Nameless: Yeonho

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Yeonho (cv. Do-hyeong Nam) is a second-hand doll Eri bought off the net, and is the one who everyone spoils and can’t hurt.(*´艸`*) He has a habit of affectionately calling the heroine ‘Master’, though she has to remind him to change that once they start school. I spent like 70% of the common route fawning over this tiny child so I was really excited for his route ww. (sorry it’s been a while aaaaaaa I actually have exams rn so I really shouldn’t be playing otoge ah a…)  

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Nameless: Lance

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Lance (cv. Jung Jaeheon) is the cool, quiet member of the group, known by the school as the Ice Prince. He very rarely talks to others, and is extremely smart. Lance is the first Crobidoll Eri bought, and this was back when her grandfather was still alive too. His model is one of the most popular, widespread models, and is known for being the first Crobidoll model to exist. He doesn’t like noisy places, and usually stays away from energetic, loud people, which is partly why he always ends up arguing with Red.

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Nameless: Yuri

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Yuri (cv. Lee Donghoon)
is the ‘adult’ of the group, and comes home late all the time, but will never explain why. On the official website, it’s said that his concept was of a ‘sexy drummer’, and well, that’s pretty much his character. Like any other typical otoge character of his type (you know what type I’m talking about……), he often flirts with Eri and for literally about 90% of the game he calls her ‘my honey’, ‘lady’ or ‘darling’, though Eri doesn’t really take him seriously since he always seems to be hitting on some girl, even at school. (probably a wise decision for people like this tbh) He’s also really obsessed with himself and complains about the bed being bad for his skin??? and randomly walks out wearing a face masks in the morning wwww.

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