Suuran Digit ~Introduction~


「 When the time comes for the ten digits to gather, their seals will lead them towards their site of battle —-

Suuran Digit (数乱digit) is another one of Otomate’s games scheduled for a 2016 release!! Art is by Mero (Taishou x Alice), director is Taniguchi Kana (Norn9 Last Era). The game is a modern wafuu fantasy centered on 10 families that each represent a number between 0 – 9.(=゚ω゚)ノ

(I hope the header loads properly as a gif!!!!! wwww ehehe my tumblr graphic skills have finally come in useful\o/)


Soyogi Academy.
Enrolled in this school are the sons and daughters of the 9 famous Suu-ke (数家 lit. number family) who receive a vast amount of attention within the school.

There are secrets only they know, and in the school, a battle that only they can fight.

This battle, known as the Suuran-sen (数乱戦 lit. war of numbers) is a tradition passed down from long, long ago, and decides the order in which the Suu-ke are placed, as well as the leader that rules the Suu-ke, known as the Soyogi.

A long time ago, because a single number vanished, the battle could not take place ever again. However, due to the sudden appearance of ‘a number which should not exist,’ the conditions for a Suuran-sen are met once again……

— When the time comes for the ten digits to gather,
their seals will lead them towards their site of battle. —

Reisaki Hiroka.
The girl who will bring forth both the beginning and the end.


Soyogi Academy


The story begins when the heroine, Reisaki Hiroka, transfers to the school. For some reason, she becomes involved in the battle between a clan of people called the Suu-ke

What does she have to do with this battle? And what is the truth that lies beneath all this?

The student council that possesses the most power within the school, even among the students from Suu-ke


Lead by the presdient, Ichizono Ousuke, the student council is made up of the heirs to the highest-ranked Suu-ke: Shichihara Keitarou, Kuori Meguru, Sanga Rihoko, and Godai Tomoe.

No one in the school, not even the other Suu-ke students, — much less normal students or teachers — dare to defy the orders of the student council.

The Mathematics Research Club (数学研究同好会 Suugaku Kenkyuu Douhou-kai) aka. the Suuken


A club created by Nitou Mitsu to retaliate against the student council, and doesn’t actually have anything to do with its name. Made up of students from the lower-ranked Suu-ke: the club president, Mitsu, as well as Shikata Yuuhi, Rokuhira Takaki, Hachizawa An, and Hachizawa Mei.
A rivalling existence to the student council, they are not approved much of within the school, and their club room has slowly become a place where they just rant about the student council.


Suu-ke (数家 — Number Family)

word1Made up of the nine distinguished families: Ichizono, Nitou, Sanga, Shikata, Godai, Rokuhira, Shichihara, Hachizawa, Kuori.

They contribute to much of the development of their country, and possess the most authority within the country — the Suu-ke are recognised across the entire country.

There is an ranking among the Suu-ke, and this ranking decides how much power they have within the Suu-ke. The leader of the Suu-ke is known as the ‘Soyogi’. Since the Suuran-sen began, the Ichizono family have always taken the role of the Soyogi.

Suuran-sen (数乱戦 — Battle of Numbers)

word2A long time ago, the Suu-ke had decided that a battle had to take place periodically to decide the order of the families, as well as the chief of their village. Only representatives of each Suu-ke were allowed to take part. However, due to a certain reason, the battle was unable to take place again.

Only those from the Suu-ke know of the Suuran-sen.

The current order of the families is as follows: Ichizono, Kuori, Sanga, Shichihara, Goudai, Nitou, Hachizawa, Rokuhira, Shikata. Ever since the Suuran-sen stopped taking place, this order has remained untouched.

word3Grounds of Soyogi (戦ぎの地 — Land of Battle)

Where the Suuran-sen are held. There is a gate to a shrine behind the school grounds; only those with a Kokuinsuu can pass through it.

The shrine is where the god of war, Soyogi-no-Kami, was once woshipped.

Soyogi Temple (梵神社)

A temple where the god of war is worshipped. Inword4 the past, when the Suu-ke built their village, they also restored the run-down temple.

When the Suu-ke were selecting a chief, Soyogi-no-Kami gave them the Suuran-sen in return for rebuilding his temple. And so, the temple became known as the ‘Grounds of Soyogi’, and a place for battle.

Suutou (数刀 — Number Sword)word5

Special swords which are used in Suuran-sen.

Each family was given one sword, and has the number representing each house engraved on its guard.


Kokuinsuu (刻印数 — Number Seal)

A seal that appears on the bodies on those word6chosen by Soyogi-no-Kami. One person from each family that possesses the seal is able to take part in a Suuran-sen.

To conceal them from others, most of the chosen Suu-ke members must wear gloves on their left hands as a part of their duties.


(first kanji in all their names is a number^-^ these kanji usually aren’t used though)
= character with a route no yuri route sorry
0 copy0: The number which should not exist
Reisaki Hiroka (零崎 紘可)

‘There’s no reason for me to participate in your fight.’

High school 2nd year student.
A girl who transfers to Soyogi Academy in spring. She’s lethargic all the time, and will avoid troublesome things with all her might. She loves sleeping, and hates it when someone disturbs her naps. (sAME LMAO) Though she’s been practicing Kendo since she was young, she did not choose to learn it at her own will, and skips club activities all the time.

On the day she transfers, she suddenly gains a Kokuinsuu, and becomes involved in the battle between the Suu-ke.

1: The prideful, arrogant number
Ichizono Ousuke (壱園 央助)
cv. Yusa Kouji

‘As long as I am this number, I will never be forgiven if I lose.’

