’s all I can really do anyway.’

(he’s so pretty;v;;;;;)
3rd year high-school student. He’s always smiling for an some reason, and it’s hard to tell what he’s thinking. A ‘multi-actor’ who will accept all jobs give to him, no matter what it is. Has no sense of taste, and is severely sleep deprived. (same lol)  He attends the same high-school as his childhood friends, Rei and Tougo.

Staff comment:
Noa’s very picky with the people he trusts, and usually won’t even open up to anyone other than Rei and Tougo. He does possess a talent for acting, and I think that once you learn the reason as to why he does not try to polish this talent, he’ll be able to open up his heart to you.

Childhood friend from the same orphanage, a director who lost his dreams:
Ousaka Haruma (桜阪 悠翔) — Director
cv. Terashima Takuma

Flaw: ??? 

‘In order to have the greatest show, I’ll do my best too.
Let’s work hard together, everyone!’

2nd year high-school student. Grew up in the same orphanage as his childhood friends, the heroine and Nayuta. Though he once aimed to be an actor, he gave up on his dream when he injured his legs in an accident. Now, he is a part of the showbiz as a director. 

Staff comment:
Despite being handicapped, Haruma has a cheerful personality. He is like a reliable older brother towards the Heroine, though they are the same age. Please try to find out what the major flaw lying within his seemingly perfect self is. 

Silent dancer who focuses only on dancing today too:
Yuuki Nayuta (結城 那由多) — Dancer
cv. Kimura Ryouhei

Flaw: He does not communicate with others

I have nothing to say.’

2nd year high-school student. Grew up in the same orphanage as his childhood friends, the heroine and Nayuta. A dancer who can skilfully perform most genres of dance — the public has high hopes of him becoming a choreographer. However, though he has talent, he doesn’t have the motivation to do anything with it.

Staff comment:
Has not opened his heart up to anyone but the heroine and Haruma who grew up in the same orphanage as him. This is due to something that happened to him in the past. I think you’ll be able to enjoy a very pure romance with Nayuta who is attached the heroine as if she’s a part of his family. 

Popular idol who wins girl’s hearts with his cute smile ♥:
Akune Sera (阿久根 セラ) — Idol
cv. Aoi Shouta

Flaw: Moody
(i.e. spoiled brat character!!!)

‘Pure? Innocent? What a joke.
There’s no way any idol is really like that.’

1st year high-school student. An extremely popular idol who wins hearts with his cute smile and strong vocals. However, when he’s in not in public, he’s lazy and untidy.

Staff comment:
He puts on a smile when he is in public, but none of his fans understand what he is really like at heart. By getting closer to him, you can learn why he decided to be an idol. Though he is younger than the heroine, he is hard to manage, so please pay him lots of attention. 


The scary-faced yet extremely capable manager, who can shut anyone up with a single glare:
Yoda Shigetora (興田 重虎) — Manager
cv. Kuroda Takaya

‘All of you do understand the situation you’re in, right?’

Flaw: His face itself is a weapon

31 years old. A very capable manager who works for SeiGetsu production. While he treats all the talents in the company very strictly, can be harsh with his words, and his scary face makes him seem like a violent person, he is actually very serious, honest, polite and generally a warm person. He loves animals more than anything else, and often spoils his pet bunny, Youda. (omg this is so cute wwwww) In truth, he has a complex about his scary face. 

Mysterious model who, one day, suddenly threw away everything he had and began to crossdress:
Kuze Kasumi (久世 華純) — Model
cv. Tsuda Takuya

Flaw: His behaviour is incomprehensible

‘So, how about it?
Since something’s troubling you, why don’t you let me help you out?’

1st year high-school student. Madoka’s younger twin brother. Though he was a modelling prodigy, he suddenly began to crossdress one day, and stopped accepting modelling jobs. Enjoys the fact that he is able to seduce people with his charisma and the mysterious atmosphere that surrounds him.

Staff comment:
Kasumi has trouble seeing ‘who he is.’ His startling appearance and unique way of speaking often causes confusion among those around him. However, he was very down-to-earth and polite even back when he dressed as a male. I think you’ll be able to learn more about Kasumi in Madoka’s route.

