Alice of Black and White ~Introduction~


Black and white. This is the story of two girls who wandered into two worlds —–

わーい another game announcement from Otomate, this time in collobaration with KOGADO!! This is KOGADO’s first work under their new label, Girls Project.

Alice of Black and White (白と黒のアリス・Shiro to Kuro no Arisu) is slated for a 2017 release for the PS Vita. Art is by Mochimochita and KOGADO Studio, and it also seems that there will be a manga adaptation by Fujimaru Mamenosuke (who apparently also worked on the manga of quinrose’s alice…..??? lol). Scenario writers are Uozumi Yukiko (Meiji Tokyo Renka) and Kouzuki Hajime (multiple drama CDs).


Route: White

The sky, covered in clouds — the World of White.
On a rainy day, the heroine Airi, a high school second year student who lives a peaceful life, meets a certain young on her way home.

The young man, drenched in the rain without an umbrella, tells Airi that he’s ‘come to meet her.’ In fear and confusion, Airi runs from him, but ends up getting caught.

Suddenly, she’s finds herself in a place she has no recollection of.
The same young man introduces himself as ‘the Black Rabbit, Rain’ and tells her this:

‘Alice, you will now become the queen of this world——’


Route: Black

A blue sky with no edges — the World of Black.
A sudden coup d’état takes place in the land that the second heroine, Luna, rules as the queen.

The Queen’s advisors — the Black Rabbit, Rain, and the White Rabbit, Snow — who saw this as a serious threat, executed a plan which involved Luna taking refuge in the World of White while a candidate for the new queen would be brought back to the World of Black.

And so, Luna was brought to the World of White, and Airi to the World of Black.
The two girls who swap places; the secret behind their two worlds is……?



1 Heroine of the White Route
Airi (愛日梨)
cv. n/a

‘This place feels somewhat familar, even though I’ve never been here before.’ (i guarantee u this has sth to do with her childhood memories)

Second year student at Aiyama High School. Surrounded by her family and friends, she lives a peaceful life.



8 Heroine of the Black Route
Luna (ルナ)
cv. n/a

‘My only wish is to return to my own world. That’s all.’

The current queen of the World of Black. She has a strong sense of responsibility, hates to losing, and takes pride in her position as the the Queen.



3 The Black Rabbit
Rain (レイン)
cv. Umehara Yuuichirou

‘There’s no use in resisting. Become the Queen, and live here for the rest of your life.’

A man of few words, he is one of the Queen’s advisors. He always puts his duty before anything else, and does not show much emotion, acting very cold to Airi too. Snow’s younger twin.

ah yes otome game sebastian michaelis

7The White Rabbit
Snow (スノウ)
cv. Masuda Toshiki

‘Don’t worry. No one will really notice the small issues, after all.’

One of the Queen’s advisors, and the older twin. He is friendly to all and has a soothing personality. Though he always has a warm smile on his face, when it comes to his job, he can sometimes forcefully make things go his way. (i s2g he’s the type that looks ~gentle and kind~ but actually has some traumatic past and is 600% messed up inside)


2✦ The Cheshire Cat
Minette (ミネット)
cv.Kimura Ryouhei

‘What cute face. Where did you come from? How old are you?’ (おまわりさんこっちです)

A self-proclaimed magician. He has a pretty face, but he’s always wandering about, and no one can understand his intentions. Childhood friends with Jack, the leader of the Royal Knights.

would 10/10 play this for the cat on his shoulder iTS SO CUTE……..

6 The Knave of Hearts 
Jack (ジャック)
cv. Okitsu Kazuyuki

‘Um, since the weather’s so nice today…..ah, no, that’s not what I meant to say — um……’ (SO CUTE how did this guy even become the leader of the knights wwww)

The leader of the Royal Knights. He does his work seriously and is a kind person. He is a skilled swordsman, but always gets nervous around Luna and acts somewhat strangely as a result. Childhood friends with Minette, the Cheshire Cat.

4 The March Hare 
Nello (ネロ) NELLO..its me…..i was wondering, if after all these years……
im lauhging so hard at my own joke omfg

cv. Shimono Hiro

‘You seem bored…shall I take you away from here?’

A young merchant who’s often seen in the castle. He loves anything that’s fun and interesting, and dislikes anything complicated or difficult. He’s good friends with the Mad Hatter, Kanon, whom he’s often seen together with.

5 The Mad Hatter
Kanon (カノン)
cv. Hanae Natsuki

‘I’m tired today, so I’ll be leaving now. See you.’

A young man who works as a hatter in town. He has a twisted personality that doesn’t match his appearance, and generally doesn’t care about other people. (lmao same) He’s good with his hands, and is particularly good at embroidery and sewing.

aaah he looks like tono from clock zero;v;;;;;;;



welp here’s another game I don’t know what to think about…….ヽ(´o`;

I mean we all know the alice in wonderland theme’s been done too many times already wwww haha maybe it’s just me but I’m not really into adaptations of alice in wonderland; the story’s just so bizarre (ngl i was kinda scared of it as a kid) I think I’d find it hard to seriously enjoy a game set in it’s world/////////

it’s nice that there’s 2 heroines though!!!!!! (though none of the guys really stand out much to me orz) luna seems like she’ll be an interesting character??(´∀`=) aah but one problem I have with multiple heroines is that usually they end up with very stereotypical personalities/one-dimensional ww I guess it’s because they have to emphasise that they’re different from each other????? idk maybe that’s just the impression I’ve gotten from games with multiple heroines before w like if she’s tsundere she’s gotta be tsundere all the way or else she’ll seem too much like the other heroine!!!!! aaaaa I dunno///// idk why but a part of me is also under the impression that 2 heroines means the story won’t really matter because in the first place there can’t be that much of a story if they can split it between 2 different heroines…..coughs norn9 AAAAAA idk my thoughts are going all over the place I’m actually sick right now so maybe that’s why ww sorry!!!! ><

SO YEAH can't really say I'm interested (thank god bc im running out of money to throw at otomate after 7scarlet cxm and psychedelica wwwwww) but I'll keep up with info just in case things cast list えへへへへ(´◉◞౪◟◉) do get more interesting!!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Alice of Black and White ~Introduction~

  1. All the cute pets are killing me with adorable ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
    All the Alice games adaptations are starting to be a bit too much tbh (・∀・)
    The art is pretty, but I do wonder if it’ll be worth it. I guess I’ll wait for reviews xD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I personally love alice in wonderland style games! >-> I’m always a sucker for mad hatters and Cheshire cats… personally I really am loving Jack though! It seems pretty interesting, I think. I haven’t played anything with two heroines before, so contrary I’m really interested.


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