High school 3rd year student.
Though he’s friendly and gentle, he’s extremely prideful, and will not forgive anyone who makes him inferior.

Accomplished in both literary and military arts, he is the president of both the student council and the Kendo club, and receives full support from both the student body and teachers.


2: The number who yearns for victory
Nitou Mitsu (弐藤 )
cv. Nishiyama Koutarou

‘I’ll prove it to you in this battle — the fact that I’m strong than you.’

High school 1st year student.
Extremely curious and constantly energetic. He’s good at taking care of others, and despite being a 1st year student, he’s very reliable. However, he hates losing, and is very particular about winning in everything. In his free time, he likes making crafts. Though he can put girls to shame with his craft skills, (lol I have no skills at all when it comes to crafts, so…..) what he actually produces, however, heavily depends his own feelings.

He created and is currently the chief of the Suu-ken that actually has nothing to do with its name.

33: The beautiful number, filled with love
Sanga Rihoko (参河 利保子)
cv. Yukino Satsuki

‘Unsightly beings like men; I’ll erase them for you.’

High school 3rd year student.
A beautiful and elegant ojou-sama. Though she used to be gentle towards everyone, a certain incident made her intensely hate men. She loves flowers, and is taking care of flowerbeds on the school rooftop. However, she has made the rooftop closed to all men.

She is the secretary in the student council.


4: The unlucky number who is hated
Shikata Yuuhi (肆形 宥比)
cv. Suzuki Tatsuhisa

‘Since I’m so weak I needed to be protected by a girl, I’m a worthless human being……’

High school 2nd year student.
A timid person and a pessimistic thinker. He is often bullied by delinquents like Tomoe in school. He loves the occult, and while he becomes very rarely passionate when talking about it, some consider this side of him creepy. (omg it’s because the number 4 is unlucky in asia wwwww)

A member of Suu-ken. (his chibi art is so cute im crying )

55: The insolent and wild number
Godai Tomoe (伍代 朋江)
cv. Takahashi Naozumi

‘It doesn’t matter who it is; bring it on. Don’t bore me.’

High school 3rd year student.
He has a rough personality and easily gets into fights. He is known as a delinquent due to how he skips class and often tries to pick fights with other students as a means of killing time.

Even so, he’s somehow a part of the student council, and is often forced by Rihoko, a fellow secretary,  to work.


6: The quiet number who rejects conflict
Rokuhira Takaki (陸平 崇樹)
cv. Okitsu Kazuyuki

‘I won’t fight no matter what. Even if it means that you’ll be in danger.’ (gee thanks)

High school 3rd year student.
He is extremely quiet, to the point where he can go an entire day without speaking if you leave him alone. He avoids all sorts of arguments or conflict.

Because he is the oldest in the Suu-ken, he was made the vice president of the club, but he doesn’t actually do any work.

7: The miraculous number who stands out
Shichihara Keitarou (漆原 景太郎)
cv. Maeno Tomoaki

‘Calling me a miracle is too much. I’m just slightly luckier than the average person, that’s all.’

High school 1st year student.
He has a very refreshing personality, and is an honour student who has the best grades in his year. He is a kind person, and a part of the student council. Among all the members of the student council, he is the only one who is really ordinary and has common sense. He was born with good luck, and has lived until today without having to suffer or worry much.

88: The number which possesses contrasting intentions
Hachizawa An (捌沢 暗)
cv. Amasaki Kouhei

‘Why don’t you give up on swinging that sword around, and spend a more meaningful after school with me.~’

High school 3rd year student.
Never serious, and constantly playing around with girls. Mei’s older twin brother. He speaks his mind and sometimes fails to read the atmosphere, and is constantly scolded by Mitsu or Mei as a result.

Though he’s a member of the Suu-ken, he rarely shows up.

(these two are so cute!!! AAAAA their names are cute too ww — Mei = light, An = dark)

Hachizawa Mei (捌沢 明)
cv. Uchiyama Yumi

‘I’m not like my stupid older brother. I’ll put in effort in order to win.’

High school 3rd year student.
Very serious and strict personality. An’s younger twin sister. She doesn’t understand jokes, and takes everything seriously. She is constantly berating her brother for being pathetic.

A member of the Suu-ken, unlike her brother, she makes sure to attend all meetings.

9: The unfair number who excels in tricks
Kuori Meguru (玖折 巡)
cv. Morita Masakazu

‘It seems that you still don’t understand. It means that you never had a choice from the very beginning.’

High school 2nd year student.
A cruel person who enjoys seeing the misfortune of others. He looks down on everyone except for Ousuke, whom he admires, and will show no mercy to those who try to fight against Ousuke. He is disliked not just by most of the student body, but by many of the Suu-ke students too.

He is vice-chair of the student council. (oh I didn’t know this before but apparently 9 is an unlucky number in japan?? because it sounds like 苦 which means ‘suffering’ lmao this guy’s personality is perfect)


honestly when I heard this was about gijinka numbers and had a heroine who was ‘the number that should not exist’ (chuunibyou vibes lol) I didn’t think much of it but it actually sounds pretty cool!!!!

after all this I still have no idea what a suuran-sen is other than the fact that it is ~very mysterious~ and ~top secret~ even though the whole game is meant to be about it ww

I think it’s really interesting how the numbers the characters represent is reflected in their personalities!! like how 7 is a universally lucky number so keitarou literally has good luck wwww

the heroine sounds really cute too aaaa anyway I’m actually looking forward to this now~ the three otomate games I think I’ll be getting (at the moment) are collar x malice, 7’scarlet, and this!!はい、以上です!またね〜☆

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