Cendrillon palikA ~Introduction~


5 minutes till the clock strikes twelve.
Now, Cinderella. It’s time you woke up from your curse —— 

Cendrillon palikA (サンドリヨンパリカ), announced at Otomate Party 2017, is a Nintendo Switch game slated for a 2018 release.

ARTIST Suzushiro Karin (Norn9 FDs)
DIRECTOR Koijuuri (?)
WRITER Sasaki Maro (sub-writer for Trigger Kiss, Yuukyuu no Tierblade, Yunohana SpRING!)



The beautiful town of glass, « Toukyou » (透京·lit. the transparent city).
—— However, this town is cursed.

While the curse means no one can leave Toukyou for good, the townspeople are able to exit the town for a short amount of time — as long as they keep something made from glass on them. However, if they do not return before the clock strikes midnight, they will suffer a painful, despairing death as their bodies slowly turn to glass…

One day, a girl who had been living a peaceful everyday life in Toukyou meets a certain magician. The magician informs her about a special pair of glass slippers, and of a way to break the curse.

Make the  « The Astrolabe of Judgement »  move once more.

Somewhere else, 6 young men each receive a message — and along with it, a single glass slipper.
Is this all part of somebody’s plan, or is God merely playing a prank on them…?

However, the girl is yet to find out…
About the truth that has been hidden to them all, and about the secret which lies in the glass slippers.

And so, as tears collide with the wheel of fate,
the curtains to a beautiful, yet sorrowful story begin to rise ——


Toukyou (透京)

The capital city of Japan. (oh ok so “japan” is still a thing, they just changed the kanji for tokyo LMAO)

A beautiful town once admired by people far and wide, its buildings and structures are all made from glass. However, at one point in time, a curse was placed on it, causing it to become a sorrowful paradise. The town itself is shaped in a circle, and is enclosed by a thin layer of glass.

Due to the curse, certain restrictions were created.

1) One must wear an item made from glass when leaving Toukyou.
2) If one does not return before midnight, they will turn to glass, leading to death.
3) One may leave Toukyou during the sunrise of each day.

The Astrolabe of Judgement (審判のアストロラーベ)

A clock at the top of the clocktower which was built in the very center of Toukyou. The town’s most well-known landmark, it is off-limits to regular townspeople. The clocktower is generally guarded by a watchman, while the tower itself is managed by the ruler of Toukyou, « M ».


The ruler of Toukyou who is in charge of managing the Astrolabe, as well as the town itself. The role is always passed down to a different woman. However, there are few who know her personally.

The Touen Forest (透淵ノ森)

A dense forest surrounding Toukyou. There is only one path between the gates of Toukyou and the next city over. Because no one can stray off the path, the forest is always utterly silent.


The Cinderella who dreams of seeing the world outside


Hairi Lalique (玻ヰ璃 [ハイリ]・ラリック) mY DAUGHTER she’s so cute……..♡;;
cv. n/a

“Nii-san, I’m sorry. I just have to see the world outside——!”

A citizen of Toukyou. She is always expressing her curiosity towards everything, and greatly admires the world outside of Toukyou. She is cheerful, kind, and has a strong sense of compassion. Her older brother, who is also the only other member of her family, is always making sure she does not ever leave Toukyou.

The sole fugitive from Toukyou


Shien Clinochlore (紫鳶 [シエン]・クリノクロア)

“…The truth is, I don’t want to let you go back there. But you’re trapped by that clocktower, and it won’t let you go — I just hate that.”

He lives outside of Toukyou with Ulen. With his reliable older brother-like character and approachable smile, he is well-liked by most. He constantly has to reason with Ulen, who often does as he pleases with no regard for others.

The researcher with a fixation to Toukyou


Ulen Müller (憂漣 [ユーレン]・ミュラー)
cv. Uchida Yuuma

“The most troublesome concept to ever exist in this world is love. That’s right — love. It’s neither something I need nor understand.” ok edgelord63 i get it smh

An eccentric young man researching Toukyou’s curse, despite living outside the town itself. He is indifferent towards all people; naturally, he also has no interest in romance. He does as he pleases and often causes trouble for others as a result. Because of this, he does not have many friends. MOOD also dammit he’s hot

The impostor bound to the clocktower


Ela Amalric (廻螺 [エラ]・アマルリック) eugh all the names are ugly but this one has to be the ugliest
cv. Hanae Natsuki

“I’m a failure as a person. I’m incomplete…and I’ll never be whole.”

A citizen of Toukyou. At first glance, he seems like the quiet type, but is actually not afraid to approach others, and has an overflowing curiosity towards everything around him. He loves reading books and, like the heroine, dreams of exploring the world outside.

