🌸 Otomate Party 2016 Announcements 🌸


Ikemen SengokuA Love Through Time ~ New Encounters ~
(イケメン戦国時を駆ける恋 新たなる出逢い・Ikemen SengokuToki wo Kakeru Koi Aratanaru Deai)

Vita port of Ikemen Sengoku, a mobile game by Cybird.

The man who saves you, after you travel back in time, is a general during the Sengoku period, Oda Nobunaga?!

A romance through time, filled with ups and downs, begins now——!

Experience a once in a lifetime romance during the Sengoku period ―――



Oda Nobunaga (織田 信長) — sadistic x self-centered (wow yes sounds fun to fall in love with indeed!!!!)
cv. Sugita Tomokazu

‘You——are you willing to become the woman of the one who will rule the world?’

Sanada Yukimura (真田 幸村) — ore-sama x tsundere
cv. Hosoya Yoshimasa

‘Stay behind me, always. I’ll make sure to protect you.’

Date Masamune (伊達 政宗) — unpredicatable x a hedonist
cv. Katou Kazuki

‘Make sure not to bore me, alright.
You’re going to satisfy me, right?’

Akechi Mitsuhide (明智 光秀) ― mysterious x likes to tease others
cv. Takeuchi Shunsuke

‘No, you say? Liar. You like being teased, don’t you.’ uhhHHH ok………..

Toyotomi Hideyoshi (豊臣 秀吉) — popular guy x older brother-type cause we always need some onii chans
cv. Toriumi Kousuke

‘Listen to what I say, okay?
For some reason, I just can’t stop worrying about you.’

Ishida Mitsunari (石田 三成) ― pretty face x sharp mind
cv. Yamaya Yoshitaka

‘Please rely on me when you need help.
……promise me this.’

Tokugawa Ieyasu (徳川家康) ― ambitious x devil’s advocate
cv. Masuda Toshiki

‘Do what you want. I have no interest in you.’

Uesugi Kenshin (上杉 謙信) — charismatic x yandere
cv. Miura Hiroaki

‘I live and die at battle. I don’t have time to be with a woman.’

Takeda Shingen (武田 信玄) — mature x playboy
cv. Umehara Yuuichirou

‘……come. I’ll show you what it’s like to love a general.’

Kennyo (顕如) ― emotionless x seeking recenve
cv. Shingaki Tarusuke

‘Well then……how would you like for me to make you cry?

Sarutobi Sasuke (猿飛佐助) ― cool x my-pace
cv. Akabane Kenji

‘Don’t worry. Sengoku life can be fun too, once you get used to it.’

i know nothing about the ikemen series but these are some of most ベタ lines ive heard in a while lolol ~*~mANZOKU SASETEKURERU DAROU~*~



Imagawa Yoshimoto (今川 義元) ― sexy x other-worldly
cv. Eguchi Takuya

Mori Ranmaru (森 蘭丸) ― little devil  x black-hearted idol they had idols during the sengoku period?? lol
cv. Aoi Shouta

KLAP!! ~Kind Love And Punish~ Fandisc
title tbc

Training, starts again!!

Fandisc production confirmed!
An after-story with those yuuma.

New routes for side-characters Oumi Ryo (cv. Kakihara Testsuya) and Hyuuga Shinobu (cv. Yasumoto Hiroki)!!

Make sure to practice how to train more.

Shinobu, Koi Utsutsu Fandisc
(忍び、恋うつつ ファンディスク)

Sweetness level: over 10000000000%
Fandisc production confirmed!

The Scales of Nil Admirari ~ The Mysterious Story of Teito ~  Sequel
(ニル・アドミラリの天秤 ~帝都幻惑綺譚~ 続編Nil Admirari no Tenbin ~Teikoku Genwaku Kitan~ Zokuhen)
title tbc

A new fire burns within the imperial capital.
The weight of sin. The value of a soul.
To love, and to be loved.

Once again, the scales begin to shift.

It seems that production for an anime adaptaion has also begun!!


