🌸 Otomate Party 2017 Announcements 🌸


mmmm i feel like everything looks decent this year but at the same time im not really excited for any one of them either??orz for most of them im just like “this looks like it could be my thing depending on where they decide to go with it” so i guess i’ll just have to wait and see………..the ones ill mainly be following are cendrillon palika, charademaniacs, pio fiore no banshou, and variable barricade!!(*´꒳`*) im looking forward to seeing the cast reveals for charade manaics wwww (@otomate if u play ur cards right and cast namidai as the right chara i will buy ur game wink wonk)

dialovers sequel is like whatever to me i havent touched a dl game in years but i was surprised by roroali sequel???? lol did it even sell that well???????? also wtf why is otomate releasing segmented pc games i bet u there are only gonna be 2 guys per game are they trying to pull a moneybee i dnot undersTA N D

speaking of sequels im pretty sad that they didnt announce a psychedelica sequel even tho  they were totally hinting at it haitaka;;;;;;; i even prayed to the otomate gods but i guess it wasnt enough sobs( ・∇・) they did finally announce cxm fd tho!!!!! im probably not gonna get it but im glad everyone else can finally date That Guy wwww (and hopefully we’ll learn more about shiraishi aaaaaa;v;;;;;;) i dont know anything about the rose of versailles series other than that its a rly old manga but they got all the psychedelica staff to work on it so it miiiiight be worth keeping an eye on ww

ill do my best to keep updating this post as info is released!!!! for now im dead this post took me way too long to write lolol i also just realised i left out the historical game with shiki sakigumis art but i will add that in soon…….////////


6 thoughts on “🌸 Otomate Party 2017 Announcements 🌸

  1. oh that variable barricade butler chara… I guess his name is Kasuga since I checked on B’s Log on weibo here (now it just a matter of time which seiyuu will voiced him) http://photo.weibo.com/2000566261/talbum/detail/photo_id/4089598951115320/album_id/3554651665127507

    I also goes for the same w/ you! I only looking fwd to that Cinderella game, CharadeManiacs, Mafia game (if otomate did the research right, i hope it would turn out to be great game), and VariBarri!! I think CharadeManiac is almost like social media thingy (which I kinda love it that they made story based on realistic approach so they will make us guess which chara is the seiyuu) but I just hope that wouldn’t be wasted potential sobs.

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    • oH thanks for the link!!!!!! im praying that its a seiyuu i like ww
      aah so our interests match!!! hopefully all those games will head in the direction we want them to wwwww and yeah its cool that theyre announcing the seiyuu weekly on twitter?? it’ll keep us guessing for quite a while(`・∀・´)


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