Haitaka no Psychedelica ~Introduction~


This is the story of a gentle love hidden beneath destruction.

Haitaka no Psychedelica (lit. Psychedelica of the Ash-grey Eagle・灰鷹のサイケデリカ) is the sequel to Kokuchou no Psychedelica, and will be released sometime in 2016!! It’s by the same staff who made first game, including the same artist, Yuiga Satoru. The official site describes it as a ‘phantasmagoric adventure.’ Though it’s a sequel, the staff have confirmed that you don’t have to play the first game to understand this game.^-^

edit (03/30) — new characters (hugh/lawrence/elric) added!!


A town controlled by two highly influential families, the Falsi and the Volg.
(the kanji in these family names are 鷹 and 狼, which mean ‘eagle’ and ‘wolf’ respectively)

Here, a girl was born with a right eye that glows red whenever her emotions grow too strong.

In this town, red eyes are a taboo known as the Witch’s Symbol. Fearing that she will be persecuted, she runs away and lives with a man in a crumbling tower that stands in a forest away from the town. Living with her is a one-eyed man who calls himself the lord of the tower. Though she hides her gender, the girl is able to live a peaceful life there, surrounded by allies.

One day, a mysterious treasure, known as the Kaleidovere, is stolen from the town’s church. From this point on, the girl beings to discover the secrets of the ‘magic stone’ hidden within the town, and the secrets of her own past.

The girl who’s life is turned upside down as she comes into
conflict the families that control the town.

Will she select the path of gentle despair, or the path of wounded hope —— ?



1The girl who must make a choice
Jed/Eiar (ジェド/エアル)
cv. Tamura Mutsumi

‘I have no intention of commanding you to do anything. There’s just something I’d like to ask of you.’

The girl who possesses the ‘Witch’s Symbol’ — her right eye that glows red whenever her emotions grow too strong. In order to hide this, she lives in a tower away from the village as a man. She works as a handyman to make a living. As she is skilled in housework-related things, like cooking and cleaning, she’s often made to serve the lord of the tower.

5The man who’s had a loss
Lord of the Tower (塔の主) aka Tower Overlord idk lol
cv. Hirakawa Daisuke

‘There’s no need to be so reserved. We’re both men, after all. There’s no way I’d do anything underhanded.’ omg everyone genuinely thinks the heroine is a dude wwwwwwww

The one-eyed man who lives with the heroine as the tower’s guardian. A mysterious figure who can erase his presence at will. He hates all troublesome things, and rarely appears in front of others. He willingly performs a spell to prevent Jed’s eye from glowing red, in which he kisses her right eyelid. He has no memories of his past.

※ on the site, instead of ‘恋愛エンディング対象’ (love ending available) his page only says ‘ending available’ so I’m guessing his route is something like a truth route!!

2The man who connects and defends
Lavan (ラヴァン)
cv. Hino Satoshi (神様ありがとさん)

‘Geez you’re really so……
I don’t what to do with myself when you say things like that.’

A young man who is next in line to lead the Vorg family. He always chooses his actions while thinking of others, and is respected and loved by many. He is the leader of the vigilante that is made up of young men from the Vorg family. He is always a step ahead of the heroine, and is an older brother-like existence to her.

thank u based otomate for hino satoshi onii-chan characters :^))))))

3The man who makes convictions
Levi (レビ)
cv. Saitou Souma (おおおお♡)

‘The son of a leader going out of his way to hurt commoners, huh.
The Falsi must have a lot of time on their hands.’

Son of the current leader of the Volg family, and Lavan’s younger brother. He has a habit of running his mouth, but he is a cheerful young man who often helps his brother out. Though he thinks of the heroine as a younger brother, he’s often the one who ends up receiving advice from the heroine.


The man who chases after something
Lugus (ルーガス)
cv. Furukawa Makoto

‘I won’t allow you to get in my way anymore than you already have. Now scram.’

Son of the Falsi family’s leader. Due to his cold expression and how intense he is, many find it difficult to approach him. He deeply respects his father, Olga, and assists him in his work. Though he is a leader to the young men in Falsi, he keeps his distance and mostly works on his own.

