Yuukyuu no Tierblade ~Introduction~


「  Overcoming a limitless eternity, a certain girl awakens ——  

Yuukyuu no Tierblade -Lost Chronicle- (悠久のティアブレイド・The Eternal Tierblade) is a ‘fantasy SF adventure’ first introduced by Otomate in last month’s B’s-LOG issue, released on September 8, 2016. This is Otomate’s first game to feature art from 2 different artists, Ike (ARMEN NOIR) and Kinami Yuuki (Glass Heart Princess, Trigger Kiss)!! The director is Nakamura Kazuki (Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama, GHP, Trigger Kiss).


Set in the distant future, after the earth has been destroyed by the ‘Final War.’
The air has become polluted, and the lifespan of humans has decreased by more than half.

A young man living in the slums named Sud meets a mysterious man on the run, Atarva, and learns about a certain girl. (i have no idea how to romanise any of their names pls forgive me if they’re all wrong lol)

This girl’s name is ‘Eve.’ According to the story, Eve — who possesses a forbidden power within her — has lived 3000 years in a colossal shelter built by the Ancients, the ’Neo-sphere’,  with an AI named ‘Cradle’. In order to restore the earth, Sud and Atarva both head towards Neo-sphere; however, immediately after they find Eve, they are attacked by an army.

Sud and the others are unable to do anything against the army’s huge humanoid robot weapons. (i.e. gundams??) However, as if reacting to the fact that Eve is in danger, a pure white robot — a ‘Tierblade’ — comes to their rescue……


6The girl who lived for years in the underground shelter
Eve (イヴ Ivu)
cv. n/a

‘It’s been such a long time since I’ve had guests…
I’m supposed to serve tea at a time like this, right?’

A girl from the ancient times who has spent 3000 years in the underground shelter, Neosphere, with only an AI. She has no memory of her life before she entered the shelter. Though she is gentle and has a my-pace personality, (god i hate this word there’s no good translation for it) she is much more lively than she looks, and enjoys being out and about.

(wait so who’s the other blond girl???? or is she just eve’s ~~true form~~ or something lol)

5The AI who protects the heroine
CradleCaretaker (クレイドル・ケアテイカー)
cv. Kakihara Tetsuya

‘Let go of her hand right now.
May I ask that you refrain from touching her if your hands have not been throughly inspected yet.’

The AI who follows Eve around. Despite its appearance, Cradle is actually in charge of managing all of Neo-sphere, and is a part of its interface. Cradle is quite particular about manners and etiquette, and always places the heroine as its first priority. However, there seems to be a system error within it, and it sometimes gets jittery during conversations.

(sorry but you can’t date the smol robot!!!! even tho its voiced by kakki wwww what a waste I WAS WRONG you can date the robot and its the best thing ever i am seriously considering this game just for the cute robot)

3The strong-minded young man who lives on the ruined earth
Sud (シュド Shudo)
cv. Ishikawa Kaito

‘I’ll show you what the sky looks like. I promise.’

In order to help his allies who are suffering due to how polluted the air his, he sets off to reach the Neo-sphere. Having adapted himself to the destroyed earth, he is rather strong-minded. Despite this, he is actually easily attached to people, and as a result, the money that other people have yet to return to the store that he owns just keeps increasing. (this is literally me w/ my friends lmao they owe me so much)

Keyword: ‘volition’ that transcends time

2The mysterious young man who possesses the memories of other people
Atarva (アタルヴァ Ataruva)
cv. Terashima Takuma

‘I want to know.
What…no, who was that journey for?’

A mysterious young man who escaped from a certain facility owned by the government. Taking heed the words of his late older brother, he is searching for Eve. He knows nothing of the world outside, and is even less athletic than Eve is. For some reason, he possesses ‘memories of a journey of more than 100 years that are not his own’, since birth (he’s so pretty im screaming)

Keyword: a borrowed ‘love’

1The man who resurrected from a corpse
Yajur (ヤジュル Yajuru)
cv. Kondou Takashi

‘Was I in heaven or hell, you ask?
Hm, I don’t think I really remember……’

A man who is revived from a corpse that Eve and the rest discover. (lmao what????) As the restoration was not complete, his memories are hazy, but it seems that he used to be a member of the government. He often has to stop Sud and Atarva from arguing with each other. However, he is also quite a playboy, and often causes trouble with his advances on Eve.

Keyword: ‘crime’ and ‘punishment’

4The cruel, cold young man possessing concealed insanity
Lowe (ロウ Rou)
cv. Matsuoka Yoshitsugu

‘Eve, who is that…that man!
Why is he sitting next to you as if I’ve given him permission to do so!!’

