Charade Maniacs ~Introduction~

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 11.24.08 PM「 Can you still say you trust him 
even when you know he’s the “ traitor ”

CharadeManiacs (シャレードマニアクス), announced at Otomate Party 2017, is a PS Vita game slated for a 2018 release.

ARTIST Teita (Juuza Engi, NORN9, Hyakka Hyakurou)
DIRECTOR Saitou Asami (???)
WRITER Amemiya Uta (sub-writer for Psychedelica series, Ayakashi Gohan, Kenka Banchou Otome)


In the near future…

The heroine, Hiyori, leads a peaceful high school life as a second year student, with summer break just about to begin. That day, as she and her childhood friend are heading home after school, they are taken away by a mysterious figure to a strange world where – two moons – hang from the sky above them.

Before she realizes it, Hiyori has encountered 9 other people in the same predicament. Amidst their confusion, a masked man begins to speak.

Welcome to the world of Arcadia!
In this world, as long as you perform in our – drama series –,
any and all of your wishes will be granted!

In order to leave this parallel universe and return to the real world, the heroine and the 9 others have no choice but to work together and take part in this drama as a part of the cast. However, before long, they discover that there is a traitor lying among the 10 of them. The traitor’s goals and the reason this drama series is even taking place is…?

Trapped between suspicion and trust; as the curtains begin to fall,
whose hand will you choose to take —— ?


The game takes place in the near future; the world has been taken over by the System, a program designed to improve people’s lives. Protected by this airtight security system, people are leading fruitful lives. However, despite the strict monitoring and filtering of all content exposed to the general public, a single rumour began to circulate.

—— Parallel Universe Broadcasting.

Romance, suspense mystery…rumour had it that drama series’ featuring all sorts of different content were being broadcast on TV and online. Nobody knew who was uploading these prohibited videos, or why they were doing it — the only thing everyone knew was that these videos were being broadcast from a parallel universe.

However, the myth did not end there. It was said that the cast of the parallel universe broadcasts received the privilege to have their wishes granted in return.

No one had any way of knowing who were uploading these videos, why they were doing this, and, most importantly, where they were being filmed. However, as long as you could find the set – as long as you found a way to take part in these series’ – all your wishes would come true. Almost too good to be true, this rumour began to spread, and soon became an urban myth.

Despite the plentiful lives they led, to these 10 people who behind the bars of strict media censorship, this parallel universe was just like an Arcadia.


1Heroine — Sena Hiyori (瀬名 ヒヨリ)
cv. n/a

“There’s a rumour that’s been going around — that if you take part in the Parallel Universe Broadcasts, all your wishes will be granted.”

A second-year high school student at Gekkei High School. Childhood friends with Banjou Tomose, she tries to put her best into everything she does. The day before the beginning of summer break, she and Banjou encounter a mysterious man and are forced to take part in the rumoured “Parallel Universe Broadcasts.”

2#01 — Akase Kyouya (明瀬 キョウヤ)
cv. Saitou Souma

“If there really is a traitor among us, we may as well try and make them an ally.”

A young man attending tech school. He has a upbeat personality, and is very straightfoward. He possesses a strong sense of justice, and is the moodmaker of the group. He is also very athletic.

3#02 — Banjou Tomose (萬城 トモセ) banjo is lowkey my fav out of all of them even tho all i do is make fun of his name
cv. Suzumura Kenichi

“If I had to be honest — I think you’re far too naive.”

A first year student at same high school as Hiyori. The two have been friends since they were children; despite his cold personality, he is surprisingly overprotective when it comes to matters regarding her. He likes clam chowder. (omg mood) He is a member of the Theater Club.

4#03 — Chigasaki Mamoru (茅ヶ裂 マモル)
cv. Namikawa Daisuke THERE IT IS. THE BANE OF MY EXISTENce

“Oh dear, you don’t look well…please don’t strain yourself. Please put your own needs before others’, alright?” kKKkKEIG O

A very gentle and polite young man. He always offers a hand to the heroine when she is troubled, and is a very mellow person who prefers to avoid conflict when possible. His hobby is collecting succulents. follow for more soft mamoru uwu

5#04 — Dazai Mei (陀宰 メイ)
cv. Furukawa Makoto

“You brought us here and trapped us against our will; I don’t see how this is fair in anyway.”

Aloof, but kind deep down. He is one of the only sensible members of the otherwise eccentric group, and this is clear in his sarcastic retorts. He likes cats. confirmed: this a good guy

6#05 — Ebana Keito (獲端 ケイト)
cv. Maeno Tomoaki aaaah i feel like i havent played sth w/ maenu in it in a long while;v;;;;

 “Just how carefree can you get, you fool?“

Despite his straitlaced appearance, he has a sharp tongue, and is constantly getting in arguments with others. However, like Mei, he is also one of the sole voices of reason within the group. He is good at cooking.

7#06 — Futami Ryouichi (双巳 リョウイチ)
cv. Seki Tomokazu

“At the very least, we know these people actually intend on granting our wishes. Just knowing that there’s a chance we’ll be able to return changes things.”

A young man attending art school. He is good with hands, and he enjoys crafting with silver. Within the group, he is an older brother-like existence (oF COURSE..) who keeps the members in line.

8#07 — Gyoubu Souta (凝部 ソウタ) gOD I HATE HIS HAIR
cv. Matsuoka Yoshitsugu

“Since we’ve all been put in the same predicament, we may as well work together to get us out of it…no~?”

A student who is apparently from the same high school as Hiyori. However, Hiyori doesn’t think she’s seen him around before…(?) He has a rather carefree personality and is quite the eccentric, even among the members of the group. He loves playing games that aren’t electronic.

9#08 — Haiji Takumi (廃寺 タクミ)
cv. Okamoto Nobuhiko

“So what you’re saying is…we have no choice but to listen to these people?”

A young man of few words, his head constantly seems to be in the clouds. Excluding the fact that he obviously loves ice cream, nothing else is really known about him. aah he reminds me a lot of hisoka from a3! w

10#09 — Iochi Mizuki (射落 ミズキ) ♡ EVERYONES FAVOURITE ♡
cv. Ogata Megumi umMMmmM YES??????

“It’s possible that this is all a prank, or a joke. Regardless, the mastermind behind this is most likely…that unsettling man.”

The oldest member of the group, they possess androgynous features. In contrast to their cool appearance, Mizuki is easily amused and excitable. They are in charge of keeping everyone in order. To the group, Mizuki’s gender is as much of a mystery as the existence of the Parallel Universe Broadcasts are.


aaaaaaaa how do i explain my thoughts for this game…….

the plot itself is ????? definitely www unique to say the least wwwwwww
they had me in the beginning with the traitor and kidnapping stuff but then suddenly it’s like?? censorship? in a futuristic society??? being forced to act in the TV series from a parallel universe??????????? LMAO like damn otomate i look away for like 3 sec and u show up with this wild af story
I MEAN depending on the way they execute it, the plot obviously still has potential I was just super taken aback when I first read about it lolol

I personally really hope the bright pop aesthetic they’ve been using is like. a facade for the underlying mystery and shocking plot but I’m probably wrong wwwww from the way they promoted the game it’s very obvious the game’s main selling points (at least some of them) are the characters + group interactions and seiyuu
and I guess I’m especially skeptical bc there are 9 guys???? lol the more I think about it the more my hopes for it to be plot-centric just fall………….w yo I can barely finish games w/ 5 – 6 characters idk if I’m strong enough for 9 routes wwwwww

also UNFORTUNATELY they had to go and tempt me with namidai and idk why but i love banjo and his dumb-sounding name so

I’m putting this one on hold for now..w

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