Hyakka Hyakurou / Nightshade ~Introduction~


 Flowers that scatter among these fleeting winds —-
The most sorrowful battle to ever take place is about to begin.

EDIT(14/4): I finished the Vita version of this game yesterday and for everyone going into this game blind I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU LEAVE KUROYUKI AND GEKKAMARU’S ROUTES UNTIL THE END because their routes are where most of the plot revelations are.

Recommended play order:

(credits to my #otomeunion fam ww)

Have fun playing the game!!!♪(v^_^)v no one cares probably but personally id give it 7.5/10 IT’S DEFINITELY WORTH IT!!!!!!

Hyakka Hyakurou ~Sengoku Ninpuchou~(百花百狼〜戦国忍法帖〜)  was produced by D3P and released on February 25th, 2016 for the Vita. Art is by Teita (NORN9, Juuza Engi) while the opening song is written and sung by MIKOTO (Diabolik Lovers, Marginal#4, lots of Rejet stuff in general w). A localisation on Steam was released on April 12th, 2017 under the name Nightshade.

I wasn’t going to make a post on this since D3P’s games haven’t exactly been doing well (lol) recently, but the reviews for this on Amazon are unexpectedly good, so I’ve translated the site info in case someone’s interested!!!


The two schools of ninjutsu, the Iga and Kouga, that had developed during the times of war. These two ninja clans, each rooted deeply in history, fought against each other for years. However, in the year 1581 (Tenshou 9), the ‘Tenshou War of Iga’, led by Oda Nobunaga, caused the School of Iga to perish, and the few members of the Iga clan that remained were taken into the Kouga clan.

Since then, 17 years have passed — the Sengoku era came to and end, and the world has become a peaceful place. The heroine, Ueno Enju, daughter of the chief of Kouga clan, has trained hard everyday in anticipation for her first mission as a ninja.

However, on the first mission she is finally selected to take part in, a huge incident that utterly twists Enju’s fate, as well as the fates of all those from her village, occurs——


each main character has short intro/summary of their route on the official site!!

1The heroine:
Ueno Enju (上野 槐)
cv. n/a

‘I want to do my best for the village as a ninja too.’

height: 156cm / weight: 45kg / age: 16

The daughter of chief of the Kouga clan Ueno Kandou, and the younger sister of Momochi Tanba, Kagari. The symbol of peace between the two ninja clans that had previously been at war with each other for years, she was raised with love and care. Because of this, despite the fact that she is a ninja, she has a rather gentle personality at times, but she strongly desires to be useful to her village, and trains hard everyday in anticipation for her first mission as a ninja.

2The ninja who places his life on his line:
Gekkamaru (月下丸)
cv. Hatano Wataru

‘No matter how important this command is to the village, my first priority will always be to protect you.’

height: 177cm / weight: 72kg / age: 19

Having lost his parents when he was 3 years old, he was taken into the heroine’s family along with his younger brother, Kuroyuki. He has been working as the Enju’s bodyguard since they were children, and possesses a sense of absolute loyalty towards her. Serious about his work and skilled as a ninja, the village deeply trusts in him. He prioritises Enju in everything he does in life, and he treasures her so much that he may seem over-protective at times.

Enju is captured when she is framed for the assassination of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. In order to protect the village, Kandou is made to cut all ties with his own daughter. To fulfil his role as Enju’s bodyguard, Gekkamaru turns his back on Kandou’s commands, and makes the decision to rescue Enju and escape with her.

3The young ninja who does as he as pleases:
Kuroyuki (黒雪)
cv. Shimono Hiro

‘We’re in the same boat! We’ll live together, and die together. That’s what our relationship is all about.’

height: 168cm / weight: 54kg / age: 16

Gekkamaru’s younger brother, and the heroine’s foster brother. He was taken in by the Enju’s family soon after he was born. He is cheerful and optimistic, but can be sneaky too. He left when he was 8 years old to go on a long mission, and has finally returned to Kouga after 8 years.


