PsychicEmotion6 ~Introduction~


「 This is the love ♥ story between you and the princes of space that shines brighter than anything else in the universe!

PsychicEmotion6 is an Otomate game slated for a 2016 release, and is based on the drama CD series of the same name! Art is by Karu (Meiji Tokyo Renka).


One day, a UFO somehow came falling from the sky onto the hill behind Etoile, the apartment complex you live in?!

From it, came the 5 princes of 5 different planets ——

It seems that you are actually a reincarnation of Kaguya-hime, and unless you initiate the Engage Ceremony (hello I think you’re looking for the word ‘wedding’) with one of these princes, the whole universe will be destroyed……!!

But just as you learn about this shocking truth, the situation gets even worse!

Along with the sudden entrance of a mysterious bishounen transfer student at your school, your peaceful life completely turns around when you meet these 5 princes.
(clearly the tenkousei is important too — there’s a reason why its called psychic emotion ~6~, not 5 wwww)

This magnificent love story, where the emotions of the stars, moon, and the earth collide with one another, begins now!


1Tsukishima Hikari (月嶋 ヒカリ)
cv. n/a

The heroine of this game. A cheerful and energetic girl in her second year of high school.

wow what a description!! there are also about 600 other otome heroines which this could apply to!!!!! (´‐` ○)




2The wild romanticist king of Mars
Hinomiya Kazuteru (火ノ宮 一輝)
cv. Suzuki Tatsuhisa

‘We have more than enough time for us to deepen our bonds and talk to each other. The two of us will surely become to get closer and closer, won’t we……’

Has an ore-sama attitude and is curious about everything.
Though he often causes trouble with this curiosity of his, when push comes to shove, he has the ability to make rational decisions and lead others. Though he is just a prince, he acts as if he is the king.

The white tiger who always follows Kazuteru is called Laian, (did he really name his tiger ‘lion’) and acts as a bodyguard to him.

3The cool blizzard of Mercury
Minase Aoi (水瀬 )
cv. Hosoya Yoshimasa (おおおhosoyan!!!!)

‘Stop running from me already……
Stay by my side like this for the whole day today.’

The prince of Mercury who only speaks when necessary, and doesn’t really show any emotions. Because he is a honest person and will bluntly state his opinion, he can give others the impression that he is tactless and rude, but his words are mixed with kindness as he is often thinking of others when he speaks his mind.


4The confident prodigal artist of Jupiter
Kiya Shiina (木夜 椎名)
cv. Kaji Yuuki

‘This is the first time I’ve ever relied on someone like this.
……after all, I’ve always, always been alone.’ (noooooo;v;;;)

The genius prince of Jupiter who can do everything effortlessly. He is a little cynical at times and a realist, and hates people who talk about big dreams as if they’re easy things to achieve. He is a very prideful prince, and often looks down on those around him.

He values his alone-time (lmao same), and enjoys listening to music and reading.

5The devilish angel of Venus (that makes noooo sense wwww)
Kinjou Mizuki (金城 瑞希)
cv. Kimura Ryouhei

‘Hahaha what are you talking about?~
It’s alright. I’ll be by your side foreeeeever and ever……okay?’
(※ the resident yandere, probably)

The devilish prince of Venus who loves seeing the faces of people in shock, and often plays pranks on others. Whenever his pranks don’t go as planned, he’ll sulk by puffing out his cheeks.  idk how to describe this but it’s basically this ww —> ( )ε´( ) ブーブー!!

He plays the most pranks on the people who have let their guards down to him. When his pranks go too far, he will approach you gently as his way of showing that he’s sorry.

He is always seen with his friend, Catherine.

6The elegant knight of Saturn
Midou Subaru (美土宇 )
cv. Suwabe Junichi

‘It’s strange……I was never interested until I actually met you, Princess.
But now, I might just want to know a little more about you.’

The prince of Saturn who gives off an air of mystery. Due to the neutral way he always acts, its hard to tell when he’s really thinking. He’s very observant, and is very considerate.

He is extremely picky with food, and refuses to eat anything related to animals or containing protein.

7The mysterious two-sided phantasm
Kurosaki Tsukasa (黒崎 )
cv. Shimazaki Nobunaga

‘Just like those princes, I’m……no, nevermind!
I love you much much muuuuuuch more than they do!’

A mysterious bishounen who appeared around the same time as the princes of the planets. He is cheerful and sociable, but there is a true side to him that he is hiding……(i.e.the next character on this list)


8The leader of the space pirates, Phantom, who desires to destroy the world
cv. Shimazaki Nobunaga

‘I’ll achieve my goal, no matter what it is that I have to sacrifice for it……
Yes……even if the sacrifice is you……’

A mysterious man who wishes for the destruction of this world. (what even is a space pirate???? lol)


9Kirara’s curt but kind cousin
Sumeragi Kida ( 日高)
cv. Seki Tomokazu

‘Come on, notice that I’ve reached my hand out towards you……
Aah, geez……! I’m telling you — it’s dangerous if you walk over there, so come closer to me!’ (CLASSIC TSUNDERE)

The cousin of your best friend, Kirara. (who in their right mind names their child kirara…..) He’s curt and hard to approach. He speaks his mind, but he is kind at heart.


10Catherine (キャサリン)
cv. Miyata Kouki
(what’s with all these tiny robots getting popular seiyuu ww)

The robot who’s always around Mizuki. It stores a wide range of knowledge, and takes on the role of supporting Mizuki.

Mizuki affectionately calls it ‘Cathy-chan.’




11Your cross-dressing childhood best friend
Mion Kirara (海音 キララtHIS NAME…….
cv. Suzuki Yuuto

‘Let’s go shopping together this weekend! You’ll go, right?♪’

A cross-dresser who loves cute things. Both the heroine’s best friend and her childhood friend, his cheerfulness always brings a smile to the faces of those around him. He is a good friend who’s always on your side.




is it just me or does the story sound like it’s going nowhere wwww BUT that doesn’t matter because this is probably going to be one of those games where it’s just gonna be full of ギャグ and sweet fluffy romance anwyay???(=゚ω゚)ノ ngl 80% of why I wrote this post was to make dumb comments about how ridiculous all this sounds ww

so yeah I haven’t heard the drama CDs and I probably won’t be getting this either haha( ´ ▽ ` ;) oh and pretty sure from the way they refer to the heroine as ‘you’ that the heroine’s going to be mostly there for self-insert so I guess stay away if you don’t like doormat heroines??? but if you’re looking for something lighthearted this seems like it’ll be fun!!

p.s. kirara is literally goals he’s so cute✨✨✨

2 thoughts on “PsychicEmotion6 ~Introduction~

  1. ahaha this sounds like my kind of game to be honest, space princes + space pirates? Nice… i’ve never heard of this before (or the drama cds?) but has my interest already!! thank you very much for the translation!!! ´q`

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