hello!! I’m rie (りえ), it’s nice to meet you~ I’m just your average student who’s not supposed to have time to play games, but you know…….work can always wait(^▽^;) my japanese is completely self-learnt and I am by no means perfect so please don’t expect too much from me ww (あっそれでも自分なりに頑張っていますよ♪)

my favourite otome game is clock zero!! (I will never recover from cz for the rest of my life)
other recommended games are:
- amnesia (an otome classic☆)
- ayakashi gohan
- collar x malice
- juuza engi
- kami naru kimi to
- kokuchou/haitaka no psychedelica (if u love pain and suffering play this)
- shinigami to shoujo (if u love pain and suffering play this)
- taishou x alice (this game gave me an existential crisis)
- yuukyuu no tierblade
- zettai kaikyuu gakuen

my favourite seiyuu is namikawa daisuke!! if u follow me on anything you’ll probably notice that i cry every time he’s casted in anything(`・∀・´) there are a lot of other seiyuu I like but my favs at the moment are maeno tomoaki, okamoto nobuhiko, kimura ryouhei, and hino satoshi (me and my constantly changing list of fav seiyuu lol)

I’m more active on twitter usually but I thought it might be fun to try actually making a proper blog for all my otome adventures…!! (by ‘adventures’ I mean me crying alone in my room and not leaving the house) please take good care of me 🌸🌸🌸
besides, now I have somewhere to put those otoge 応援 banners ☆~(ゝ。∂)テヘ

8 thoughts on “about

  1. hello, can i ask you something ?
    i kind of want to know how you’re doing self-studies with play otome,
    is it just play it and listening to it’s voice (i am bad at reading kanji but OK for hiragana and i can grasp the listening section)
    or do you write all of the kanji to remember it one by one ?
    just how much time until you’ve got yourself fluent reading it ?

    i am sorry to be a bother for so much questioning.
    i’ll be glad if you can give some tips for self studies while play otome.

    warm hugs.

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    • hello!!!! first of all, sorry for replying so late;;;;;;

      aaah you’re actually in a similar position as I was when I first started!! (I could read hiragana + listen but wasn’t really familiar with kanji) in my case, I wasn’t really in a hurry to become fluent or anything, so I every time I played just matched the kanji that came up on screen with what the characters were saying and slowly built up my recognition of kanji through that?? but I think everyone has their own learning style – if you think it’ll help you learn faster, you should probably write new kanji down!!!! I personally just didn’t want to ruin the game for myself by having to note down kanji all the time which is why I didn’t do it, but it would probably have made learning faster + improved writing skill faster too (I’m pretty bad at writing kanji even now wwww)

      I’ve been learning japanese for around 3 years now and I’m still not 100% fluent but I can pretty much read most of the otome games I play!!( ´ ▽ ` *) sorry for writing such a huge rant in response ww good luck with learning japanese!! お互いがんばりましょうね〜♪


      • no, it’s okay,
        i loved your blog and your kind reply really gives me courage to start learning it.
        i know i should learning it slowly, there’s no such a shortcut right ?

        if you have time ^^, would you make some post of some otome for beginner player >w<
        sorry if i am such a too much asking from you~
        thanks so much〜♪


  2. Hey, I’m also trying to learn more Japanese to play otome games, glad to hear it’s working out for you lol. Would it be possible to put a search function on your website? I wanna search for specific games but don’t know how to ^^; Thanks!

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