WELL I’d be lying if I say I wasn’t disappointed……..orz

first of all hOW MANY SENGOKU PERIOD GAMES DO WE NEED wwwww like ok only one of them is for vita and the other two are a port and a mobage but I literally just copied and pasted the character names for one game into the another one’s section because I realised half of them were all the same anyway NOT THAT I’M AGAINST SENGOKU OR ANYTHING there’s just..a lot lolol

lol I actually didn’t know nil admirari was that popular..????? (like popular enough to receive a sequel ww) cries they never ever make anime adaptations of games I’ve actually played/really liked;v;;;;;;;; I know a lot of people have mentioned this already but there’s just a lot of FDs/sequels and not enough really a lot of new content????  (especially since one of the new titles is a mobile game……) there were 6 releases for the vita announced last year and only 4 this year — and this is just a matter of personal preference but I’m not really into historical games or osomatsu-san so that leaves only chouchou jiken and variable barricade;v;;;;;;;

I’m intrigued by how they’ve described chouchou jiken as an ‘aesthetic mystery’ and I like shouoto aya’s art style (though I haven’t read any of her works before w) but the whole はぁはぁ u smell so good ( ≖‿ゝ≖)  thing kinda…….puts me off wwwwww IDK IT JUST GIVES ME BAD VIBES W

variable barricade seems like it’ll be really fun (im 100% ready to decline shady proposals and roast them all) plus the art quality is guaranteed bc usuba kagerou but like I definitely was excited to see more mystery/story-based games like 7’scarlet or collar x malice announced last year (sPEAKING OF WHICH THEY’LL BE DELIVERED IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS im so excited aaaaaaaa////)

then again, otomate did announce quite a lot of games this year that weren’t mentioned at otomate party (like tierblade, hana oboro etc.) so hopefully there’ll be something I’m more interested in among those games!!!!;v;;;

feel free to let me know what you think of these titles in the comments!!(´∀`=)

7 thoughts on “🌸 Otomate Party 2016 Announcements 🌸

  1. As you said, Otomate also announces many games outside of OtoPa, so I’m not worried…. I bet they’re also working on something else! They probably just realized that they still haven’t released games announced last year, Fortissimo for example, so they have to focus on those for now…. anyway, I’m really happy for Klap FD and Nihil admirari sequel, so i’m not complaining!

    Liked by 1 person

    • aaaaah I really hope so!!!!;v;;; lol a part of me is convinced that they’ve given up on fortissimo and are just waiting for everyone to hopefully forget about it wwwww it’s been so long since any info about it’s come out……..

      I haven’t played any of the games getting FDs/sequels but I’m happy for you!!!!( ´ ▽ ` *)


  2. i’m not that interested too… (´;ω;`) among these projects, I think I will be keeping an eye on Chouchou Jiken because I love Aya Shouoto (I read her mangas) and Variable Barricade also looks interesting

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m with ya on uncomfortable vibes from chouchou jiken, not quite sure how to phrase it but these kinds of games are just not my thing www (also the smelling thing is creepy).
    The osomatsu game is bizarre but I’m actually really tempted to get it for the heck of it, Variable barricade looks like it could be really fun, esp if they play up the amusing…ness of random proposals, and Sengoku Night Blood looked pretty fun… but then I noticed it was a mobile game rip. But I guess I’ll hang around and wait for more info on all of them ;0

    (also I just discovered your blog a while ago, and your translations are great ! Seems like a lot of eng otome news blogs and sites are on hiatus rn, I would like to but rarely have the energy or time to translate news, so I’m really glad someone has picked up doing them…!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you get what I mean wwwww I usually steer clear of games where all the characters have a creepy obsession with the heroine w hopefully there’ll be more info soon!!!!;v;;;;

      and thank you so much!!!!! haha I just translate whatever interests me, but I’m glad you find it useful(´∀`=)


  4. You should check out some Shouoto Aya’s works, they are actually quite good lol. I have a feeling that the writing/plot for Chouchou Jiken will be lolz by the looks of how they introduce the game hahaha. As you had said, too much sengoku games this year. This just shows that they are running out of ideas or the writers that are actually decent all packed their bags and left so they had to throw out mobages and sequels to keep the company alive. Looking forward to your reviews and thoughts of the arriving games!

    Liked by 1 person

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