‘I’ll always be on your side, even if no one else is.’
While Enju is captured at Fushimi Castle for the assassination of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, she is informed by Ishida Mitsunari that her allies from the Kouga clan have left the capital already. As Enju falls into despair, a wounded Kuroyuki comes to rescue her. To Kuroyuki, who had been away from the village for 8 years, the commands of Kouga are not absolute to him. Even so, Enju hesitates to turn her back to her clan and escape with Kuroyuki.

5Successor to the perished Iga clan:
Momochi Choujirou (百地 蝶治郎)
cv. Toriumi Kousuke

‘The more you love something, the more sorrow you feel when you lose it.’

height: 178cm / weight: 73kg / age: 23

Son of the chief of the Iga clan, Momochi Tanba, he is the Enju’s cousin. When he was 6, he lost both his parents in the Tenshou War of Iga, where the Iga clan was wiped out. The successor to the Iga clan that no longer exists, he is a man that knows his place, and rarely speaks. He is one of the most skilled ninjas within the Kouga clan, and is in charge of training Enju and Gekkamaru.

‘You have no choice.’
Choujirou is ordered by the chief of Kouga to abandon Enju and return to their village. Though he is unable to go against the commands of the chief, Choujirou hesitates, wishing to rescue Enju. For the Kouga clan, who are thought to be behind the assassination of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, this could be a repeat of the Tenshou War of Iga. He is forced to head towards Kouga, with regret in his heart. (I don’t see where the story is going wwww does he just abandon her????? omg)

4The cold and emotionless leader of the Tokugawa ninja clan:
Hattori Hanzou (服部 半蔵)
cv. Tsuda Kenjirou

‘If you want to survive, don’t hesitate again. Fight and win, no matter what.’

height: 180cm / weight: 76kg / age: 33

Leader of the Tokugawa ninja clan, he is known as ‘the strongest ninja.’ When he was 12, he left his village to serve the Tokugawa family, and has been trained to become a ninja since his birth. He is calm at all times, and never lets his emotions interfere with his work. He possesses a cruel side to him in that he will do whatever it takes to complete the mission that has been given to him.

‘We cannot let Enju die.’
Hideyoshi Toyotomi’s will claims that whoever killed his assassinator would take over his role — as a result, the Council of Five Elders begin to hunt Enju down. In order to avoid a war for power, Tokugawa Ieyasu orders Hanzou to protect Enju. He takes Enju and begins to plan an escape to get away from her bloodthirsty pursuers.

6The notorious thief who raises a storm in the Capital:
Ishikawa Goemon (石川 五右衛門)
cv. Midorikawa Hikaru

‘You’ll regret it when you end up being too late, you know.
Geez……you really are helpless.’

height: 182cm / weight: 78kg / age: 26

A notorious thief who constantly creates trouble within the Capital. He is a thief of justice who steals money from the rich and shares it with the poor, and is well-known among the villagers as a result. By day, he goes by the alias of ‘Gorou’, and calls himself a gambler.

After the Council of Five Elders choose to hold their meeting in the Capital, Ishida Mitsunari becomes increasingly desperate to capture Goemon, and decides to hire ninjas from the Kouga clan.

Ishikawa Goemon, the notorious thief that has put the whole country in chaos, is finally captured by Enju. Feeling sorry for Enju who also becomes imprisoned when the assassination of Toyotomi Hideyoshi is pinned on her, they escape from prison together. With nowhere to go, Goemon suggests that they travel together under the guise that they are a married couple, until their crimes have been forgotten.


A member of the Kouga Clan:

Yamakura Ennosuke (山倉 猿之介)
cv. Ooshima Ryou

‘Geez, you don’t have to get mad at me. Besides, this is just how ninjas bond with each other, right?’

height: 168cm / weight: 58kg / age: 18

Talkative and easily attached to people, to the point where it is hard to believe that he is a ninja. He treats his friends and allies with great care. Though he has good leadership skills and acts fast, he can be careless at times. He often gets into arguments with Kyara, but is always the one that ultimately loses. Best friends with Gekkamaru.


