Usotsuki Shangri-La ~Introduction~


You’re a ‘liar,’ aren’t you? 

Announced at RejetFes 2017 which took place on January 21~22, Usotsuki Shangri-La (嘘月シャングリラ) is an otome game for the PS Vita slated for a 2017 release. Art is by hagi.


This is the sorrowful tale that takes place in the town where the sun never rises, Shangri-La. A girl known as the the saviour of the town — the ‘Usotsuki’ * — and a group of young men, each with their own assigned roles, must learn to forgive each other’s lies……

On a certain day in the year Heisei xx, a total solar eclipse occurs. A young girl, who has lived her whole life in solitude until today, notices that a moon, shining blue, is reflected in the lake. She peers over…and falls.

When she next opens her eyes, she finds herself in the town of Shangri-La.

Standing beneath a full moon glowing a radiant blue, the heroine is attacked by a group of men who seem to have lost all reason. It is then that she is rescued by the ‘Brothers of Calamity’ (災禍の兄弟・saika no kyoudai), three young men who are scorned by the town’s people as people who will bring forth the demise of their world.

Even in Shangri-La, the moon continues to wax and wane, mysteriously affecting the mental states of its townspeople as it does so. Everyone strongly believes that the heroine is the ‘Usotsuki’ who will save their world, but……?

*while the word usotsuki (嘘つき) means ‘liar,’ the term used in this game is 嘘月 (still pronounced usotsuki) which replaces the usual ‘tsuki’ with the kanji for moon and therefore can also mean ‘lying moon.’ (this is such a dumb pun im crying)


1Tsugomori Akari ( アカリ)
cv. n/a

‘The Usotsuki [liar] isn’t me.’

A young girl who accidentally wanders into the world of Shangri-La. As she was living in complete solitude before coming here, she is very capable and mentally strong. Though she is troubled by how she is known within the town as the ‘Usotsuki’ who will supposedly save them, she tries her best to find her purpose in this world.


2Fenrir (フェンリル)
cv. Suzuki Tatsuhisa

‘I won’t do anything to hurt you, so lend me your powers.’

The oldest brother of the ‘Brothers of Calamity.’ Also a member of the force that guards the city, the Touroutai (灯狼隊). Though he can be quite forceful and rough at times, at heart, he is both an earnest and kind person. Due to certain incident in his past (if u listen closely u can hear me rolling my eyes bc of how cliche ~certain incident~ sounds lol), he has a strong desire to change this world. He is often forced to play along with his brothers’ antics.

(i love the random slits in his shirt lmao hIGH FASHION!!!!!)

3Jorm (ヨルム)
cv. Shimono Hiro (!!!!!!!)

‘Hey hey, what kind of things can you do as the Usotsuki?’

The second-oldest brother of the ‘Brothers of Calamity.’ Due to his puppy-like personality, people often forget how old he really is. Though he is a member of the Touroutai, he doesn’t take his job seriously, and will often do reckless things without a second thought, much to his brothers’ dismay.

(this guy’s the cutest lOOK AT HIM)


4Hel (ヘル)
cv. Namikawa Daisuke (WHY)
‘Usotsuki or not, it doesn’t matter to me.’

The third-oldest brother of the ‘Brothers of Calamity.’ Though it has not been long since he joined the Touroutai, he has been praised for his rational thinking and wise mind. Despite being scorned by many of the townspeople, due to his beautiful appearance, many aristocrats have taken a liking to him, and he has a rather wide circle of connections.

(he reminds me of tono from clock zero…….;v;;;;;;)


5Hati (ハティ)
cv. Saitou Souma

‘I wonder why…but when I’m with you, I feel something strange deep within my chest.’ (bro maybe u should get that checked out by a doctor)

A quiet, gentle young man from an aristocratic background. He dislikes behaving like the other aristocrats do, and acts like a regular townsperson usually. When he was a child, he lost his memories and his home, but was taken in by Ende.


6Ende (エンデ)
cv. Sugita Tomokazu

’There’s a very fine line between a lie and the truth — because either could become real within a person’s mind.’

An aristocrat with a rather large amount of authority within Shangri-La. As he not only took in Hati when he lost all his memories, but also treats the ‘Brothers of Calamity’ like everyone else, he is considered to be quite an eccentric, strange person by the rest of the townspeople.



I HONESTLY CANT TELL HOW GOOD/BAD THIS GAME IS GONNA BE🤔🤔🤔 i still find lying moon a pretty stupid sounding name lmao so i feel like i won’t be able to take anything seriously bUT ITS STILL TOO EARLY TO TELL I GUESS….……,, i think i read in a magazine that you’ll have the option to tell the truth/lie and that’ll somehow affect the endings..???? it might be kinda cool if they do it well but i have a feeling it’s just gonna be some meter that shows up and if you lie too much you’ll just end up at the bad end w

the plot might have something to do with norse mythology since the three brothers’ names are the same as the names of loki’s 3 children….??? (im disappointed now i cant make of him for being named hell w) but then again what is the plot anyway lol they barely explain anything on the site?????? what is the heroine even expected supposed to do as the ~*~lying moon~*~ lmao( ´ ▽ ` ;) a part of me is scared that this will take a 180° and turn out super messed up because this is rejet and we all know what they’re capable of doing : )))))))

hhhh anyway I’m not super interested but there’s namidai + the art is nice I guess I’ll follow the updates on this!! (rejet pls release info on your dorito game too lol???? are u gonna leave us all hanging. no one even knows what a ドリコ is gdi + when is ur idol game ever gonna be released its been 238492 years. let me love ur constellation so n s)

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