🌸 Otomate Party 2017 Announcements 🌸

Pio Fiore no Banshou
(ピオフィオーレの晩鐘 · The Evening Bell of Pio Fiore)

Director Takamura Asahi (YunohanaSpRING!)
Scenario writer Kazura Ringo (Ouma ga Toki, Kami Naru Kimi To)
Art RiRi (YunohanaSpRING!, Binary Star)


Set in South Italy in the early 20th century, right after WWI…
By the Adriatic Sea, lies the beautiful and historical city of trade, “Burlone”——
— A nest of criminals.
— Corruption and eradication.
— A dangerous area of constant conflict.

Those who control this city are —— the mafia.

Three families, against each other: Falzone, Visconti, and Lao-Shu. wow otomate! thank u for representing my people in ur mafia game !

Though precarious, the balance between the three families that has continued over many years suddenly collapses one day……due to the existence of a certain girl.

The secrets to everything lie silent, still asleep within the city——


1The “key” who collapses the balance
Liliana (リリアーナ)
cv. n/a

“Run? But where can I go——”



2The young caporegime of the Falzone family
Dante (ダンテ)
cv. Ishikawa Kaito

“We are men with ‘prestige.’ ”



3The new leader of the Visconti family
Gilberto (ギルバート)
cv. Morikubo Showtaro

“You look beautiful. As I expected, it suits you well.”



4The mysterious leader of Lao-Shu dsjfhksh ttheir fgkicnjg group name is mouse iM DEAD
Yang (楊 · ヤン)
cv. Okamoto Nobuhiko

“It seems like I’ll finally be able to have some fun tonight……”


5The right-hand man of Falzone’s caporegime
Nikola (ニコラ)
cv. Kimora Ryouhei👀👀👀👀

“Your smile is the greatest reward I could ever receive.”

dskdfhsj hES SO C UTE


6The informant who’s origins are unknown to all
Orlok (オルロック)
cv. Toyonaga Toshiyuki

“I am your ally.”




woooooo mafia theme!!! i feel like ive seen 4324578 drama cd series (or maybe its just bc rejet is non-stop making sequels for that one series lol) but not a lot of games? so this sounds cool!!! idk they don’t really elaborate on the story very much but there is definitely potential i guess\\\o/// (i have mi eye on nikola and orlok ww) if u havent noticed already i literally cannot take the chinese group seriously im like both extremely amused and confused at the same time djfkshdfd


6 thoughts on “🌸 Otomate Party 2017 Announcements 🌸

  1. oh that variable barricade butler chara… I guess his name is Kasuga since I checked on B’s Log on weibo here (now it just a matter of time which seiyuu will voiced him) http://photo.weibo.com/2000566261/talbum/detail/photo_id/4089598951115320/album_id/3554651665127507

    I also goes for the same w/ you! I only looking fwd to that Cinderella game, CharadeManiacs, Mafia game (if otomate did the research right, i hope it would turn out to be great game), and VariBarri!! I think CharadeManiac is almost like social media thingy (which I kinda love it that they made story based on realistic approach so they will make us guess which chara is the seiyuu) but I just hope that wouldn’t be wasted potential sobs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • oH thanks for the link!!!!!! im praying that its a seiyuu i like ww
      aah so our interests match!!! hopefully all those games will head in the direction we want them to wwwww and yeah its cool that theyre announcing the seiyuu weekly on twitter?? it’ll keep us guessing for quite a while(`・∀・´)


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