Steam Prison ~Introduction~


Why have things become so different for us, when we are all in the same world?
Even so, we must continue to live —-

Steam Prison (スチーム プリズン) is a game for the PC to be released in 2016!! The game will be produced by HuneX (POSSESSION MAGENTA), in collaboration with scenario writer Yumas (OZMAFIA!!). Art is by Ichiiro Hako, while music is by project lights.


Humankind has been split into two. Those who control, and those who are controlled.
The world has been split into two.

The beautiful paradise in the sky: The Heavens. (上界 Joukai lit. Upper World) The dirty city of machines: The Earth. (下界 Gekai lit. Lower World)* Those who live in the The Heavens possess a vast amount of authority, and look down on those who live beneath them. Born and raised in The Heavens, the heroine, too, does not think much of those in The Earth.

*not sure how I should translate joukai and gekai since they have multiple meanings so I just went for the prettier sounding translation^-^”

However, when she is assigned to scout The Earth as part of her mission, the gears of fate begin to turn……



This country in the skies was created in order to avoid a huge flood that had been foreseen. Though a portion of people were able to escape to this country and take refuge from the disaster, many people who were left behind on ground level lost their lives and their resources. Even after the land below began to recover from the flood and people began to live there, those who had moved to the skies never returned again.

And so, The Heavens and The Earth were born.


The Heavens

A manmade island made to float in the skies. The government, known as the Shinkan-in thoroughly manages the lives of its people, to the point where even who you will marry is decided. (lmao what is this YA novel-style setting) The country is peaceful, as its criminals are all sent to the land below.


The center of The Heavens, and is in charge of all the security, legislation, and administration. With Yune Sekiei, the most revered person in The Heavens, as its core, a group of people, mainly nobles, are running the country.


The Earth

A land miraculously built up by the survivors of the flood. Rather than having a government, the land is split into areas, each ruled by its own powerful figure. The Earth possesses its own culture regarding machinery that The Heavens does not have.


An area ruled by the Bank of Valentin. Most of its citizens are survivors of the flood.

Guarded Area

A community of criminals from The Heavens who have been banished to The Earth. This city of criminals is separated from the rest of the people by a tall wall. (this sounds like a terrible idea tbh??? why would you let a ton of criminals live together) In this city, there is a tower connecting The Earth and The Heavens together. (this sounds like an even more terrible idea all ur criminals are going to come back and get u)


An organisation sent from the Shinkan-in to manage the Guarded Area. They will hunt down anyone who goes against them, just as their name suggests.


(just saying but these are some pretty ugly romanisations of names😂😂😂)

01Cyrus Tistella (キルス・ティステラ Kirusu Tisutera)
cv. n/a

‘I am someone who will abide by the law and enforce justice. I cannot overlook your crimes.’

Born and raised in The Heavens. As a low-ranked police officer, she protects the people of her country. She has a commanding air and a very serious personality, always working hard to enforce justice. This strong sense of justice she has often causes her to conflict with those around her. Becomes assigned to work in The Earth as part of her mission.


02Eltcreed Valentin (エルトクリード・ヴァーレンティン Erutokuriido Varentin)
cv. Shirai Yuusuke

‘Once I desire something, I will do whatever it takes to get it. Power, honour——and you……even you.’

Age: 25
Height: 178cm
Character theme: charity

The head of the bank Valentin which has control over Liberalitas, an area of The Earth. He speaks formally to everyone around him, and approaches all in gentlemanly fashion. (WELL CLEARLY this is all a lie just look at his expression lmao) He jokes around very often, but is trusted by those that he rules.

03Ulrik Ferrie (ウルリク・フェリエ Ururiku Ferie)
cv. Takatsuka Tomohito

‘I don’t want to just be protected all the time.’

Age: 18
Height: 168cm (he’s so smol omg we’re the same height wwww)
Character theme: prudence

An elusive informant. Appears to have connections with Eltcreed from the past, and often relies on him with personal problems. Has an aloof and sarcastic personality. Hates those who live in The Heavens for a certain reason. (THIS GUY’S MY FAV)


04Adage (アダージュ Adaaju) lol this guy’s name makes me think of adagio in music
cv. Furukawa Makoto

‘……I don’t have the right to love anyone.’

Age: 25
Height: 175cm
Character theme: temperance

A doctor who lives beyond the areas supervised by the HOUNDS. Despite being a rather cold person, he is good at taking care of others, and is respected by those around him. He was sent down to The Earth due to a certain crime he committed.

05Ines Heinrich Heine (イネス・ハインリヒ・ハイネ Inesu Hainrihi Haine)
cv. Kimishima Tetsu

‘Carrying the weight of the suffering of everyone around you isn’t something you need to do.

Age: 29
Height: 180cm
Character theme: fortitude

The sub-leader of HOUNDS. Though he is popular, he is also rather earnest and serious, causing him to stand out in HOUNDS, which is filled with rough people. Has connections with Adage.


06Yune Sekiei (ユネ・セキエイ Yune Sekiei)
cv. Takase Yaseyuki

‘It’s simple. You just have to fall in love with me.’

Age: ??? (lol probably like 12 from the looks of it)
Height: 160cm
Character theme: hope

A young boy revered by The Heavens as the Shinkan, a being supposedly loved by God. Though his status makes him hard to approach, he laugh innocently sometimes like a child, and has a personality that’s hard to grasp. (he looks like a tiny tsurumaru ww)



あああああ I want to be excited but its a project by the creators of possession magenta and ozmafia and I haven’t played either, but from what I’ve heard neither were really great games so I guess I’m kinda doubtful about this one too😅😅😅😅

I’m glad the art is pretty nice and the heroine sounds interesting!!!! (especially that first bit in the pv……:ooo) I haven’t heard of some of the seiyuu in this so at least we’ll be able to hear some new voices instead of the same old otomate lineup of voice actors^-^ coughs toriumi kousuke

besides if its any good it’ll probably get ported to the vita anyway wwww so even when it comes out I think I’m gonna wait to see the reviews and then decide!!v(^_^v)♪ dibs on ulrik tho✨✨

5 thoughts on “Steam Prison ~Introduction~

  1. It was interesting for me, until I saw “Yumas”. Ozmafia was one of my biggest disappointment, but oh well, will keep an eye.


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