A member of the Kouga Clan:
Mikumo Kyara (三雲 伽羅)
cv. Hayami Saori

‘Of course I’m coming. What are you going to do if a ninja of my level doesn’t take part in the mission?’

height: 165cm / weight: 50kg / age: 17

A ninja who takes pride in her work. Though she’s very stubborn and often talks as if she’s above everyone else, she is actually a very grateful person at heart. She is like an older sister to Enju and Kasumi, and often takes care of those younger than her. She has an unbelievable amount of strength, and likes to use large, heavy weapons.

9A member of the Kouga Clan:
Kasumi ()
cv. Han Megumi

‘I’ll be praying for you back at home — I’ll pray that you succeed in your first mission the whole time, Enju nee-sama!’ (she’s so cute i want to cr y)

height: 152cm / weight: 42kg / age: 15

The youngest in the village, and a younger sister-like existence to everyone. She’s timid and quiet. She admires Enju, always calling her ‘nee-sama.’ She is the only one that is youngest than Enju, and is therefore always spoiled by her. Though she is not a full-fledged ninja yet, she is very skilled in cooking and sewing.

10The powerful leader who controls the whole of Kantou:
Tokugawa Ieyasu (徳川家康)
cv. Miyata Kouki

‘I’ve spoken too much, haven’t I.
Well then, I’ll be taking my leave now — Hanzou, it’s time to go.’

(they don’t provide the height/weight/age for ieyasu wwwww)

The leader who rules Kantou, and is a part of the Council of Five Elders who take care of state affairs. He controls the most land out of the 5 elders, and is both intelligent and rational. Unlike the rest of the Five Elders, he shows no interest at all in the conflict over who will take up Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s role. He has his own unique ninja clan, with Hanzou appointed as the clan’s leader.
(he’s so pretty……;v;;)


I was worried that d3p was going to make another kusoge so I didn’t even consider this bUT NOOOOO APPARENTLY IT’S GOOD I regret not getting it now wwwww I’m going to wait a bit and see but if the good reviews keep on coming in I’ll probably just give in and buy the game(。´▽`。)

from the reviews I’ve read so far it seems that although the system kinda sucks (most ppl compared it to otomate systems and said it wasn’t as good lol) the story and the characters are well written!!! the heroine is cute and not annoying and there are quite a few sad/bloody endings wHICH IS DEFINITELY SOMETHING I LIKE☆〜(ゝ。∂)I’m so thirsty for nakige stop me wwwwww

all the art and character designs are so pretty;v;;;; idk why they bothered to introduce the story for every single route because isn’t the whole point that we find out for ourselves…..???? oh well all the reviews are saying the stories in each route were good and that’s what’s really important ww(ノ ´ ▽ ` )ノ

also I tweeted this before I even finished ken ga kimi bUT I’M EVEN MORE UPSET ABOUT THIS NOW THAT I HAVE (when can i finally date my ikemen tokugawas)

9 thoughts on “Hyakka Hyakurou / Nightshade ~Introduction~

    • aah I haven’t played any of them but they released believer!, vamwolf cross, and some teikoku kaigun game (i don’t remember what it’s called exactly ww) before hyakka and according to the amazon reviews none of them were really good😅😅😅


  1. Just finished playing this and I loved it so much!! I think it’s the first otome where I wanted to play through (and enjoyed) every character’s route. The art is gorgeous! What are your favourite otome visual novels, Rie? Any recommendations? Especially ones similar to this!! Also thanks so much for the recommended playthrough and such! Made everything much more enjoyable 🙂


      • oh no its alright!!! ww im not sure if you played the eng or jp version (bc a lot of these are in jp only;v;;;)but if you want more specific recommendations!! ↓ ↓ ↓

        games with similar sense of mystery/plot unravelling
        collar x malice – rly solid story + super nice art!! if you’re looking for eng games the localisation’s coming soon so!!
        psychedelica of the black butterfly – a lot of ppl say its not rly like an otome game so if you’re looking for romance this might not be right for you w but the storyline’s rly great///
        yuukyuu no tierblade – it’s sci-fi and there’s random gundams and stuff but another good story!!

        games with similar feel/are set in history
        ken ga kimi – rly nice art and the story’s decent too!! though the routes are more self-contained
        hakuouki – pretty sure everyone knows what hakuouki is but I’ll just put this here just in case w

        sorry this reply got kinda long but i hope find a game you like from this list!!!////


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