The Library of Dorico ~Introduction~

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 This book must not be passed onto the next era…
I beg of you, please—— 

The Library of Dorico (ドリコの図書艦 ・Doriko no Toshokan) produced by Rejet will be released for the PS Vita in 2017. (? not sure) It’s officially described as a ‘sweet and nostalgic tale that rebuilds both the Showa and Heisei periods.’ Art is by Yoshinaga.

※ just a note but like their usotsuki game this game’s title is also a pun!!! thanks rejet :^))) here they replaced the ‘kan’ in ‘toshokan’ (図書館・library) with another ‘kan’ (艦) which pretty much means ‘warship’ — I’m assuming that this a reference to how the library in the game is basically like a ship (since its pretty much in the sea I think??) but it might have some sort of deeper meaning!!!


On an early summer’s day, just before the rainy season is about to begin, you discover a mysterious, indecipherable book, as well as a man named Dorico — the self-proclaimed God of the land you are in.

And like that, the story begins——

The stage is set in Heisei 30 (2018), where a portion of Japan’s culture was lost due to World War 2.5. (wahts 2.5 even supposed to mean dsjkdhakd how do u have half a war) With many of its books damaged during the war, you, the heroine, become the ‘librarian’ of the Gunjou Island Library (群青島 lit. Ultramarine Island), the ruins of a library built upon a cobalt blue sea.

It is then, when you discover a mystery book that surpasses the laws of time.

(seriously the plot seems vaguely interesting but the way they wrote the premise is so boring lol like it just ends at ” then u discover a book.” like ok??? so whats the actual story ?????????)



7The librarian who possesses Dorico’s power
Fujikura Yurisa (藤倉 ユリサ) i loVE Y OU

A rookie ‘librarian’ who is assigned to the library on Gunjou Island. She’s loved reading since she was a child, and greatly treasures rare or valuable books.

She becomes the heroine of a story through time from the moment she discovers a book containing the God of the land, Dorico.


1The rebellious delinquent librarian
Akagiri Michiru (赫切 ミチル)
cv. ???

A ‘librarian’ sent from the British Library to Gunjou Island. He is a mixed-race born from a Japanese father and English mother. As he has lived overseas for most of his life, he struggles to use keigo when speaking Japanese. Due to his rough behaviour, others often try to pick fights with him — a trouble-maker, he often returns the favour with no hesitation.

As he does not possess an official certification to become a librarian, many suspect that he was only able to become one through connections.

Birthday: March 29, Heisei 11 (1999) | Taurus
ayyy we’re same year

2The cold, cruelly strict librarian
Onibana Senri (鬼華 センリ)
cv. ???

An elite ‘librarian’ who is rumoured to be the next Head. Due to his strict personality, he has been nicknamed the ‘Oni-librarian.’ Though the way he speaks can come of as rather cold, he does so because he knows someone of his status must value equality. 

At heart, he is actually easily swayed by his emotions. At times, he behaves somewhat like an old man.

Birthday: January 15, Heisei 8 (1996) | Capricorn

3The sharp-tongued realist secretary
Kuchiwa Shenmei (九千輪 シェンメイ) love the random chinese name lolol
cv. ???

A ‘librarian’ in the same year as Senri. He has been assigned the role of a secretary. He is a realist who doesn’t believe in things like fortune-telling, or ghosts. He is also very observant and always thinks rationally. Though he speaks in a calm tone, he often hurts others with his cruel words.

He was the heroine’s classmate during middle school, and so this is the first time they have seen each other in years.

Birthday: February 11, Heisei 9 (1997) | Aquarius


5The domineering police officer
Oki Ikuma ( 伊久磨) MY FAV I LL OVE LONG HAIR
cv. ???

A Showa era police officer working in Gunjou Island. As the island is rather peaceful, he often patrols the island by leisurely taking walks around it. He is a believer in the idea that only men should be in control, and that women should simply follow after them. (rip)

On the other hand, he has a rather delicate side to him, and loves flowers and the outdoors. His strong love for his homeland means that he can be quite harsh towards outsiders.

Birthday: October 10, Showa 24 (1949) | Libra

4The oblivious and ‘my-pace’ artist
Shirazumi Asahi (白墨 )
cv. ???

A resident of Gunjou Island during the Showa era. Though he is currently teaching art at an elementary school, his goal is to become a professional artist. His sociable and caring personality has made him very popular among the children on the island.

Though he is quite manly and reliable, at the same time, he is often out of the loop and can be quite oblivious to things. He is also easily embarrassed, and will quickly change the topic if anything related to love or romance comes up in a conversation. He has a sweet tooth.

Birthday: July 20, Showa 21 (1946) | Cancer

6The unconsciously do-S novelist
Zaita Yuzuki (在田 柚木)
cv. ???

A resident of Gunjou Island during the Showa era. A popular novelist who was recently awarded the Rookie Novelist award. He is staying in Gunjou Island as a special instructor at a middle school, while his next novel on the side.
hey @yuuma from dialovers is this ur brother from the showa era

Though he himself has is not conscious of it, he can sometimes ask for the extreme from others. (how bad does he have to be for him to be called ‘unconsciously’ do-S lololol) While he is a romanticist, he prefers the romances within his imagination rather than the ones in real life. (jdhfskhfda ssame)

Birthday: November 3, Showa 22 (1947) | Scorpio


(googling) ‘is it bad to buy game only bc heroine is rly beautiful’

bUT REALLY I’m only here for the heroine (and ikuma♡♡) tbh…….. it might just be the artist’s style but some of the guys give me extreme dialovers feels which is sLiGhtLY off putting. and they didn’t really bother to explain the plot properly so I have no idea what to think about it¯\_(ツ)_/¯ in the game world there seems to be some librarian organisation (??) and idk why they keep putting quotes around the word ‘librarian’ but I’m guessing rather than actual usual librarians they take care of and protect books and rare documents after the so-called war??????? or something like that ww

also I find it interesting that despite this dorico guy totally sounding important (since he’s a god and all), there isn’t a route for him??🤔🤔🤔 in ur average otome game he’d totally be the mysterious chara with the locked route lolol — there’s already 6 guys so the possibility of a hidden route is unlikely too…… but hey what do I know maybe he just has a different role in the story wwwww

I’ve been discussing potential seiyuu with friends but I SWEAR the asahi guy is going to be torikou? ?? ? ? ? he just..screams toriumi kousuke to me idk wwww they’ll hopefully include namidai in the cast if I’m lucky (unlucky for my finances おほほほh) in general, I don’t rly know what to think about this game but they could do something promising with this premise (time travellign = potential for sad endings!11!!!!1!1!) so I’ll keep my hopes up!!!!!(and wait for cast list to come out)

4 thoughts on “The Library of Dorico ~Introduction~

  1. One of the few reasons why I’m interested is… the heroine! she’s indeed beautiful (❁´◡`❁)
    but the guys don’t really seem to be my type. I actually liked Shenmei’s chara design but idk ;; some are giving me dialovers vibes too…

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