Otomate Party 2018 Announcements

Private VerRose Academy
~The Rose of Versailles Re*imagination~
(私立ベルばら学園~ベルサイユのばらRe*imagination~・Shiritsu Berubara Gakuen
~Versailles no Bara Re*imagination~)

ARTIST Totsuko Mozu (Drama CD series: Kono Koi Ochiru Bekarazu)
DIRECTOR Terashima Momoko (Psychedelica series)
EDITOR Toono Chiharu (Psychedelica series)


A story of love, friendship, and youth — brought to you by
The Rose of Versailles × Otomate.

Admired by all is the renowned private insitution, VerRose Academy.
A single girl begins attending the school. There, she meets a man who shines on stage, “Oscar.”

— And her heart rate begins to pick up!
Could this be…love?!
However, this plain girl had a complex.

“M-My name is…Yamada Oscar.
sorry is anyone else still following rn bc im lost

From this meeting, Oscar becomes acquainted with all sorts of interesting people.

“Would you like to join the Lumière Theater Troupe?”
“Me, a boring otaku?!

This story of love and youth in a theater club begins now!


1The shoujo manga-loving (otaku) heroine
Yamada Oscar (山田 凰寿華瑠)
cv. Senbongi Sayaka vOICED HEROINE/????

“My name is Oscar…
My mother was a Rose of Versailles fan, so……”


2The “other” Oscar
Maki Nozomi (真輝 )
cv. Mori Nanako ok i tried to google the seiyuu and theres some AV actress with the same name so i got sUPER CONFUSED AND LOWKEY SCARRED

“I take pride in the fact that I’m known as Oscar.
By the way, I’m a woman.”


3Nozomi’s childhood friend
Andou Reiji (安藤 礼二)
cv. Suzumura Kenichi

“It can’t be helped.
Being on stage just isn’t my thing.”



The rumored problem child and new member
Etou Akira (衛藤 )
cv. Ono Yuuki

“Shut up. I don’t listen to women.” WTF BICH U WANNA FIGHT


5The wealthy conglomerate heiress
Marie Arisugawa (有栖川 マリ)
cv. Endou Aya

“I’m so glad we met.”

6The exchange student from Sweden
Axel Yuse Hatori (羽鳥·ユース·アクセル) i hav no idea how to romanise his name so i just made it up im sorry
cv. Suwabe Junichi

“You can always rely on me when you need help.”
why does he look just like the kid from steam prison but older


7The heir to a family of former financial group leaders
Akechi Yuu (明智 )
cv. Horie Shun

“Would you like to talk for a while? Only if you don’t mind.”


I HONESTLY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ROSE OF VERSAILLES so i can’t say i’m rly interested in this?? but on the other hand.  psychedelica staff…….screams

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