Library Cross ∞ ~Introduction~


Once the book is completed, what awaits you is ——

Library Cross ∞ (ライブラリークロスインフィニット) is a mobile game in development by Otomate in collaboration with Wright Flyer Studios, and is slated for a 2017 release. In addition to the game’s original characters, characters and the worlds from 5 of Otomate’s previous games will also be making an appearance. (Hakuouki, AMNESIA, NORN9, Moujuu-tsukai to Ohime-sama, Yunohana SpRING!)

Character designs are by miko (Code:Realize), RiRi (Binary Star,Yunohana SpRING!)),  and 藤 理ト (no clue who is this lmao sorry!!!!).


You have all been chosen to complete this book. In order to do so, you must defeat ayakashi.
If the book is not completed, all of you will die.

You have until…1pm.

You awake in a world you’ve never seen before. When you look up, you notice a huge clock with 13 hours marked on it. Lying next to you is a ‘white book’ that is familiar to you. You find 9 young men trapped in the same library as you. Though you try to escape through a large set of doors at the back of the room, it has been firmly locked.

To escape from this world, you have no choice but to follow the orders of a mysterious book……


Shiina (詩名)
cv. n/a

A university student attending medical school. Aiming to be a doctor, she has a strong passion for reading. She does her best to rationally process any situation she comes across.





1He who remains faithful
Satoru (哲)
cv. Ono Kenshou

‘Don’t worry. I’ll always be by your side, no matter what happens.’

A young man who is the first to speak to the heroine. There’s something about him that calms the people around him down. Though he is both gentle and reliable, a somewhat uneasy expression can occasionally be seen on his face. He is in charge of cleaning the Great Library.

he looks like ono kenshou but blonde and i cant stop thinking about this????? help

2He who yearns for eternity
Nao (那生)
cv. Ishikawa Kaito

‘…Don’t look at me so much. It makes me nervous.’

The heroine’s upperclassman in university. He is my-pace and a man of few words. The fact that he is a med student, combined with his cool demeanour has made him popular among the girls at school, though he himself couldn’t care less about this. He has the ability to fall asleep wherever and whenever. (same lmao) He is in charge of patrolling the Library premises.

is he hh oldin g random medicine bottles jsut because hes a med student im going to c ry fdkgjksdfkg

3He who continues to believe
Akora (亜古良)
cv. Namikawa Daisuke i.e. he who allows rie to continue to believe in otomate

‘As long as it’s something within my abilities, I’m willing to do anything for you.’

Nao’s childhood best friend who constantly takes care of him, despite Nao’s cold attitude towards him. Also the heroine’s upperclassman, he is also spoiling her. As he is in college of pharmacy, he has deep knowledge on many medicines and their uses.

everyone pack ur bags this one wins. he wins everything just tAKE
MY M ONE Y (※ this is a free-to-play mobage)

4He who overcomes
Eichi (詠智)
cv. Hino Satoshi this is just a gathering of my fav seiyuu i love it

‘Here, it’s candy. Eating sweets can always cheer you up when you’re feeling down~’

Good at taking care of others, he is a older-brother-like existence in the group. (hino satoshi back at it again with the oniichans) As he has been living alone for a long time, he is very skilled in housework, and is in charge of cooking. Employed at a company developing mobile apps, he is your typical pitiful company worker who can’t live without his smartphone. (is this an sos from the otomate staff) Tsukasa is his underclassman at university.

5He who yearns for love
Tsukasa (支咲)
cv. Kaji Yuuki

‘What are you, an idiot?’ (yes)

A university student who is currently working as a popular idol under the stage name ‘TSUKASA.’ Due to the way he is not afraid to speak his mind, he is usually thought to be a harsh person. He is in charge of doing research at the Great Library, and is surprisingly meticulous. He is slightly sensitive about how short he is.


6He who pushes onward
Rekka (烈火)
cv. Ono Yuuki おおおおお

‘Stop ordering me around!’

A police officer. He has a strong sense of justice, and cannot leave those in need of help alone; however, due to how aggressive he looks, he is often misunderstood. POOR GUY HES JUST TRYING TO HELP OTHERS As he is surrounded by females in his family, he is an unexpectedly good chef, especially when it comes to making desserts. He is also in charge of cooking.


7He who provides courage
Sou (颯)
cv. Kimura Ryouhei (Y E S👌💯👌💯👌👌👌💯💯💯👌👌💯)

‘Well then! I’m off to my guard-post~!’

A 100% cheerful young man who often helps to lighten the atmosphere within the group. He is in charge of patrolling the Library with Nao. A psychology major in university, he has a sensitivity towards the emotions of others.



8He who shoulders a burden yikes this guy has a dark past for sure
Tomori (灯)
cv. Tachibana Shinnosuke

‘Is something the matter? It’s sad to see your own friends argue.’

Somewhat clumsy, he is an archaeologist with a very laid-back personality who believes in pacifism. As the oldest member of the group, he has naturally taken on the role of keeping everyone in line, but it is hard to understand what he is thinking at times. In charge of doing research at the Library.

waht the fkc where are his shoe s

9He who guides them all
Yuu (遊羽)
cv. Okamoto Nobuhiko (theyre rly gathering all my favs im screaming)

‘I’ll protect you for sure!’

A mascot-like existence within the group, he has a very sweet, lovable personality. He has a very strong curiosity and wants to know everything going on, which can sometimes cause problems, but does his very best to be of help to the others. wHAT THE HECK HES SO CUTE?? ??? ? ?




honestly at first i was like ‘another mobage???? lmao bye’ bUT the story and cast sound somewhat decent ( or at least better than the stupid bloodsucking story senbura is offering lol :> ) so i’ll probably give this a try♪(v^_^)v i’m not a huge fan of miko’s art style in particular but i don’t really have any complains about it either so as long as there’s an entertaining story i’m ok☆ (since there’s namidai voicing the type of character i like hearing namidai voice im very ok☆☆☆)

speaking of story tho — i hope there’s an actual main story rather than only individual routes for each guy????? i think the premise actually sounds pretty interesting so it’d be sad to see it all go to waste wwwww interesting that they decided to go for an older cast this time rather than the typical set of high school students🤔🤔🤔 also im kinda interested in seeing how this world will collide with the worlds of otomate’s other games (it’d be cute to see this heroine interact with the heroines of other games!!! w) i assume they’ll be putting in more games later on so fingers crossed the games i like will be added✨✨

anyway im glad otomate is coming up with more games but…..,, rip the psvita lol o<–< please otomate i've only had mine for a year-ish don't make me retire it already;v;;;;; honestly if games are being made for mobile/ps4 now maybe i should just get a ps4…………… other news i really really want to play nier automata right after exams (its my newest obsession w) but i dont own a ps4 and i dont have a pc with windows on it

life is so hard :’)

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