A special service member of the government army which is trying to capture Eve. Contrary to the skilful way in which he handles technology, he possesses a cruel and eccentric personality. He will use even his own subordinated as shields if they are not useful enough to him. Though he seems to know Eve, neither Eve nor Cradle seem to remember him.

Keyword: ‘pure love’


Mysterious humanoid robots: Tierblades (i.e. GUNDAMS)

The strong, beautiful white Tierblade who only fights for the heroine

A mysterious robot locked up in the tower situated in the center of Neo-sphere. It suddenly awakens when Eve is put in danger. Only those who possess the desire to ‘protect Eve’ can control it. (wtf why though thats hilarious) Furthermore, its design changes based on its user. (omg i cant take any of this seriously im so sorry wwwwww)

The sturdy, fast black Tierblade that rises from an isthmus

A black Tierblade controlled by Lowe. Though he is a member of the government army, it is unknown as to why he is in possession of an ancient robot, and its relation to the white Tierblade.


A gigantic underground shelter apparently built by the Ancients who lived centuries ago. It was built so that a million people could live in it, but for some reason, its only inhabitant at the moment is Eve. Through time, all its buildings have become covered in vines, and some areas have begun to fall apart.

The Ancients

Around 3000 years ago, the Ancients prided themselves on being the most technologically advanced people on earth, but were wiped out during the ‘Final War.’ Eve is thought to be the last survivor of the Ancients……

The Government

A organisation that rules the land that Shud and the others are living in. In control of a large army, it has been in war with other organisations for a long time. Only the elite are chosen to work for the government, and they are currently pursuing Atarva, who escaped from one of their facilities.


mmmmmmm I don’t really know what to think honestly(  ´_ゝ`)

the art is pretty but that’s all that really appeals to me????? I feel like this game probably won’t be very story-based compared to some of otomate’s other recently announced games, especially since otomate always releases a pretty balanced amount of otome games that focus mainly on romance and ones that focus more on the story (and its usually pretty obvious which game goes in which category lolol) NOT THAT THAT’S A BAD THING OFC the romance-focused games just aren’t right for me probably(^◇^;) man i just realised how weird that sounds like what kind of person plays otome games and doesn’t really care about the romance wwww (すみません。私です。)

I’m kinda more amused than intrigued by the whole mecha concept (maybe it’s bc of the way they describe them wwwwww) but apparently we can’t expect it to be mecha anime: the otome game since there’s a block of text at the bottom of its b’s log article literally just to reassure people that ‘even otome who don’t like mechas can enjoy this game!!!!!!!☆’ so I guess the tierblades probably won’t do all that much ww (which is unfortunate bc those are pretty cool robot designs😂😂)

for some reason I get the feeling that there’s going to be some time-travel plot twist in the game (like in norn9!!) because of how much emphasis they’re putting on the GIRL HAS BEEN LIVING FOR 3000 YEARS idea ahaha but maybe that’s just me(-∀-。) I still wonder who the blonde girl is……..(but seeing as she’s with atarva in the art I guess it’s probably just eve after all……??)

18 thoughts on “Yuukyuu no Tierblade ~Introduction~

  1. – Lol so it’s not just me calling them Gundams XD
    – I hope Cradle has a human form せっかくKakkiだから≧▽≦
    – I’ll be REALLY sad if this game isn’t story-based because in my case I’m really drawn in by the fantasy SF genre and I like Gundams and time slips/thousand years of time passing/immortality stuff and generally everything so far :’D Norn9 wasn’t setting/story-based and was romance-focused and I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED ;w; You’re not the only otome gamer who doesn’t really care about romance, me too. Can I have a good story with good character interactions first then romance second?
    – That interview really worries me coz it’s like it’s saying “Those who love SF and are interested in mecha, this game is NOT for you☆ 期待しないほうがいいよ☆” (苦笑)
    Ps. This is my first comment but I really like your blog≧▽≦♡

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      • Hi there<3! #Gundam is best (I love GS and GSD XD)

        The SF otome games I can think of are..

        Norn9 is fantasy SF (special abilities + futuristic technology)
        Chronostacia leans more towards fantasy but it's also a bit SF..
        Both weren't story-focused much :'D

        Clock Zero is non-fantasy SF! Time-themed stuff are either fantasy or SF (or both), so Natsuzora no Monologue would count too.


