JackJeanne ~Introduction~


「 And thus, she played the role of a young man. 」

JackJeanne (ジャックジャンヌ) is a game project in production by Broccoli (Uta no Prince-sama, Kamigami no Asobi) in collaboration with mangaka Ishida Sui (Tokyo Ghoul). The game is slated for the Nintendo Switch with a 2020 release.

Ishida will be working on various elements of the game, including character designs, CGs, world design, and scenario writing. It seems the game will also have original songs and choreography. (for 3d models?? mmd?????? idk)


The Tamazaka Troupe consists only of men.
A troupe where female roles are taken on by men too, they train their actors and have them perform in shows at the Univere Academy of Theater Arts. (not sure about the romanization for this lol)
Captivated by the overwhelming brilliance of their performances, those who come to see their shows become unable look away for even a single second.

Univere Academy is attended only by gifted students who were able to meet strict requirements and be successfully admitted into the school. The students are split into four separate classes to study theater arts and compete  to receive the title of Outstanding Class of the Year.

Tachibana Kisa is on the brink of giving up the path of theater when she is presented with a chance to attend the prestigious Univere Academy — as long as she is able to fulfill two conditions.

The conditions are as follows.
One: to receive the lead role in the performance being held at the end of her first year.
And two: to successfully hide the fact that she is a girl…

To grant her own wish and for the sake of her class, the heroine becomes a “cog” between her newfound allies as they deepen their bonds.

What kind of future awaits Kisa at the end of her time with her allies…?


Tamazaka Troupe (玉坂座)

A men’s only musical theater troupe based in Tamazaka City. Performers in the troupe are limited to alumni of the Univere Academy. As a men’s only troupe, the roles of women are played by men too.

Univere Academy of Theater Arts (ユニヴェール歌劇学校)

A three-year theater arts academy based in Tamazaka City. This school has not only produced members of the Tamazaka Troupe, but also renowned talents in many different fields of art.
The students are split into four classes: Quartz, Onyx, Rhodonite, and Amber. The class performances held at the school are extremely popular.

Jack/Jeanne (ジャック/ジャンヌ)

As Univere Academy is a boys’ school, those in male roles are known as “Jacks,” while female roles are known as “Jeannes”. Additionally, those who star as the heroes or heroines are known as the “Jack Ace” or the “Al-Jeanne,” respectively. (im sorry i actually have no idea what アルジャンヌ translates to)

Tachibana Keiki (立花 継希)

The heroine’s brother and a legendary Jack Ace. There was no one who rivaled him during his time at Univere, and he was the star of the school. He remained as a top star even after joining the Tamazaka Troupe until he mysteriously vanished one day. His current whereabouts are still unknown.


1Tachibana Kisa (立花 希佐)
cv. n/a ※ default name cannot be changed (iNTERESting…..

“From today on, I’m a student at Univere Academy.”

The heroine of our story who attends Univere Academy while hiding the fact that she is a girl. Her brother is the theater prodigy, Tachibana Keiki. She possesses the powerful potential to play the role of both a Jack and a Jeanne.

Performing in order to make her own wishes come true and to bring the Quartz Class to victory, she becomes a cog that is able to move the hearts of people.

5Takashina Sarafumi (高科 更文)
cv. ???

“Make sure not to fall behind, will you? I’ll show you what it means to be an Al-Jeanne.”

ok im seriosuly not just saying this bc ishida sui is the artist but out of all the characters this guy REALLy looks like he came straight out of tokyo ghoul djsfldkjfsja

Due to the flair he possesses and his dance ability, he has been given the title of Al-Jeanne, a central existence among the Jeannes. He is the face of Quartz Class.

He dislikes uptight situations and formalities and always seems relaxed — in truth, however, he is very observant and has a sharp intuition.

During his first year, he was paired with the legendary Tachibana Keiki and stood in the spotlight with him. However, that experience has since become a burden in his heart.

7Mutsumi Kai (睦実 介)
cv. ???

“Receiving a role indicates that there is something being desired from you.”

Having received the title of Jack Ace, making him a central existence even among the Jacks, he considers himself a tool that supports the center of the stage, Takashina Sarafumi. As such, the two have formed a duo.

A man of few words, he enjoys spending time alone; however, he is always looking out for his classmates and will lend a hand to anyone who needs help. It seems he is constantly thinking about what he should be doing as the Jack Ace.

4Neji Kokuto (根地 黒門)
cv. ???

“My, aren’t you just extraordinary!! I can just see all the new choices and possibilities!”

