Period: Cube ~Introduction~


In this fantasy world that’s falling apartーー
I’ll protect you.

Period: Cube ~The Caged Amadeus~ (ピリオドキューブ〜鳥籠のアマデウス〜) is a game by Otomate based on the drama CD series of the same name ー the game will be released on the 19th of May, 2016! The director is Kitano Makoto (Sweet Fuse, Jewelic Nightmare), while the scenario writer is Seki Ryouko (Period:Cube drama CD, Jewelic Nightmare, SolidS). The art is by Kuroyuki, who was also the artist for Black Wolves Saga and Gekka Ryouran Romance!!


In search of your older brother’s whereabouts, you join the online RPG, ‘Arcadia’ along with your childhood friend, Hiroya. Having lost consciousness after being drawn into a strong light, you wake up within the game’s fantasy world. 

Confused by the situation you have suddenly been put in, you learn the shocking truth —— that the only way to escape this world of life-or-death is to clear the game.

As the game world begins to crumble and fall apart, you gain the status of the ‘Shinken’ (divine sword),  key to clearing the game, and become targeted by many!

Hearts that grow closer to each other throughout the adventure.
Even so, the world continues to fall apart…—— 


1Kazuha (heroine)
The girl who becomes the ‘Shinken’

A girl who starts Arcadia in search of her older brother, Shiki, and becomes trapped in the world of the game.
While she is an honest and earnest girl, she’s strong-willed enough to be able to clearly state her opinion.

 With the status of the ‘Shinken’ forced upon her, she becomes ‘an existence that one must get ahold of’, and is targeted by both the angels and demons within the game.

She gradually matures throughout her adventures.
She supports her party mates as a bard.

The scarlet beast who harbours desire (thirst) ayyy why so thirstyyyy

cv. Okamoto Nobuhiko

“Don’t look like that.
I’ll……do something about it for sure.”

A beast who works as a fighter — due to this sharp tongue and tsundere personality (lmao), he’s often very curt and blunt around Kazuha.
He is good at taking care of others, and despite his cold attitude, he does his best to protect Kazuha within the game world.

In the real world, he is Kazuha’s childhood friend and classmate.
Though they got along when they were young, they drifted apart when they graduated from middle school; for some reason, he has recently begun to act stiffly around Kazuha.

Having also been good friends with Kazuha’s brother, Shiki, Hiroya joins Arcadia because he receives an invitation from Shiki.
He protects Kazuha, who becomes the Shinken, as she searches for her brother.

Real name: Tachibana Hiroya (橘 紘也)
Age: 17
Side: Demon
Race: Beast
Occupation: Fighter

The man with eyes of ice and a tongue of poison
cv. Maeno Tomoaki (lol is it just me or does his chara design just scream maenu???? like I swear I can already hear maeno’s voice when I see his face w)

“Don’t make me say the same thing more than once—-
whether you live or not has nothing to do with me.”

A clean and uptight swordsman dragonewt who has a distaste for lies and jokes.
He does not sugarcoat anything he says, and therefore treats everyone in the same harsh way.

Confident in his abilities as a swordsman, he constantly scorns Kazuha for her lack of power, despite her status as the Shinken. (ok but your name is RADIUS so im not sure who’s worse here)

In the real world, he is an idol who is extremely popular with women. Sick of putting on a pretence all the time, he had been using the game as a platform to relieve his stress and express himself as who he truly is.
He dislikes being judged by his appearance, and easily snaps at those who compliment his looks.

Real name: Aijou Rei (藍條 玲)
Age: 18
Side: Demon
Race: Dragonewt (dragon-human hybrid)
Occupation: Swordsman

The twisted devil
cv. Hanae Natsuki

“Just leave it to me.
It’s times like these when we should help each other the most—right?”

An innocent prank-loving devil.

She uses her cuteness as a weapon to manipulate others to get receive weaponry and gold.
When she finds out that Kazuha is the Shinken, she decides to tag along her in order to use her.