The glassblower who has given up on everything ME @ MY COLLEGE GPA


Klone Spinel (黒禰 [クロネ]・スピネル) NVM THIS ONE’S WORSE
cv. Namikawa Daisuke thank u based otomate

“If you’re from Toukyou, shouldn’t you hurry up and get back there before you turn to glass and die?” oh wow ok THANKS

A young man from outside Toukyou who is often found at Shien and Ulen’s house. He appears to be constantly lethargic, and it seems as if doing almost anything is a pain to him. (lol this guy is actually just me) He seems to dislike the people of Toukyou.

The charming yet obsessive watchman


Rindo Westeria (綸燈 [リンドウ]・ウェステリア)
cv. Okitsu Kazuyuki

“Don’t you think it’s beautiful? Glass can turn even a person’s death into something hauntingly beautiful…no matter how unsightly they may have been in life.”

A citizen of Toukyou. He is one of the clocktower’s watchmen. He is a patient gentleman who is kind to all women. With a calm smile on his face at all times, it’s hard to tell what he’s really thinking.

The insane yet naive watchman


Natra Peony (泣虎 [ナチュラ]・ピオニー)
cv. Toriumi Kousuke

“I’m fine as long as I have my brother – I don’t care if I’m hated by everyone else. What’s wrong with that?”

A citizen of Toukyou. He is one of the clocktower’s watchmen. He tends to enter the personal space of others’ without thinking, leading others to be intimidated by the way he talks and acts. However, once he warms up to someone, he shows a puppy-like side to him. yankee on the outside pupper on the inside…….

The magician who holds the key to fate


Kashika Gallé (歌柴歌 [カシカ]・ガレ)
cv. Sugiyama Noriaki

“Put on the glass slippers, and find allies. As long as you wish for it, it’ll come true quite easily – you’ll see.”

A mysterious magician who can appear out of nowhere, and comes and goes as he wishes. He is living in the heroine’s house. He has a very relaxed personality, and while no one ever knows what he’s thinking, he does offer advice in times of need.


The kind, caring older brother


Shion Lalique (糸遠 [シオン]・ラリック)
cv. Eguchi Takuya :0000egu!

“You’re my one and only sister – isn’t it only normal for me to be worried about you?”

A citizen of Toukyou. The heroine’s older brother, he is a gentle young man who loves animals. With the heroine being the only other member of this family, he can be a bit overprotective at times. He can be a bit air-headed at times, and is a truly likable older brother. oniisan i see ur weird monocle eyepatch thing  i bet 30 bucks he has sth to do with shien  even their names are basically the same

The hopeless romantic and lovable best friend


Eris Schneider (衿栖 [エリス]・シュナイダー)
cv. Kozawa Ari

“If any weird men try to hit on you, let me know right away – okay? …By the way, how is Shion-san doing today?”

A citizen of Toukyou. With a slightly headstrong personality, she is the heroine’s best friend. She hates most men. She often comes to visit the heroine’s shop, mainly to see her brother. She has retained strong feelings for the same person for many years now.


sweats im really excited for this game and i don’t know why wwwww I JUST.. they had me at fairytale theme and “tragic story”(´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) the part of me still crying over StS is screaming at me to buy this…..I SWEAR I REALLY DONT HAVE A CHOICE………….,

also they only included this in the otopa pv and not the actual site so i didn’t put it in the translation?? but each of the main characters has a type of “teardrop” assigned to them????? LOL i have 0 clue what they mean but it sounds angsty and emo so count mE IN

the art is by the artist who i think? basically had to takeover for teita in some of the later norn9 games so it’s nice to see her own art style!!!!!! (which is super cute imo) i know i said this in my otopa intro post but im still mourning bc i don’t think the namidai character is my type at all bUT IT”S fIN E I GUES S(´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`) i think i’ll like ulen or natra (who still reminds me of cz madoka lmao) but we’ll see…….!!!!!!!! also ive said this before and i will sAY IT AGAIN WHY ARE THE OFFICIAL ROMANIZATIONS OF ALL THEIR NAMES SO UGLY………..WHO DID TIHS

but yeah i’m pretty set on the getting the game rn it’s just that nO ONE KNOWS WHAT PLATFORM THE GAME IS GOING TO BE ON so i’m lowkey stressed especially since otomate recently teased that they’re going to make “a big move” sometime soon :)))))))))) i s2g if they make a complete move to the switch im going to cry i hAVENT USED MY VITA ENOUGH YET PP LEAS E  N  O,,, ,, , I CURSED MYSELF LMAO SAY GOODBYE TO “IM GONNA BUY THIS GAME”!!!!!!

anyway feel free to lmk who your favs are!!!!! or just any thoughts you have on this game in general i just want to find ppl who care about this game tbh .°(ಗдಗ。)°.

also this is completely irrelevant but i’ve been writing this post for months and i just decided to finish the day before a final i haven’t started studying for Rie why are u like this

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