The class president of Quartz. A man of talent who not only has the ability to play both Jack and Jeanne roles, but is even scripts and directs Quartz’s performances. He is a bit of an eccentric, and often gets his classmates involved, much to their dismay, in his attempts to produce the perfect play.

The way he makes full use his own skills could even be considered reckless in some ways.

6Shirota Mitsuki (白田 美ツ騎)
cv. ???

“I’m only here because I was told to watch the first years rehearse. Geez, why do I have to do this…”

The Jeanne songstress of Quartz Class who stands out with his beautiful, feminine appearance and powerful high-pitched vocals. Though he does not seem to care much more acting or dance, he puts a lot work into training his strongest weapon, which is his voice.

He is an individualist who shows little concern for others, but the advice he gives is always accurate.

3Orimaki Suzu (織巻 寿々) i definitely thoguht his name was 巻き寿司 at first
cv. ???

“The same role can change completely once a different person takes the role. It’s interesting but…also a little scary, isn’t it?” boi u wanna kno what else is interesting and a little scary.? ur hai r

A first year Jack whose bright cheerfulness draws others towards him. He entered Univere Academy to follow in the footsteps of his idol and inspiration, Tachibana Keiki. He is the mood-maker of his class who is not afraid to talk to anyone.

Though he has a clumsy side, he is working hard every day to become a Jack Ace like Tachibana Keiki.

2Yonaga Soushirou (世長 創司郎)
cv. ???

“I’ll help with your life here at Univere Academy! Just let me know if you need help with anything, alright?”

A first year like the heroine, he entered the school in hopes of being a Jack, but was assigned as a Jeanne instead. Childhood friends with the heroine, the two of them, as well as Tachibana Keiki, would often play pretend and act together as children. He knows how the heroine became a student at Univere Academy and also knows that she is female.

He is very passionate about theater, but is not good at expressing this and often broods by himself in the heroine’s shadows.


hello i died for half a year but im back!!!! mainly because this is the only new project i’ve seen in a while that has actually excite me to some degree……:’)))

just fyi it’s unclear at the moment whether this is an otome game (as in, with actual romance/dating elements) or just aimed at female players. im surprised to see ishida sui producing a josei-muke game tbh but i think could be really cool and has potential – especially since ishida himself is going to be working on the writing…! idk i have my doubts with broccoli but. im mostly just happy to see something that’s Not for mobile,, cries……… the plot isn’t particularly innovative or anything but the heroine is cute and the art is nice sso   hopefully this will be good;v;;;;;;

also, i’m not sure where the original source for this is, but apparently this is gonna be a rhythm game????? which would explain why they have choreographers in their staff too w but yeah they apparently have plans for CD/mobage/other adaptations and there seems to be a lot of work going into this so i’m definitely going to be following the project!!!!
will update this post when the cast list is out(`・∀・´) namikaw

im hoping to also make a post on buster fellows in the near future and also do a shinigami to shoujo post since they finally!!! announced a port!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

5 thoughts on “JackJeanne ~Introduction~

  1. Thank you so much for translating and sharing information about this game :D! It had peaked my interest, and I was curious to know more about it. Also, with Shirota Mitsuki having the role of Al Jeanne, I wonder if they’ll choose to have Murase Ayumu voice him since he has done the voice of a boy who has to hide that he is a girl before :)?

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  2. Thank you so much for this information !!! I can’t read japanese (well only a bit) , so my only hope is google translate (which is not really accurate). So, after seeing this article I know more about this game. I hope this to be an otoge, but I doubt it will. Ishida Sui’s Art as always was amazing, can’t wait to see the gameplay of this game.

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  3. I’m having quite mixed feelings about this one, actually. As generic as it might be, I really like the setting, but I’m not a big fan of Ishida’s designs. Then again, neither am I a big fan of Tanemura’s designs and yet I dedicated a lot of time (*cough*and money*cough*) to Idolish 7 for two whole years… Ah well, as you said though, it’s good to see new announcements that aren’t mobile games. All the more reason to finally get myself a Switch already gnnnnnn.

    Liked by 1 person

    • aha honestly i was doubtful about ainana designs at first too but tanemura’s art has improved soooo much since the game began and im so glad that they chose her to make designs for project now(;ω;) but yeah, i do agree that ishida’s designs/style might not be appealing to everyone sdlkfjlsjfa

      and same there are so many things tempting me to buy a switch i feel like i just need a final push somewhere😅😅

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