In the real world, Libera is a boy with a weak body who is constantly in and out of hospitals. He feels that it’s fine to use and manipulate others because of his weak body.
He’s the type that gets annoyed by the happiness of others. (is this what they call 幸灾乐祸 in chinese wwww)

Real name: Yuuki Riku (結城 琉久)
Age: 14
Side: Demon
Race: Devil
Occupation: Sorceress

The avatar of arrogance
cv. Sakurai Takahiro

“Come with me, Amadeus.
As long as you’re with me, I’ll protect you from everything.”

The arrogant leader of the angels, his confidence in himself and pride is absolute.
Heavily trusted and relied on by those around him, he often receives words of praise.

In order to get his hands on the Shinken, he forcefully goes after her with no care for anyone else. (lmao this guy sounds like he’d be a pain to deal with)

In the real world, he is studying medicine at a top-class university in order to follow in his father’s footsteps as a doctor.
As he puts most of his time into studying and does not go out with others much, he receives the nickname of ’Toumei-kun.’ (Transparent-kun — the ’tou’ in toumei is the same character as his name, ‘Tooru’)
Irritated by the fact that his peers do not recognise and respect him for who he is, he is tormented constantly by his personality gap within the real and game worlds.

Real name: Asou Tooru (麻生 透)
Age: 21
Side: Angel
Race: Seraph
Occupation: Paladin

The NPC whose insanity derives from his innocence
cv. Hirakawa Daisuke

“Someone else hurting you
…someone else making you happy.
I don’t want to see either.”

A silver-haired young man who is discovered passed out in a forest, with no memories.
The only thing he remembers is that he must protect Kazuha, and he acts on this desire.

In truth, he is meant to be an NPC who introduces to quests to players in the village.
He awakens to himself at Kazuha’s touch, and develops an innocent, honest, and gentlemanly personality.

However, he begins to anguish over the fact that he is nothing more than a fictional existence, and shows signs that he is falling apart.

it’s might just be bc of the kuroyuki art but his description reminds me of julian from bws???(゚∀゚*)

Real name: n/a
Age: around 18 y/o
Side: NPC
Race: Human
Occupation: Villager

The mysterious black-hearted informant (mascot)
cv. Toriumi Kousuke

“As long as you listen to me, everything will be fine-poyo!
Despite how I look, I — Poyopoyo — am Arcadia’s top informant-poyo!”

A mysterious creature that does not belong to any side, he sells information to both sides.
He is freely travelling the game world. dON’T BE DECEIVED BY HOW SMOL AND INNOCENT HE LOOKS……,,

He shows up occasionally to give Kazuha information regarding her brother, but his easygoing personality makes it hard to grasp what his true motives are.

Sometimes, he shows a serious side to him and his strong resolve for something can be sensed.

Though no one knows who he truly is, it’s said that he knows an important secret about the game world……?

Real name: n/a
Age: n/a
Side: n/a
Race: n/a
Occupation: Informant


hhhhhh apparently the drama CDs for this weren’t even that good so I don’t think I have very high expectations for this lol……..both the director and scenario writer worked on romance-based and not really story-based games/drama CDs (drama CDs rarely have proper storylines anyway??) so I’m not expecting much from the story at all w (^-^;)

all the characters seem pretty standard to me……I’m interested in seeing how girly hanae natsuki can make his voice sound wwww then again libera (btw I keep typng libero by accident lmao probably bc of haikyuu I LOVE HAIKYUU THO HAIKYUU IS BEST) refers to herself in-game as ‘boku’ so she probably doesn’t act that girly anyway????\o/ the heroine sounds pretty average but not super annoying either (though did they really have to make her THE SPECIAL EXISTENCE THAT EVERYONE MUST FIGHT OVER that’s so overused)

the cast overall is meh for me — it’s just the same ‘ol gathering of typical otomate game seiyuu…….oh but for some reason I like hirakawa’s voice in shows and whatnot but I really don’t like it in games/drama CDs???? like I’m ok with normal lines but not ‘flirty’ dialogue lolol idk( ´ ▽ ` ;)

regardless I’m in interested in how otome game sword art online will turn out!!! also we could probably photoshop hiroya into black wolves saga and no one would notice ahaha

oh that’s another thing — I don’t remember where I saw it but someone mentioned that the key visuals for period:cube and black wolves saga are really similar and well


they were 100% correct lol

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