8The man who records the journey
Hugh (ヒュー)
cv. Namikawa Daisuke (AAAAAAAAAA)

‘We’ll meet again. Surely, it won’t be long……’

oTOMATE IM SORRY I DOUBTED YOU FOR ONLY HAVING 4 CHARACTERS ww im so happy about this thank u so much for the namidai (^q^)

Mysterious young man who comes and disappears as he pleases. He seems to know a lot about the secrets of ‘a certain thing’; it’s unknown as to whether he is friend or foe.


6The man who cooperates (aah………)
Lawrence (ロレンス)
cv. Toriumi Kousuke

‘This, too, might be a fated meeting. Could you accept a request of mine?’

A man who lives inside a church in town with Elric. He requests for the heroine to find ‘a certain thing’ that was taken away from the church.

(im crying psychedelica staff why must you hurt me like this orz)


7The boy who knows secrets
Elric (エルリック)
cv. Ishikawa Kaito (i hope everyone who played the first game is also crying like I am)

‘Actually, what are you even expecting from a child like me. You’re basically an adult, stop relying on me already.’

An orphan who lives in the church with Lawrence. He has a sharp-tongue and has a cheeky personality. He is
always with Usagi.(;v;;;;;;) He knows a lot about the city, and often provides the heroine with news.

is it important that he’s wearing a school uniform….?(´・ω・`) oh also he reminds me of shishiou!!! w


Usagi (ウサギ)
cv. Naganawa Maria



hi i just wanted to mention that the official english title is ‘psychedelica of the aa-nisus. snowdrop and via-kaleido stories for children’ and I honestly have no idea what it means so I left it out of the introduction wwwwwww I’m also not sure of any of the names (like falsi/volg) I just googled the katakana and hoped whatever english popped up was the right way to romanise it lol orz

putting that aside, aaaAAAAAA IM LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS/////// it’s a little disappointing that there are only 3 characters who have a ‘love end,’ especially since 4 routes in total is already quite little, but hopefully there’s a good story to make up for that;v;;;; edit: THEY INTRODUCED A NEW CHARACTER and he’s voiced by namidai im sorry for what I said otomate wwwwww kokuchou was really really good and made me cry a lot so hopefully they’ll be able to keep it up!!! (※always looking for more nakige to ruin my own life with♪)

the character designs are (like the first game~) really pretty!!!!! though there isn’t a particular guy that stands out much to me atm (ty again for hino satoshi however w) tHE HEROINE IS SO COOL????? SHE’S REALLY GOOD LOOKING WW when I first saw her design I honestly thought I was looking at the standard shota character that every otome game has lol took me a while to realise that she’s not a playable character( ´ ▽ ` ;) but yeah I’m really interested in seeing how all this cross-dressing is gonna play out!!! tfw ur best bro was really not a bro at all (reminds me of nakatsu in hanakimi lolol I loved him so much in the tv show;v;;;;;) speaking of character designs though — I never really understood what the pattern thing (?) that beniyuri had on her hair was meant to be when I played kokuchou but now everyone in this game also has patterns in their hair wwwww oh well it looks cool I guess( ̄▽ ̄*)

I know they did mention that the game won’t be directly related to the first game and you can play it on its own but I really hope there’ll be like subtle references to kokuchou haha edit: lawrence and elric make me so sad;; even usagi is back aaaaaa;;;;;;; I like the recurring use of the words ‘despair’ and ‘hope’ in both descriptions of the game!! I have no idea what a via-kaleido story (lmao) is but maybe it’s a connection to the kaleidoscope in kokuchou????^-^”

anyway I’m looking forward to seeing more info on this game!! じゃぁ、まったね〜☆

7 thoughts on “Haitaka no Psychedelica ~Introduction~

  1. Omg, I can’t wait for this!! \>w</

    I also thought the feMC was a shota character we go after wwww Really excited for this and I hope it turns out really great! But you are right, 3.5 routes is not much these days… maybe it just means it's a longer story? I hope. I can get with it if it means they have a fantastic story/development~

    Also, that "official title" is really really long…. Thanks for the post! c:

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    • yeah, hopefully the story will make up for the small amount of routes;v;;;;; I don’t know if you’ve played it, but kokuchou had a few (pretty important) endings that you could get without actually being on anyone’s route so maybe they’ll do the same for this game!!! ^-^
      omg I honestly have no idea what the official english means ww it’s a mystery( ´ ▽ ` ;)

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  2. This games looks so good, it should be illegal how pretty otome games are ;v;
    I really like genderbender series! Hana Kimi is one of my favorite’s, so I’m really excited for this O(≧∇≦)O

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