Singer-songwriter who’s lost his ‘voice’:
YUE (ユエ) — Artist
cv. Taniguchi Atsushi

Flaw: No grip on his life

‘Everyone seems to be energetic as usual today.~
I wish you could share some of that energy with this onii-san too.~’

Despite once being a popular singer at the top of the charts, he became ‘unable to sing’ because of a certain reason, and disappeared from the entertainment world. He now lives very idle, meaningless days.

(lolol wait is he meant to be an otome game version of YUI)

Staff comment:
Often seeming to be wandering about with no aim, YUE gives off the impression that he doesn’t care about anything. While it seems hard to get a grasp of who he really is, in truth, he’s actually connected to one of the main characters……? Please look forward to seeing how YUE will behave and what he’ll say in the game.


aaaaaaa uhhh I don’t really know to think???? all the characters have pretty nice designs (excluding nayuta who looks exactly like asagi LMAO esp since they’re both kazuaki’s characters…….)  but other than that it just looks like another idol otome……except mainly with actors??(゚∀゚*) but the characters are all quirky but don’t sound particularly crazy or anything (no ‘celebrity-diabolik-lovers’ pls thank) so it seems like it’d be a fun ride!!!! I think noa’s my fav so far just because he sounds cute wwwww

while I wish the heroine was voiced/sounded like she had more character I feel like this they kinda have to make the heroine develop/interesting now or else there’d be no point in promoting the whole ‘heroine has no self’ thing so much????? ww hopefully she’ll be something like human!rin (my baeeeee♥♥♥) in ayakashi gohan\o/

ah and honestly I expected them to be older???? like that everyone would be around gou’s age lol??????? I can understand sera being younger bc he’s an idol (as kpop trash this makes sense AHAHA) but I think in general it takes a while for actors to really become talented enough to be famous…….but then again why am I questioning otome game logic lol as if that’ll do me any good(∂v∂”)

I think it’s really cool that they made a fake seigetsu production ‘website’ too lol it actually looks pretty legit!!!!! except for the fact that they have 5 actors and only 1 talent in every other category lol (and also only like 1 biologically female talent w)

I guess I’ll try to update with more info when it comes out!!( ´ ▽ ` *)

9 thoughts on “Blackish House ~Introduction~

  1. I adore her art, it’s what really drew me to the Starry Sky series! (*^▽^*)
    This game sounds interesting (though I’m side eyeing them for saying the normal now is a MC with a lot of personality, because it isn’t exactly so (⌒_⌒;) )
    I’m going to keep an eye out for this one ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
    (And sorry if I’m…necromancing (?) this post (°∀°)b)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I really enjoy seeing how much kazuki’s art has improved since the first starry sky games ww
      haha same I’m not sure how to feel about the fact that they’re actively promoting an emotionless heroine as something ‘unique’ in this game (bc it’s really not!!!!orz) but hopefully that means there’ll be good character development…….^^”


      • Starry Sky Spring art…looks rough tbh. But their cute, even their personalities, so I’ve been able to overlook it haha.
        Yeah an emotionless and without personality heroine is far from unique in otome games, in fact it was all the rage and still is :/
        But if that means she gets a personality from your choices, that’d be interesting!

        Liked by 1 person

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    • Something wrong w my comt? Gonna correct it here @@:
      Noa is really my fav chara >///////< I was so disappointed when I found out he is not available in Size A. Thank God he appears in Side Z ehehe. This game's art is pretty awesome, I enjoyed Kazuki's art since Ayakashi so the hot pv images really interest me ;;;;v;;;;

      Liked by 1 person

      • aah I love kazuaki’s art but I played some of side A (as you can see in my sidebar w) and the game didn’t really reach my expectations??;;;; and kazuaki’s art feels kinda different/// I think her art style works better with warmer colours and more peaceful/lighthearted games like ayakashi gohan ><

        then again idol/celebrity-related games were never really my thing to begin with so I'm not really sure what I was expecting wwww this is just my opinion so if you're thinking of getting the game by all means go ahead!!!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


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