🌸 Otomate Party 2016 Announcements 🌸


Otomate Party 2016 took place over the weekend (13th – 14th of August) and so, as per usual, a bunch of new titles and projects have been announced!!! This post has translations of any info given in the announcement PVs.(^-^)/

PAGE 1 – new projects
PAGE 2 – 
other titles + overall thoughts


The Butterfly Incident
(蝶々事件Chouchou Jiken)

Art + manga: Shouoto Aya (Junketsu + Kareshi, Momochi-san Chi no Ayakashi Ouji)

Collobaration between ARiA, RED Entertainment (Juuza Engi), and Otomate.

An ‘aesthetic mystery’ set in the Taishou Era.
Manga begins serialisation on September 28.

Everyone, from today on, this girl will be my sister. Please treat her well.
Do excuse me. It’s just that you smell really nice.

「 You smell so sweet.
Haha, if I touch you, the smell gets even stronger.

The 5th year of the Taishou era (1916)
— a certain girl arrives in the exotic cosmopolitan city of Yokohama.

Her scent leads them to madness ——

That expression of yours — so you’ve met them already?
I guarantee you, something bad is going to happen. 」 wow very reassuring thanks!!!!

Osomatsu-san THE GAME: Hectic Employment Advice ~Dead or Work~
(おそ松さん THE GAME はちゃめちゃ就職アドバイス ~デッド オア ワーク~Osomatsu-san THE GAME Hacha Mecha Shuushoku Adobaisu ~Deddo oa Waaku~)

Those sextuplets are back again?!

The legendary sextuplets who were famous over a whole generation have revived once again!

From the Showa era, long, long ago,
was an infamous gag manga that was known all over Japan,
and the original anime that was the perfect way to end the era.
Now that the streets have all changed, so have their lifestyles.
The sextuplets have also secretly grown in their own ways and have returned!

Living in the same house as before, Osomatsu-san and the others are still living in a my-pace way after becoming adults.
What are these characters, full of personality, like now…?!

To celebrate Akatsuka Fujio’s 80th birthday, the Osomatsu-san anime was made, reviving the once legendary work.
And now it’s back again!

As a game.

(バリアブル バリケード)

Art: Usuba Kagerou (Reine des Fleurs, Wand of Fortune)
Director: Iwata Shinobu (Wand of Fortune, Hakuouki Reimeiroku/Zuisouroku)

Would you marry me?

The stage is modern Japan. Before an ojou-sama high school student comes 4 mysterious men, who propose……
5 seconds after they meet?!’  

There’s a hidden side to this proposal.

—— as if I’ll fall for the likes of you. 」



Toujou Hibari (東条 ヒバリ) — heroine
‘I’ll reject all of you together, at once.’
Keyword: perfect

Yagami Nayuta (八神 那由太)
‘I’ll protect you…for the rest of my life, if possible.’
Keyword: believe

Mayuzumi Shion ( 汐音)
‘I smile the most beautifully when I’m by your side.’
Keyword: forgive

Isurugi Taiga (石動 大我)
‘I’ll bet my whole life on you.’
Keyword: challenge

Mitsumori Ichiya (光森 壱哉)
‘Come. I’ll make you the world’s happiest bride.’
Keyword: love

Crimson Flame ~Sanada Ninpouchou~
(真紅の焔~真田忍法帳~Kurenai no Homura)

Art: Shiki Sakigumi (Took over Kazuki Yone as Hakuouki artist)
Director: Fujisawa Tsunekiyo (Hakuouki movies, Toki no Kizuna)

This is ——
The demise during the Sengoku period, caused by the rivalry between warlords.

A last ray of hope shines from Osaka Castle.
This is the story of the Ten Heroes of Sanada.

—— come with me.
I’ll give you all a place to fight, beneath the sun.

Sengoku Night Blood
(戦刻ナイトブラッド・Sengoku Naito Buraddo)

Collaboration between Kadokawa, Marvelous!, and Otomate

Mobile game – a Sengoku romantic fantasy with art by popular artists. they are not joking when they say 豪華w

These generals battle each other ——
for ‘ me.

What I want is the world and —— you.



Oda army — Usuba Kagerou (Reine des Fleurs, Wand of Fortune)
Toyotomi army — Hanamura Mai (Collar x Malice, AMNESIA)
Uesugi army — Shiki Sakigumi (Hakuouki, Dance Trips)
Takeda army — miko (Code:Realize, Toki no Kizuna)
Sanada army — Kuroyuki (Period Cube, Black Wolves Saga)
Date army — Teita (NORN9, Juuza Engi)




Vampire: Oda Nobunaga (織田 信長)
The brutal sixth Demon King

Vampire: Toyotomi Hideyoshi (豊臣 秀吉)
The sly monkey who plays the fool

Werewolf: Uesugi Kenshin (上杉 謙信)
The beautiful, prideful general

Werewolf: Takeda Shingen (武田 信玄)
The man of tragedy who loved both humans and battle

Werewolf: Sanada Yukimura (真田 幸村)
A true warrior, loved by all

Werewolf: Date Masamune (伊達 政宗)
The single-eyed maverick who brings chaos to the world


7 thoughts on “🌸 Otomate Party 2016 Announcements 🌸

  1. As you said, Otomate also announces many games outside of OtoPa, so I’m not worried…. I bet they’re also working on something else! They probably just realized that they still haven’t released games announced last year, Fortissimo for example, so they have to focus on those for now…. anyway, I’m really happy for Klap FD and Nihil admirari sequel, so i’m not complaining!

    Liked by 1 person

    • aaaaah I really hope so!!!!;v;;; lol a part of me is convinced that they’ve given up on fortissimo and are just waiting for everyone to hopefully forget about it wwwww it’s been so long since any info about it’s come out……..

      I haven’t played any of the games getting FDs/sequels but I’m happy for you!!!!( ´ ▽ ` *)


  2. i’m not that interested too… (´;ω;`) among these projects, I think I will be keeping an eye on Chouchou Jiken because I love Aya Shouoto (I read her mangas) and Variable Barricade also looks interesting

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m with ya on uncomfortable vibes from chouchou jiken, not quite sure how to phrase it but these kinds of games are just not my thing www (also the smelling thing is creepy).
    The osomatsu game is bizarre but I’m actually really tempted to get it for the heck of it, Variable barricade looks like it could be really fun, esp if they play up the amusing…ness of random proposals, and Sengoku Night Blood looked pretty fun… but then I noticed it was a mobile game rip. But I guess I’ll hang around and wait for more info on all of them ;0

    (also I just discovered your blog a while ago, and your translations are great ! Seems like a lot of eng otome news blogs and sites are on hiatus rn, I would like to but rarely have the energy or time to translate news, so I’m really glad someone has picked up doing them…!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you get what I mean wwwww I usually steer clear of games where all the characters have a creepy obsession with the heroine w hopefully there’ll be more info soon!!!!;v;;;;

      and thank you so much!!!!! haha I just translate whatever interests me, but I’m glad you find it useful(´∀`=)


  4. You should check out some Shouoto Aya’s works, they are actually quite good lol. I have a feeling that the writing/plot for Chouchou Jiken will be lolz by the looks of how they introduce the game hahaha. As you had said, too much sengoku games this year. This just shows that they are running out of ideas or the writers that are actually decent all packed their bags and left so they had to throw out mobages and sequels to keep the company alive. Looking forward to your reviews and thoughts of the arriving games!

    Liked by 1 person

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