CLOCK ZERO ExTime ~Introduction~


「 I don’t need a world without you in it. 」

CLOCK ZERO ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ ExTime is the PS Vita port of the original CLOCK ZERO game which was released by Otomate for the PS2 back in 2010 — the port itself will be released on April 23rd. The art is by Nagaoka (KamiKimi, SYK) and the director is Shima Reiko. Anyone who sticks around me for long enough knows that CZ is pretty much my favourite otome game and I can never stop talking about it ww this post is pretty much just me trying to publicise and promote it!! Please do read this and hopefully you’ll consider buying it~ There’s a mini-review (of the PSP version, which is the one I played) at the end in case anyone’s interested in seeing what I have to say(〃w〃)

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