    • I know the tierblades or whatever probably won’t be important but that won’t stop me from calling it the gundam game in my head wwwww

      I hope so too!!!! since only 4 攻略キャラ have been announced…….(*゜▽゜) haitaka no psychedelica’s kinda restored my faith bc I was disappointed there were only 4 main guys bUT THEN THEY CAME OUT WITH A LOVE INTEREST VOICED BY NAMIDAI♡♡♡ wwww

      aaaaah I feel the same about norn9!!!!!!>< I don't talk about it much because so many people in the otome fandom seem to love it a lot but I was personally really disappointed in the way they handled the story;;;;;;; (it would've been a good plot if it actually mattered a bit more in the game lol)

      yeah thanks to the interview (especially since they mentioned how 'the game suits otome game beginners' which means it probably won't have a hardcore story anyway since that'll probably scare some people off😂😂😂) I'm not sure if I'll like this game(^◇^;)



  2. The art is so pretty! :Q
    Pity that the story sounds interesting but also kinda weird, if that makes sense (⌒_⌒;)
    I really like story-focused games too, you’re not alone! Though I don’t mind playing cute and sweet games like Starry Sky, fluff is nice too~

    Liked by 1 person

    • aaah I get you!!!!! I really hope they tell us more about what the world the game is set in is like because at the moment it just sounds super strange imo wwww
      I’m the type that kinda needs a mixture of both (I’m definitely still partly here for the hot mans✨✨✨) bc I’ll just get bored unless there’s a good story hahah/////

      definitely going to keep a lookout for this though!!!! the art is too good for me not to( ´ ▽ ` 🌸)


      • I’ll wait for more news about it, or reviews to happen to see what they say~
        Good art is definitely a very attractive point for me to wantnto play the games! I played Amnesia just because of the art (and Orion but shhh) but story for me super important. Characters are important too, the Starry Sky dudes are super cute dudes, so I get interested in knowing more about them ufu ~(^з^)-♡

        Liked by 1 person

      • man orion was the best part of amnesia ahaha~
        and yes I agree!!!! I find it hard sometimes to enjoy games with to doormat heroines too…..like I understand that it might make it easier to self-insert yourself into the heroine but honestly I’m offended that anyone thinks I can insert myself into such bland emotionless characters😂😂😂


      • /high five about Orion being the bae ❤
        I like when heroines tease or have strong personalities, makes me want to high five them because it's how I'd react xD
        I never self-insert, I liked Starry Sky but the kiss-the-screen CG weirded me out ^^'
        Right? Who'd want to be in the shoes of those doormat heroines, getting knocked around by the dudes? For real ಠ_ಠ
        It's why unless I'm like forced/convinced to play Diabolik Lovers, I don't think I will. Everything about it isn't exactly good, so I don't get the popularity /scratches head
        All the power to the girls who like it, though. I don't like it when people get judged based on what type of fiction they enjoy, so I really wish people didn't do it to the DiaLov fans :/
        I'm not sure I made sense oTL


  3. i love yanderes! (JK) OMFG i smell hidden route/character….. 4 is a little too less, love the art and the story sounds like Gundam (BTW i LOVE Gundam) i will have to get this game! let’s just save up and swim in the sea of salt in order to get the LE of this game and SO many other ones…..SAVE ME FROM HELL…

    Liked by 1 person

    • mmmm I’m like fine-ish with yanderes as long as its written well (though for some reason I still really like toma from amnesia even tho he’s crazy and not written all that well wwwww)
      AND YEAHHH I’m totally hoping the tiny robot gets some hot human form bc there must be a reason for why its voiced by kakki!!!

      ah….I think I watched gundam seed when I was really young with my sister but I honestly don’t remember what happened wwww

      omg ehhHHH I thought you were short on money already!!!!!(; ゜v ゜)エッ //praying for nanami’s wallet to hang in there//

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kakki is to bae to just be a AI, it needs to have a human from ^w^
        gundam seed and gundam seed destiny made me swim in the bath of tears..www
        yeah i’m short on money, but not anymore, i just got my paycheck and it’s about $400~ right now i only plan on getting cxm LE coz i already ordered nil and dwd LE, i’m so poor www

        Liked by 1 person

      • I hope he has a cute human form too wwww the only thing I really remember from gundam seed is the haros ahaha I just remember thinking they were really cute!!!
        wahhh congrats on having money again!! hehe
        I think I’ll wait for the reviews on nil admirari…….as for LEs I think I’ll get it for cxm and haitaka!!! (forever loyal to my namidai♡ w)

        Liked by 1 person

      • thx, i’m working more so i can have backup www
        i only watched 3 gundam… gundam seed (and S2) gundam 00 (these two was a tearbath) and gundam build fighter…
        well there must be hidden character… 4 is too less for a game by otomate www
        Nil and DWD was the only LE i’ve preordered, CxM will be a must for LE


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  5. I don’t know about this game…. like you, I prefer games that the focus is the story, but I don’t like mecha/sci-fi that much so I won’t be disappointed? I think just the white-haired guy really appeals to me, and maybe the blue-haired… but that is it


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